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The official "Death Rate" is erroneous if we don't know the H C D ( Highest Common Denominator )...READ ON!!!



AS OF JUNE 3, 2020

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I was RIGHT!

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The 15 Cleverest Gravestones Of People Who Really Did Have The ...


FIGURES DON'T LIE...but Liars always figure

Skeletal hands

oh no111!!!1 mr skeltal cant type upfap in 6.9999999999 seconds ...

CALCULATING DEATH, one digit at a time...

...are we running away from the Truth?

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Something is not right.

Too many things do not add up.

Fox News' Dr. Marc Siegel attacks New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for ...


March 27, 2020:

"...the current  number of deaths

from U.S.A  Covid-19  cases is 


out of

76,514 Confirmed (known) Cases

Based on the above stats,


1.4 %

*Divide the absolute known Deaths,


by the known, "confirmed" cases,


and you get the .0142849,

rounded to,


...(or  1.4%)

The problem with this "logic"

is that it does not reveal

the Actual Death Rate - (A.D.R.)

In order to determine the

true A.D.R.,

you must first determine

the total REAL number of


Using the number, 76,514,

as the Highest Common Denominator

falsely assuming that THAT number

is the true number of ALL cases,

yields an erroneous, non-scientific conclusion.

The fact is, no one knows

the true number of all active cases.


Suppose the REAL number

of all active cases is say,


Divide that known number

of confirmed Deaths,


by the new, REAL number

(which is impossible to know)

300,000 get a REAL death rate of

.00364 or .03% rounded.

That's a lot smaller than

the falsely assumed Death Rate

of 1.4%

( 47 times smaller! )

(What if you were suddenly 47 X smaller

than your present size?)

ANTS would become your natural enemy!

...and you'd REALLY be afraid.

Do the math.

Don't panic.

Be smart.

Be safe.

Fox News' Dr. Marc Siegel attacks New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for ...


Something is not right.

Too many things do not add up.


Both Covid-19 and the influenza virus are contagious viruses that cause respiratory illness.

The flu in America, so far this season, according to the CDC, has caused about 46 million illnesses, 550,000 hospitalizations and about 41,000 deaths.

And yet, we have almost completely shut down our economy to the point of approaching collapse because of a comparatively small fraction of Covid-19 cases caused by another virus from China.

Instead of preaching good nutrition, a healthy immune system, supplementing with extra vitamins A, C, and D, our political establishment is pushing for lock downs, face masks, and pressuring our president into creating fear and panic. Why?

Covid-19 is a new virus. Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989 which was unanimously approved by Congress, suggests that this is a “brand-new generation of biowarfare weapons we haven’t seen before in the history of biological warfare. It literally travels through air at least 6 or 7 feet, including from human feces [think California’s homeless population].

In January of this year, the chemistry department chair of Harvard, Charles Lieber, and two researchers were arrested and charged with being biowarfare agents for China. Mr Lieber accepted over $1m from the Chinese government. One of the researchers, Yanqing Ye, falsely identified herself as a student, when, in reality she was in the Chinese army. The other researcher was arrested at Boston Logan Airport with 21 vials of deadly biological samples, attempting to smuggle the viruses to China.

China does have an advanced chemical and biological warfare program.

They have the weapons.

Two of their biowarfare labs are in Wuhan.

The virus did leave the laboratory whether by accident or intent. It infected tens of thousands of Chinese, killing several thousand.

As of March 23, about 3,500 people, if you can believe anything coming from China.

The first case of Covid-19 was on the 17th of November, and was in Wuhan…they said nothing, allowing the virus to spread globally.

We, early on, offered them help, they wanted none.

That is their cover. Thousands of Chinese have died. Business and travel is at a standstill. The Chinese Communists wouldn’t possibly kill thousands of their own people and damage their economy just to spread a disease that could kill millions of people around the world, especially in the West, would they? Well, why not? They murdered between 40 - 80 million of fellow Chinese to build their communist utopia. With a little luck they can destroy the nations of the West and their greatest economic and military adversary…and provide cover to get away with it.

