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Words of Enlightenment - Not what you think

I will be quoting certain things from a book I am reading entitled, The Islamic Anti-Christ by Joel Richardson published by WND Books.  I am just about half-way through this book, but I thought considering  what we are seeing today in our world, these items might well be very important for us to know, understand, and realize.  

We often hear about the not so militant Muslims.  And they would be those who try to leave their country, or who try to conform rather than buck…


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Swallowing the Camel

Swallowing the Camel

The President and Executive Orders 

We currently have a president who thinks he can run the country on Executive Orders.  After all, he has a pen and a phone.  What does he need the Congress for?  Much to his surprise, since he is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar (bafaw!), I guess he forgot to consider one tiny little fact:  He has no authority, even via executive order, to make laws.  Nor can he change them at will, regardless of his pen and his…


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Our House - An Answer to Prayer

Our House - An Answer to Prayer - This is lengthy, but well worth the read:  If anyone does not believe that God listens to every single thing we say, I dare them to explain this to me, and try to fob it off as coincidence!  God DOES answer prayer.  I put this up here to emphasize the need for prayer for this nation, and the request to all of you, even if you are skeptical at all, to read this and explain to me how you cannot believe what God can do.  Most people only “think” they believe…


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One reason God has turned his back on the USA

Nine statements by Obama yesterday made a mockery of God's word…


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0bama is suing the State of Arizona

This, folks, is utterly unbelievable and completely unacceptable:  Listen to this - and there isn't anything else to say!  This should have us tearing down the White House doors!

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How does one impeach an impostor?

How does one impeach in impostor?…


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Muslim Cleric who backed fatwa killing of U.S, soldiers promoted by State Dept.

If we had any doubts, this should sweep them all under the rug.  The louse has done it again and further reinforced the fact that he is definitely "standing with the Muslims".

What a lovely country we live in - eh?

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Update on Operation American Spring

As of 3:00 p.m. EST today this is the following beginning to the news article on

"Ladies and Gentlemen of America… We have a HUGE problem in Washington, DC as of May 16, 2014. My name is Sharaud Norman. I’m an Army Veteran and my job title was Information Systems Analyst. I possessed a SECRET Clearance and I worked under General Abrams during the 9/11 era… I know my Government VERY well. I now do social media marketing, music, and part-time reporting on…


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News so far re American Spring march on DC

Here is all I have at the moment.  It is only being covered by beforeitsnews as far as I can tell.  Here are some interesting things on that site:

This just found on - will send link also on the march on DC.  Their video has been taken down at the moment: imagine that! …


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British Intelligence Advisor: 0bama born in Kenya

Although I doubt this will have any impact on anything going on today in our country, I think we all need to see this and understand once and for all that the "king" carries no weight in anything he signs or tries to do!  So much for a phone and a pen.

British Intelligence Advisor:  0bama born in Kenya in 1960, CIA DNA Test…


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The Importance of the Third Amendment

This video is GREAT!  And totally explains why the 2nd amendment is so important; because without the 3rd amendment it could be radically changed.  Listen and understand:  EACH person in America from the Revolutionary war onward was intended to have and own a firearm!

They are fast moving to try and abolish or change the 2nd Amendment, while…


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Barry Soetoro

Just received this from a friend.  Share it before they try to take it down.


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Florida Bill to virtually Nullify all Federal Gun Laws

Please if you are in Florida, call the State legislators and encourage them to definitely make this a law!  If you live elsewhere, please let your legislators there know that they have this same option open to them, and encourage them to do the same thing.  This is a VERY important piece of self-preserving legislation to our rights and our freedom and is so vital as to have been listed in the Articles by Madison. 

From the article link it states: 



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Texas Suing Feds over new Hiring Law

You're not going to believe this one, folks!  If anyone of you is a business owner, or you are in the business of hiring - well now you must hire any criminal who applies or face prosecution ...  well, read it for yourself:

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Federal Judge Rules on Obama Social Security Number

We are living in a fool's paradise if we think we have anything left of a Republic.  Please view this video of the decision just recently made on the fake social security number being used by the fake president sitting in the "People's House" in D.C.  If we even thought we had a Republic left at all, this should clear the matter completely in your minds.  OUR REPUBLIC NO LONGER EXISTS!!!  PERIOD!!!!…


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A President in Default



Added by Annette Akerman on October 23, 2013 at 7:44pm — 1 Comment

Nuclear blast in Atlantic is failed false flag effort.

The 4 generals and high ranking officers were "fired" by 0vomit probably because they did not follow orders.  Read this:

It was also on the EU Times, but it is no longer there.  In fact, I can't even get access to the site at all.  It says there is no connection!  There was an "earthquake" 600 miles off shore, which was supposed to have been for that…


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We cannot impeach a president who is illegal.

I have written this in numerous places and have sent it to sitting members of Congress.  We cannot impeach someone who is illegal.  I will say this, that since I have been saying this the cry for impeachment seems to have abated - my, my - I wonder why?

Consider this:  If you or I were to be caught impersonating an officer, would we be brought before the Civil Service Review…


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NAZI Germany Checkpoints in America: Believe it!

There are a whole bunch of these on youtube.  This is just one.  Check out 'DHS Checkpoint refuslas Compilation" on youtube.  In the meantime, watch this one and tell me we aren't headed in the same direction as Nazi Germany!  THIS MUST STOP NOW!

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The Issue is not the Issue.

The issue is always the revolution!   (Excerpts taken from the booklet Barack 0bama's RULES FOR REVOLUTION" by David Horowitz of Freedom Center), we find that unlike Communists who identify their goal as a Soviet state - Alinsky and his folloers organize their power bases WITHOUT naming the end game, without declaring a specific future they want to achieve whether it be socialism,…


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