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Did the Inspector General Detect Fraud in Barack Obama’s Social Security Number? And yes that is One Of Obama's many SSN's 
Obama’s Social Security number has a State indicator number of O42, which is a Connecticut State Number.  Connecticut retains State Numbers 040-049.  O42 numbers would have been issued somewhere between 1937 and 1940.  Moreover, the SSN 042-68-4425 was issued to someone born in 1890.
According to Barack Obama he had is first job in Honolulu in March 1977 at Baskin Robins.  Hawaii State codes are 575-576.  
Obama first shows up with this SSN 042-68-4425 in 1986.  Obama was 25. Just a little confusing isn’t it:
Listen to an interview aired on TruNewsRadio with Rick Wiles and Private Investigator Susan Daniels about Obama's fraudulent Social Security number reserved for Connecticut Applicants.  As well as the Selective Service Administration now involved in the cover-up to conceal Obama's Social Security number, belonging to someone born in Connecticut in 1890
So far Obama has a fraudulent Birth Certificate a fraudulent Social Security number and a fraudulent Selective Service Card.
E-Verify Check:
Acting as one of  Barack Hussein Obama’s 313 million  employers, I wanted to check Obama’s “employee” status with the U.S. Government‘s E-Verify System.   Was he legally eligible to be employed by me as a citizen of the United States of America, and did he have a valid Social Security Number?
The Social Security Number that Barack Obama used, 042-68-4425, was imputed into the government run E-Verify System. This program allows employers to determine if their potential hires or employees are legal to work in the United States by validating their social security number (SSN), name, and birth date.
When Obama’s SSN was entered into the E-Verify System, the government returned the statement “Notice of Mismatch: SSA record does not verify, Other reason.  SSA found a discrepancy in the record.”
Obama’s SSN FAILED the E-Verify check!  Why???…Did the Inspector General Detect Fraud? 
This specific reason means that Obama’s SSN was flagged with a Special Indicator Code (SIC) by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) .  The indicator code that Obama’s SSN was flagged with was # 8.
There are 9 Social Security Administration Special Indicator Codes
1. False Identity
2. Non citizen Not in Status
3. Multiple SSN’s with Different Identities
4. Scrambled Earnings with New SSN Assigned
5. SSN Obtained Using Fraudulent Documentation
6. SSN Assignment Based on Harassment /Abuse/Life Endangerment
7. Fictitious Identity
8. Fraud-OIG Investigated
9. Fraud SSN Misuse
The SSN that Obama is using was flagged with Special Indicator Code #8, Fraud OIG Investigated based on the following research of government documents.
The Inspector General’s Report, August 26, 2009, 
Administration’s Numident File, ( A-08-09-19099) ,” states:
“SSA added two codes in 2007 in response to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which required that the Agency add death and fraud indicators to its SSN verification systems for employers, State agencies issuing driver’s licenses and identity cards, and other verification routines that the  Commissioner of Social Security determines to be appropriate.”
SSA Inspector General’s Report, Aug. 26, 2009, Pg 1.
Page C-2 of the Report reads:  SSA “Processed 25 SSN’s with Special Indicator Code 8 on the Numident and 25 SSN’s with Special Indicator Code 9 through SSA’s Enumeration Verification System to determine whether the System generated the proper response (that is, SSN does not verify-other reason).”
SSA Inspector General’s Report – C-2
Remember that was the very reason the government failed Obama’s SSN. Therefore, it appears that SIC 8 and 9 are directly tied to “SSN does not verify-other reason”.
SSA Inspector General’s Report, September 2008, Page 8
These two reports from the OIG affirm when employers run a verification check on a SSN with E-Verify, and that number gets flagged with a Special
Indicator Code, the two SIC codes are the numbers 8 and 9.
SIC#8 appears to be assigned by the OIG only after the indication of fraud is so strong that they choose to investigate and conclude that the SSN number is fraudulent.  (They also have the option not to investigate).
SIC#9 is reserved for people who meet the requirement for getting a new SSN because of “misuse and disadvantage”.  If they meet the requirement, SIC#9 is automatically assigned to the allegedly misused SSN. (RM 10205.185 ‘Coding and Certifying an Application for an SSN Card’).
If Obama was issued a new SSN based on SIC #9, it was given to him after submitting his 2009 IRS Tax Return that showed he used SSN 042-68-4425. When Obama’s tax return was placed on the WH government website for public viewing, the SSN was accidentally revealed.  After discovering their error, the WH redacted the SSN, but not before people downloaded the information.
For Obama to be granted a new SSN based on SIC #9, “misuse and disadvantage,” he needed to prove his case sometime between April, 2010 [date of tax return] and August, 2011 when his SSN was entered into E-Verify.  This scenario is not very likely.
How difficult would it be for Barack Obama to obtain a new social security number?  The following information “Protect My ID” describes the process.
“Although SSA does not routinely assign new numbers, they will do so when a victim requests a new SSN and provides evidence that he/she has tried to resolve the problems brought on by identity theft but continues to be disadvantaged by the SSN misuse. Disadvantaged by misuse of the SSN means that the misuse has caused you financial or personal hardship within the past year.”
The following information comes directly from the SSA. It shows the strict standards one must meet for consideration as a candidate for a new SSN.