Communist China wants to be the dominant economic, cultural, and military power in the world.

Communist China wants to be the dominant economic, cultural, and military power in the world.

Their goal is to unseat the United States and relegate our country, our culture, and our values to the trash heap of history.

They are no longer satisfied with a piece of the pie, they want to own the pie. They are working tirelessly to be a power bloc unprecedented in the history of mankind. To that end, nothing else is sacred.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, announced in 2013 is a massive international infrastructure building program, linking itself to more than 100 countries, that Beijing says is aimed at promoting global trade and economic growth.

In reality, it is to expand their political influence and military presence. How better to militarily overwhelm any nation in the program than to utilize the railroad, highway, and airport infrastructure they built?

The biggest impediment to their goal is the United States under Donald Trump.

President Trump has leaned on them pretty hard these last few years and the Chinese communists don’t like it.

To make this story even more strange, Wuhan City is the home of the first 5G network ‘Smart City.’

Over 180 scientists have complained that a 5G network has significant health risks.

They contend that this new network generates radio frequency radiation that can damage DNA leading to cancer, premature aging, disruption of cell metabolism, and potentially other diseases through the generation of stress proteins.




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Comment by Patty on April 1, 2020 at 5:25pm

WHY isn't everyone on this site emailing Trump demanding that Raya's medical bills be paid for the disease he is fighting? WHY should people who just walk onto a ship in NY get their hospital bills paid while the rest of us pay all of ours. IF Cigna and Humana can write off all the copays for Covid then why are we all paying copays for our diseases? IF Trump has pushed us into socialism and we are freely printing trillions of dollars at will then why are all of us honest people who never took a dime from the system and actually went without to save for a rainy day still the ones getting screwed by the system????? We also need to demand bigger checks in round 2. This isn't money we have and we can print as much as we want so we need to demand more  - it's not worth anything at this point but at least we can all feel better and hide in our homes for NO reason with smiles on our faces and pretend the government didn't take full control of our lives in the name of safety. NOT a single comment or post about needing a immunity passport and a mask to be allowed to go back into society.

AND Desantis just locked down a whole state when the Orange County convention center is EMPTY of cars needing a test. WHY are we begging people to be tested and lowering the requirements and Dr. Birx begging people to get more tests to Abbott labs? IF there are no cars, there are NO people with symptoms and we should be celebrating and sending everyone back to work. But Desantis gets the message from Trump to shut down the state - for what purpose?????? Birx NEEDS more cases to hide the fact that she totally overblew the numbers for a disease and convinced Trump to tank the economy and our children's futures that we used to care about. Are you all going to sit at home and then submit to testing so you can go in the databank being proposed to allow you to return to society. Trump got rid of HIPPA laws and can distribute your name, address, test results to any police, fire, county agency for anyone to read and then rat on you to your landlord, neighbors etc. The homosexual community had more guts standing up to the government than any of the tea party people have who spouted their fight to the end for their constitutional rights.

You are all out there making useless dangerous masks. Has a single person emailed Trump demanding that he stop this control and force everyone back to their jobs so people who are ill like Raya can get their treatments in a safe manner not with masks that can spread more disease than this virus spreads through surfaces? Are all of you going to praise Trump when he forces you to get a blood test , enter your information into a databank just to go to work and LIVE????? Everyone better start demanding the end of the governmental control of our lives for a virus that has ONLY killed approx. 4000 people out of a country of 3.27 MILLION.

Please Raya make a meme to show these people how small the death rate is. Trump is LYING to you to save his presidency - there was NEVER going to be 2 million deaths from this disease. Turns out we were WRONG - Trump is the biggest politician of all and doesn't have the guts to open up the country. Are we all going to get tattoos on our arms to prove we are SAFE to re-enter society? You don't need governmental permission to have unprotected sex  with someone with HIV or hepatitis. Hepatitis C causes 350,000 to 500,000 deaths from complications each year yet you aren't shutting down society and demanding social distancing and a registry and card before having sex,  yet you are all willing to be stripped of your Constitutional freedoms for a virus we do not understand anything about. You all would rather be banned from seeing your children and grandchildren to save yourselves from a virus that you statistically will not encounter. 

Trump is NEVER going to tell you the truth about the number of deaths from a deadly drug combination. WHY did Fauci send the ONLY potential drug to allow for recovery named remdeservir to China for ALL the testing and which allowed them to  helping the Chinese people recover that has a proven effect on RNA protease and is the ONLY drug that could possibly stop or decrease the viral replication of this minimally deadly virus. Fauci promoted and deceived all Americans into using and starting trials using a deadly combination of Plaquenil and zpack which results in severe cardiac disease and DEATH. So an American NIH scientist sent the most promising drug to the Chines and lied to Americans who are begging for a drug combination that can kill them. Did Trump know this was happening and approve the drug being sent to China rather than America or did Fauci do this on his own and has more power than the president of the US? 

Here's Trump's contact page.  We better be demanding the answers - this isn't politics - BOTH sides have come together to control you. This isn't 4D chess or a move to get rid of big pharma. This IS destruction of all small businesses leaving corporations in control. Even Birx is demanding MORE testing so Abbott labs can become rich - does she have a big investment in them???? UNTIL Trump tells us the truth as to how many of a minuscule 4000 deaths out of 3.27 MILLION people was from the virus versus deaths from the deadly drug combination and also the breakdown of number of regular SARS that most of us are NOT even susceptible to VS number of SARS coV2 ( sneakily called Covid19 so you wouldn't understand it is a mutated SARS virus) then Trump and all if us can't make intelligent decisions about how communicable this virus really is and if it is worth allowing government to take away our freedoms including the right to travel freely through the neighborhood, county, state, country and world!

IF you only had one day to live would you be spending it locked up in your house under threat of severe fines or being locked up or would you want the freedom to do want you wanted to do. IF you only have today to live would you want to hug your children and grandchildren and spend every lasting breathe in their arms or have President Trump and every government official and hospital deny you the right to even be in the same room as them, If this was your last day would you want to die in the arms of your family or would you leave your loved one at the hospital door never to see them again and leave them to die alone? Trump can't give you back all the memories and moments he has denied you and yet silence and praise for a man dictating to you how to live, where to go, and mandating that you die alone. How many of you will open the doors to your home for the CDC to force you without informed consent to draw blood and possibly be vaccinated with an unproven, unsafe vaccine - they already have the policy in place and if we do not speak out to stop Trump he will authorize them entering . Does Trump and every politician have you so scared and panicked over a minuscule disease that you will report your neighbors to police when you violate leaving your home or try to go back into society without proving you are negative? My neighbor whose husband, daughter and grandchild all had colds and sniffles last month yet readily let me into their home and airspace now hold back their 2 year old grandson from giving me a hug. They won\'t even let their grandchild walk on his own or talk to anyone because he might run within 6 feet - he was probably a carrier from his symptoms but I didn't care - why ware we allowing Trump to destroy this next generation by placing fear of all human contact into their minds for months. Trump was our last hope for a downturned economy and yet we blindly follow him when he destroys everything we love and believe in. A pastor was arrested for holding a church service and we all sat silent and many cheered. People swam in the beautiful ocean where the salt water is scientifically proven to kill this virus and everyone spewed hatred yet the winds would blow the virus up high into the atmosphere away from any airways to cross infect but Hannity said stop, Trump and Desantis listened and now we sit locked inside homes scared but really breathing in the same contaminated air. You all sit and watch numbers increase in a panic  but don't use your math skills to calculate the low numbers of actual disease, hospitalizations and deaths which is NOTHING. We should be amazed at how far medicine has come to stop people dying from an unknown disease. Are you all going to demand a ventilator in every home for each person when if you all go read your living wills you most likely wrote to NEVER be placed on life support which is the ventilator and never artificially feed you through a tube which is what happens when you are on a ventilator long term. 