Examples of disadvantage by misuse of the SSN: “Past SSN misuse causes a recent application for a home mortgage to be denied. The IRS questions a tax return because of unreported earnings, a result of someone using another individual’s SSN to work.  An individual’s SSN was misused to obtain credit several years ago, but documented attempts to correct his/her credit record have been unsuccessful. Past SSN misuse causes an individual to be arrested whenever he/she is stopped for a traffic violation”.
Examples that are not disadvantage by misuse of the SSN:  “An individual’s SSN was misused to obtain credit 2 years ago. The credit bureau corrected the credit report and/or added a cautionary statement to contact the victim first. The victim’s SSN has not been used subsequently, nor has the victim been denied credit.  An individual who has been a victim of identity theft in the past, and has had fraud alerts placed on his/her credit record, has to wait while a store employee verifies his/her credit card with a bank before processing the transaction.  A credit card holder, who has had identity theft problems in the past and opened new credit, receives a call from the credit company to verify that he/she charged a large purchase recently.”
What Must Barack Obama Do to Apply for a New SSN Number?
Complete an application for a Social Security card: Form SS-5
Show documents proving U.S. citizenship (or immigration status and work eligibility) and identity.
Show evidence to support his need for a new SSN.  Take the completed application and documents to a local Social Security office. All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency.  They cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents.
In conclusion:
It is my opinion, based on the government information provided above, that the SSN Obama was using on August 17, 2011 was flagged with Special Indicator Code #8 because the Office of the Inspector General had investigated the SSN in question for fraud.  It appears they found the indicators of fraud more than credible, and based on their investigation they assigned SIC #8 to the SSN that Obama used.
An independent investigation and review of the Social Security Application (Form SS-5) that accompanied the issuance of the original Social Security Number,  042-68-4425, as well as records from both the Social Security Administration, and Office of Inspector General concerning the SSN in question could verify and prove my research.
Below is a report on a General investigation made by Private investigator Neil Sankey - 16 Different Social Security Numbers
Private investigator Neil Sankey, using Intelius, Lexis Nexis, Choice Point and other public records, found around 25 Social Security numbers connected with Barack Obama’s name.

However, it may not be as many as 25, since Sankey also searched using closely related names such as: "Barak Obama," "Batock Obama," "Barok Obama," and "Barrack Obama."  There may very well be some Kenyans living in America with the same last name and a similar first name.  In any case, I will exclude these records for the purpose of this research and focus only on names spelled exactly like his name.

Moreover, we can verify many of the Social Security numbers as valid since they’re connected to addresses at which we know Obama resided. 

In Obama’s home state, Illinois, Sankey tracked down 16 different addresses for a Barack Obama or a Barack H. Obama, of which all are addresses he was known to have lived at.  Two Social Security numbers appear for these addresses, one beginning with 042 from the State of Connecticut, and one starting 364 which is the State of Michigan.

In California, where Obama attended Occidental College, there are six addresses listed for him, all within easy driving distance of the college in Irvine.  However, there are three Social Security numbers connected to these addresses, 537 which is the State of Washington and two others, each beginning with 999, which are not even valid SSN’s.

There are no addresses listed in New York where he said attended Columbia University and there is no record of Obama ever attending Columbia ‘U’, but there is an address listed for him in nearby Jackson, NJ, with a Social Security number beginning with 485 which is the state of Iowa.

In Massachusetts -- where Obama attended Harvard Law School -- we find three addresses, all using the 042 Social Security number.  After Obama was elected to the United States Senate in 2005, he moved into an apartment at 300 Massachusetts Ave NW; the Social Security number attached to that address is the 042 one.  Yet, three years later, Obama used a different Social Security number for an address listed as 713 Hart Senate Office Building.  This was the address of his United States Senate office.  This Social Security number began with 282, an Ohio State SSN and was verified by the government in 2008.

All told, there are 49 addresses and 16 different Social Security numbers listed for a person whose name is spelled "Barack Obama."  In some cases, the middle initial "H" is listed.

Finally, the one Social Security number Obama most frequently used, the one beginning with 042, is a number issued in Connecticut, yet there is no record of Obama ever living or working in Connecticut.  Indeed, during this time Obama would have been 15-16 years old and living in Hawaii at the time.