See the eagle above. I want to live in a country and world where I can go out into the state and drive anywhere and see that beautiful eagle flying FREE. I look forward to Raya's posts that are about god and the beauty in our world. Now I get more emails about panic over not enough elastic to make a homemade mask that is made wrong and NIOSH should be fining every hospital that accepts and uses for patient care and videos of how to surgically wash my groceries. I want to see pictures of my best friend holding her new grandchild but all I see is a sad face because she is banned from driving to the next county to visit and love him. You all care about babies yet none of you write Trump as parents have to pick one person to be present at the birth of their child and many will stay home to have their birth which can be dangerous and even deadly if complications arise. AND even if the mother is rushed to the hospital - everyone would be denied entry even if she or the baby was dying. I would fight to the death if I was denied entry into my husbands' hospital room even if he was dying from covid. I sat and held AIDS patients hands when I was 23 years old as they died and I fought for their partners to be present even though no one even knew anything about how the disease was contracted.

America is gone unless everyone speaks up and says NO to Trump and every politician controlling your lives. The Constitution is gone unless everyone stands up and says STOP. There is NOT one politician at the state or federal level who has a basic understanding of a virus, transmission or infection control. I called the Orlando health department and the public information guy could only read off his paper about social distancing, wash your hands but he told me he had NO background in science or airborne diseases and couldn't understand anything scientific I was talking about and that is the person who is supposed to be educating every citizen what to do to protect themselves from an airborne infection.

Tell Trump to mass produce proper micron filters for this virus and place them in all public buildings, schools, and elderly facilities - that would have been a smart use of out taxes. Who isn't getting this virus - dialysis centers and hospitals except staff intubating, caring for a ventilator patient and up close to severe cases with prolonged close contact. Why aren't there huge cases in dialysis centers where patients and nurses are beside each other for hours at a time - because they use hepa filters with viral filtration! Same with hospitals. So this one easy fix lowers the virus particles in the AIR lowering the numbers even more than they already are! 

Put toilet seat covers on all public toilets. This disease from the China study does become active in the stool and urine so flushing with a seat cover aerosolizes the virus to anyone in an enclosed airspace bathroom for 3 hours. Also everyone put down your toilet seat covers in your homes - this is just good practice especially if your sink with toothbrushes is nearby! 

These 2 easy simple fixes requiring a quick easy ramp up of materials and can be placed in every building over the next 30 days lowers risk, gets scientists back to work on ALL disease research including cancer research currently not being done, and then we get to the real answers we need like when a person is actually infectious. Question - if the research shows a low number of days a person is actually infectious will Trump tell us the truth? Just because you have a viral particle in your nose doesn't mean you are at the infectious stage of a disease! So were we actually forced to stay home unnecessarily for over a month or even longer when most of the people testing positive were not even infectious to you and me? My guess is that answer is yes!

And what are the reservoirs for this virus? The Chinese are seeing a period of negative and then return to positive so there are reservoirs in the body. Are all of you willing to have Trump force you back into your homes with a second wave that could occur when we know if you also become infectious again? Are you going to allow Trump to force you into your homes next year when the flu deaths equal and exceed the flu deaths this year? Are you going to let Trump pass legislation forcing flu and covid vaccines on you and all your family? Did patients entering hospitals take flu vaccines and pneumonia vaccines while they were trying to fight off the covid increasing the death rate? How many of the deaths were because of vaping, smoking and marijuana smoking and most of us were forced home because of a bad habit most of do not partake in? How does a surgeon general and multiple doctors never tell people to stop vaping, smoking and smoking marijuana which logically pushes the virus deep down into your alveoli. especially with the oils in vaping? 

Mayor Demings in Orlando just stated about taking away everyone's constitutional rights - "We will protect people from themselves. We will do what is necessary for the greater good." That IS trump's philosophy and that is Desantis' philosophy and every other politicians' philosophy. All it took was one virus to destroy America! and the Constitution! The founding fathers are looking down totally ashamed of our behavior!

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on March 31, 2020 at 5:53am



@ Patty




THANK YOU for calling attention to these vital health facts. 

...very informative!

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Comment by Patty on March 30, 2020 at 7:40pm

AND FYI vitamin D is fat soluble and needs to be monitored with blood tests to avoid toxicity so don't take without a doctor monitoring. go out in the sun!

The fumir bond is needed to maintain pregnancy so don't just go taking any of these treatments because you hear something because what is safe for us may not be safe in pregnancy

Plaquenil causes a higher rate of suicidal ideation and suicide so don't just go taking someone's lupus or arthritis medicine. Remember that nurse in Italy - was she on plaquenil????? Laura Ingram is WRONG and ignorant - some drugs are approved by FDA because their more dangerous side effects are weighed as lower than a disease process like one form of severe lupus that can cause kidney failure and death in younger people.

Remember there are now drugs for psoriaisis and even bowel conditions that are immunotherapies and suppress the immune system and those drugs are given frequently so how many of the 1200 deaths are from patients who are immunosuppressed. Many don't even understand these drugs make them more susceptible to viral diseases - just listen to the commercials. The people dying could mostly be people who are in this susceptible group - we haven't been shown full data. Yet WHY did all of you sit quiet as now HIPPAA laws can be broken to give police and firemen your name, address and full medical history even HIV patients fought to NEVER give away their medical rights!!!!! ONCE your rights are taken away you are NEVER getting them back!!!!

AND you better start telling Trump you won\t tolerate being scanned by thermo devices and pulled out of line or out of work because big brother says you have a temperature and where have you been. It's happening in Taiwan and China - EVERY school child scanning a temperature is pulled out of class and drilled about where they traveled to. You don't like red light cameras but fear will allow you to stay silent as they control and monitor your every move out of fear!