Listen to a radio broadcast of Sheriff Joe on Obama Investigation: We Have Standing and Tons of Information; Media Silent    
THE BOTTOM LINE:  The few inquiries listed here may not be enough to bring an indictment or prove fraud in a court of law.  But there is as least a 1000 more pages of documented evidence available, some showing faked documents, and certainly enough to begin a grand jury investigation into Obama’s personal documents as well as all the cover-ups in a plethora of government agencies.  
So why doesn’t it happen?  Well… who would do it?  Every agency that could call for an investigation is involved in the cover-up even the Senate and possibly some in the House.  Nearly all of these Agencies answer to the Department of Justice…Holder’s Department of Justice…Obama’s Department of Justice - already under investigation by the House for allegations of conspiracy to commit murder in the Fast and Furious boondoggle.
What do you do when the Mayor, the police, the Courts, and the city council in your town are all corrupt?  Well… you would go to the County sheriff, or the State police.  But, what if it is your Federal Government that is corrupt…now where do you go?  Certainly not the United Nations…  They are even more corrupt.
This is not something that is going away real soon
Pretty much.
Government sign?


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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 21, 2013 at 4:51am

The faux stone columns from his Denver acceptance speech are crumbling, the fireworks have fizzled and the unadulterated adulation of Barack Obama is a sour feeling of disillusion, as a new poll reveals half of America wants him impeached, including a stunning one in four Democrats.

“It may be early in the process for members of Congress to start planning for impeachment of Barack Obama, but the American public is building a serious appetite for it,” said Fritz Wenzel, of Wenzel Strategies, which did the telephone poll Thursday. It has a margin of error of 4.36 percent.

“Half or nearly half of those surveyed said they believed Obama should be impeached for the trifecta of scandals now consuming Washington.”

Actually, on the issue of the Benghazi scandal, where four Americans were killed when in what may have been a politically motivated series of moves, a surging danger to Americans at the foreign service facility there was ignored until al-Qaida-linked terrorists attacked, 50.1 percent of Americans said Obama should be impeached. That included 27.6 percent of the responding Democrats.

On the scandal of the Internal Revenue Service intentionally harassing conservative and Christian organizations? Forty-nine percent said they agree that impeachment is appropriate, including 24.4 percent of the Democrats.

And on the fishing trip the Obama administration took into AP reporters’ telephone records in search of something that may well have been done by his own administration, 48.6 percent impeachment is appropriate. That included 26.1 percent of the Democrats.

Sign the petition urging Congress to impeach Obama.

It was only two months ago that respondents to the same poll suggested, although in smaller numbers, that impeachment was appropriate for other Obama scandals. At that time 44 percent said he should be impeached for his campaign to give amnesty to illegal aliens inside the U.S., and 46 percent said he should be impeached for launching the war to remove Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

“What is clear from the data is that Obama is at risk of losing his base,” Wenzel explained. “On each of these questions, about one in four Democrats said they agreed Obama should be impeached. What could be more alarming to the White House is that it appears that most of American is tuned in to these issues now, as 93 percent of registered voters said they get at least one news update on these issues every day.”

He continued, “Of the three issues now in the news, the one that has been there the longest, and the only one that has to do with the death of American citizens, is seen as the most important to Americans. While 49 percent said the Benghazi murders of U.S. diplomatic personnel is the most serious issue, 26 percent said IRS harassment was most serious, and 25 percent said the seizure of AP phone records was most serious. With news still breaking on all three fronts, it is impossible to know which of the three scandals will ultimately be the most damaging to the Obama administration. These findings clearly show Americans are concerned about what is going on in Washington.”

It spells headwinds for Obama, too, as he lobbies American voters to grant him his wish of having a Democrat Congress during the last two years of his reign, Wenzel said.

“What could be most concerning to the White House is that the Democratic Party effort to retake the U.S. House of Representatives next year may be at risk because of these issues. Asked whether they would lean to vote for the Democrat or the Republican in their own congressional district based on what they know about these three situations, 46 percent said they would lean toward voting for the Republican, while 39 percent said they would lean toward voting for the Democrat. Another 16 percent said these issues make no difference in their congressional vote,” Wenzel said.

He said, “The appetite is growing for impeachment proceedings. It is too early to say it is time for those proceedings to start, but it’s now possible to see that day on the far horizon.”

Of those who did not vote in 2012, based on their knowledge of Obama’s administration now, 37 percent say they would have gone back to vote for Republican Mitt Romney, 27 percent for Obama, and others undecided.

That the situation is serious for Obama was confirmed by former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan.