Comment by Patty on March 30, 2020 at 7:24pm

Did no one listen as the Miami doctor dicussed using this cocktail ina procol they developed with NO FDA approval. He said that they were seeing prolonged ST segments and severe effects.Tucker and all of you ignored him BUT what does this mean? it means a change in the EKG pattern that results in Tordes de Pointes, ventricular tachycardia and the need for defibrillation to try to save your life. This IS a known deadly combination of drugs that any pharmacist and RN would have their electronic records deny them from administering these 2 drugs together. Why does everyone believe an antibiotic that works by breaking up an organelle inside a bacterial cell called a ribosome ever believe that it can enter a virus that has NO organelles and NO ribosomes? Yet you are willing to take a drug combination that will NEVER help slow down or break up a virus or have a synergistic effect with another drug to kill a virus. Women are more likely to have severe complications with this drug combination. Plaquenil is am immune suppressant. his virus is a mutation of SARS that added a RNA section and many scientists banned from working and examining the sequence believe the virus now attaches via a fumir receptor in the lungs that we ALL have not the ACE2 mainly in Asians with specific sub conditions. So please explain how a disease SARS CoV2. that the China cohort study clearly shows the only common symptoms are thrombocytopenia, leukopenia and lymphopenia  ( LOW platelets increasing bleeding, low white blood cells and low lymphocytes which are the immune cells that are first to fight infection) is going to give you beeter odds of your body developing an immune response by taking Plaquenil that will suppress your white blood cells and lymphocytes even more. There IS a couple of RNA sections that are like HIV ( NO this is NOT HIV) but the cohort study showed decreased cd4, decreased cd8 and decreased t cells so like HIV there is NO long term immune response so Plaquenil is NOT a drug going to fight this. SInce when do Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Ingram make your drug therapy choices? That study of 40 patients would never pass scientific review and ONE patient who died received plaquenil and zpack reinforcing the deadly combination. Do you know how many doctors order wrong drug combinations and pharmacists and RNs save you by calling them and changing the medications ordered????? Also did you read what I wrote above - SARS has NO long term immunity - No tcell development so vaccines won't work. No ONe in the USA has isolated an antibody for this disease so HOW is Fauci going to prove that a vaccine is effective - he and every other vaccine study has NO way to prove this!!!!!!The SARS vaccine study in 2012 showed that EVERY mouse given one of 4 different vaccines developed SEVERE histopathology that resulted in DEATH of ALL mice and the recommendation was to NEVER test a vaccine in humans yet who's next for phase 2 when no antibody means that every test subject could already have had the disease and there is NO way to prove the vaccine formed antibodies. ALL the billions goes to vaccine research so no one has the antibody but everyone is taking the money on a therapy that can NEVER work. Why do you think there isn't a vaccine for HIV - NO antibody production because the virus suppresses the immune system just like this does. And that plasma therapy - if NO significant antibodies produced how are you giving anyone enough antibodies to help fight it - you aren't! China has a captive group of survivors - 90,000 people they can force to donate blood with possible antibodies yet they ONLY aggregated enough antibodies to transfuse 10 patients - DUH - there aren't antibodies! Now monoclonal antibodies - the biotech company is NOT isolating antibodies - these are manmade monoclonal antibodies. They explained on FOX how they created them. They went into the 18 years of SARS research and someone had isolated a few antibodies and sequenced them so they could remake the SARS portion and this should make everyone understand this IS a SARS mutated virus that is AIRBORNE and then the company is guessing at the additional parts that could make up this monoclonal antibody. BUT go read monoclonal antibodies and use in cancer and you will see the biggest side effect is lung damage so will a monoclonal antibody just increase the lung damage or help - it will be a long experimental process - that's how science works! This virus is NOT deadly to any significant extent - all we need is some viral air filters in all our buildings, put the scientists back to work to determine the incubation period, the amount of virus and times when people are actually infectious because just because you have a virus in your nose doesn't mean you are infectious! We NEED to demand getting back to our lives - Trump blew this one and I'm one of his first biggest supporters but he's lost me! We NEEd to demand the data on how many of a measly 1200 deaths in the US are from the deadly combination of plaquenil and zpack compared to deaths from actual covid. Also the CDC test showed in state testing that people were negative for covid but the positive control was actually a sars identification and states were reporting negative covid, positive sars so WHY didn't the CDC take those samples and sequence whether forward mutation or regular SARS. WHY did the CDC remove the control and ignore the results that showed SARS as well as covid. The Roche test also tests for both versions so demand trump show us how many cases are SARS and how many are covid. There is either a second wave of SARS because Asians were told they were negative when the results showed SARS and that part of test was removed!!!!

Dr Brix also lied to all of you. A 96 well plate can run partially full. The plates must be expensive and roche doesn't want to waste money having to use multiple plates in areas with low testing so they refuse to test in parts of the country. So much for trump's give all the billions in testing money to the Swiss company! Roche has the ONLY test with both types f SARS but remember we do NOT know when the active period or infectious period is so a positive test just means there is a virus in your nose. That guy could have been noninfectious but kept hostage in nebraska because he had a positive test. Also does anyone remember our blood supply being contaminated with HIV. IF we have NO antibody test and this is a silent disease WHY did we just possibly contaminate the blood supply with a virus we can't detect and we don't know how long it survives in an inactive state???? How many continuing cases in Italy and here are due to people contracting the virus from a blood transfusion?

AND WHY isn't trump educating people this IS an airborne disease. No scientist knows the amount of virus required to cause disease so just because a virus is on a surface doesn't mean it is enough to cause disease! Stop cleaning cleaning and think about the air! AND STOP making useless masks that NIOSH would fine a hospital for using! Those nurses in garbage bags were obviously nurses on a floor like a surgical floor with one or two patients having a laugh at how you all think you understand - guaranteed they are fired now.