“We are in the midst of the worst Washington scandal since Watergate. The reputation of the Obama White House has, among conservatives, gone from sketchy to sinister, and, among liberals, from unsatisfying to dangerous. No one likes what they’re seeing. The Justice Department assault on the Associated Press and the ugly politicization of the Internal Revenue Service have left the administration’s credibility deeply, probably irretrievably damaged. They don’t look jerky now, they look dirty. The patina of high-mindedness the president enjoyed is gone,” she said.

“The president, as usual, acts as if all of this is totally unconnected to him. He’s shocked, it’s unacceptable, he’ll get to the bottom of it. He read about it in the papers, just like you. But he is not unconnected, he is not a bystander. This is his administration. Those are his executive agencies. He runs the IRS and the Justice Department,” she continued. “A president sets a mood, a tone. He establishes an atmosphere. If he is arrogant, arrogance spreads. If he is too partisan, too disrespecting of political adversaries, that spreads too. Presidents always undo themselves and then blame it on the third guy in the last row in the sleepy agency across town.”

It’s even being compared to Watergate, that breakin episode that ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.

That was confirmed by no less than Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, whose reporting on Watergate eventually snared the sitting president.

Woodward said recently, “If you read through all these emails, you see that everyone in the government is saying, ‘Oh, let’s not tell the public that terrorists were involved, people connected to al Qaeda. Let’s not tell the public that there were warnings.’ And I have to go back 40 years to Watergate when Nixon put out his edited transcripts to the conversations, and he personally went through them and said, ‘Oh, let’s not tell this, let’s not show this.’ I would not dismiss Benghazi. It’s a very serious issue.”

A Republican congressman recently brought up the subject.

“I would say yes. I’m not willing to take it [impeachment] off to take it off the table, but that’s certainly not what we’re striving for,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told CNN.

“We want truth, we want to bring the people who perpetrated the terrorism in Benghazi to be brought to justice, and we want to have the president do what he has said he would always do. And that is be open and transparent. Thus far, the White House has not done that.”

Earlier, Chaffetz was interviewed by the Salt Lake Tribune, and was asked if impeachment were within the realm of possibilities.

“It’s certainly a possibility,” he told the paper. “That’s not the goal but given the continued lies perpetrated by this administration, I don’t know where it’s going to go. … I’m not taking it off the table. I’m not out there touting that but I think this gets to the highest levels of our government and integrity and honesty are paramount.”

Chaffetz has been championing the call to probe the Sept. 11, 2012, onslaught at Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Other Republicans have also voiced impeachment as a potential final outcome.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said last week impeachment was possible over the “most egregious cover-up in American history.

“People may be starting to use the I-word before too long,” Inhofe told radio host Rusty Humphries, according to the Hill.

“The I-word meaning impeachment?” Humphries asked.

“Yeah,” Inhofe responded.

Additionally, radio host Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and one-time presidential candidate, predicted Obama won’t serve out his full second term because of his complicity in a cover-up with Benghazi.

Other members of Congress who have uttered possible impeachment for a variety of reasons in recent years include Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.; Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.; Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas; Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas; Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla.; and Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

Others who have raised the subject?

Rock legend and gun-rights defender Ted Nugent said there’s “no que..., and he’s calling CNN anchor Piers Morgan an “effective idiot” in the battle over the Second Amendment.

Referring to Obama, Nugent says: “There’s no question that this guy’s violations qualify for impeachment. There’s no question.”

He blasted “the criminality of this government, the unprecedented abuse of power, corruption, fraud and deceit by the Chicago gangster-scammer-ACORN-in-chief.”

“It’s so diabolical,” he said.

Nugent made his comments in a recent interview with radio host Alex Jones.

Even Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin called for the impeachment... over his policy of permitting drone strikes on American citizens overseas who are members of terrorist organizations.

On WABC Radio’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Benjamin affirmed she believes the drone warfare is an impeachable offense.

You asked for it! Sign the petition urging Congress to impeach Pres...

See Denis Kucinich advocate for impeachment over Libya:

See Texas congressman lobby for impeachment over gun control:

See Andrew Napolitano talk about impeachment over the budget:

WND also compiled a special report on the various offenses Obama is blamed for committing and reported what experts on the Constitution believe should be happening.

See detailed results of survey questions:

Overall, how would you rate the job performance of President Barack...

The administration of Democrat Barack Obama has still not satisfied...

It has been learned that the Internal Revenue Service, under the ad...

It has been learned that the U.S. Department of Justice under the a...

How much would you say you are paying attention to news coverage of...

Thinking of the issue regarding the murders of American diplomats i...

Please tell me if you agree or disagree with this statement: None o...

Considering the totality of these three issues and their impact on ...

Thinking about everything you know and have heard about these three...

Thinking about everything you know and have heard about these three...


Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on May 19, 2013 at 12:38pm

Caution, our government has a stupid leader!






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