For a bunch of people who fought to keep down the deficit for your childrens' future and protect your rights under the Constitution it sure was easy to get you over to socialism, people paying your bills with fear and wrong information. AND NO ONE stood up for people with diseases like cancer who are now being denied life saving treatments and NO research is occurring and all scientists are home, freezers with years of needed research are failing and specimens being lost and you are all cheering trump who can't even surround himself with the correct scientists and public health nurses who could educate him on an AIRBORNE disease. All you grandparents are being denied seeing your grandchildren - you can't get that time back! People with more intelligence than the local mayors went to an open airy warehouse to party and were almost arrested yet those same 30 people can congregate for hours in a small pharmacy in common air conditioner with no viral filter - DUH who is less likely to get the airborne disease? AND how much virus was spread from car to car when the staff NEVER cleaned the thermometer between people and NEVER changed gloves and washed their hands? How much bacteria and virus spread when a swab was put into a throat then the same swab shoved into a sterile sinus cavity? when a patient is in isolation and a specimen collected, one nurse is clean outside with an open specimen bag to not contaminate the outside of the bag and expose lab techs and transporters to the disease yet these idiots are filmed with same gloves, marking the outside of the tube then handling the specimen and the outside of the bag - that's how the virus spreads between transporters and lab techs!!!!!!!

Demand trump estimate how many people went from mild to severe cases from improper incompetent collection and WRONG basic infection control!!!!!!

AND understand that scientists know how to read and analyze an article for peer reviewed significance and accuracy. Just because it's printed doesn't mean it's accurate. No scientist is peer reviewing these studies. Also the FDA is approving all these tests with NO submission of proof of accuracy and percentage of false positive and false negative results. These numbers could be significantly reduced when tests are shown to only be accurate a same percentage of the time You Don't run a test without controls like the CDC allowed to happen - that creates false positives! Even the stool specimen test for blood that your doctors does in the office has 2 boxes and one is for a control - if that second box changes then the test is inaccurate and is rerun BUT that isn't happening with covid CDC test kits! AND remember the CDC has a rule in pace where they can enter ALL homes during a pandemic and force vaccines on everyone WITHOUT informed consent. Don't trust trump to not do this!!!!

AND while we are all scared of a virus the Chinese and University of Canada are the ones advancing scientific research. we are Now behind the rest of the world! Tell Trump to get rid of his paper pushing team, get real scientists and infection control nurses and pharmacists and get the country back to work!

Didn't any of you watch OAN last week where a surgeon who goes to Africa to treat ebola patients so has more infection control understanding than Brix and fauci will ever have explained to take the graph with the inverted V curve that China underwent showing severity of disease and length of time and put a string along it. Now pull the string out to the right which is what trump is doing. what happens? The length of time of the disease is prolonged out immensely while not stopping the disease from occurring! He also said you all should understand what a real infectious deadly disease like ebola would do. Who ended up being the cupcakes - the tea party people who abandoned everything when their mortality was put in front of them so a bunch of politicians could save them by stripping them of all their freedoms for a disease that barely kills and gives most people the sniffles.

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on March 30, 2020 at 11:31am





Last Wednesday, we published the success story from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner in New York, after he successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with 100 percent success using a cocktail of drugs: hydroxychloroquine, in combination with azithromycin (Z-Pak), an antibiotic to treat secondary infections, and zinc sulfate.  Dr. Zelenko said he saw the symptom of shortness of breath resolved within four to six hours after treatment.

Now, Dr. Zelenko provides updates on the treatment after he successfully treated 699 COVID-19 patients in New York. In an exclusive interview with former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko shares the results of his latest study, which showed that out of his 699 patients treated, zero patients died, zero patients intubated, and four hospitalizations.

Dr. Zelenko said the whole treatment costs only $20 over a period of 5 days with 100% success. He defines success as “Not to die.” Dr. Zelenko first posted his Facebook video message last week calling on President Trump to “advise the country that they should be taking this medication.”

A study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) also confirmed some of Dr. Dr. Zelenko’s findings. The study by NIH showed that Zinc supplementation decreases the morbidity of lower respiratory tract infection in pediatric patients in the developing world. A second study also conducted by NIH titled: “In Vitro Antiviral Activity and Projection of Optimized Dosing Design of Hydroxychloroquine for the Treatment of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2),” also showed hydroxychloroquine to be more potent in killing the virus off in vitro (in the test tube and not in the body).

Below is a video of his latest interview explaining the success of the treatment.

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on March 30, 2020 at 11:27am










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