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I will be quoting certain things from a book I am reading entitled, The Islamic Anti-Christ by Joel Richardson published by WND Books.  I am just about half-way through this book, but I thought considering  what we are seeing today in our world, these items might well be very important for us to know, understand, and realize.  

We often hear about the not so militant Muslims.  And they would be those who try to leave their country, or who try to conform rather than buck the system they feel is imposed upon them: ie, what it boils down to is that all Muslims whether they want it or not will not fight back against their own, and here is why:  From the book:

               “Despite what the advertisers of a nicer, more peaceful

               Islam say, Muhammad clearly made the claim that his

               commission was to fight against the unbelievers until they

               all submit to Islam and worship Allah.  Since the time of

               Muhammad, global domination has been the goal of Islam.”              

                              ‘Allah’s Apostle (Muhammad said, “I have

                              been ordered to fight the people till they say:

                              (“None has the right to be worshipped by


                              Fight those from among the People of the Book,

                              who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day,

                              nor hold as unlawful what Allah and the

                              Messenger have declared to be unlawful, nor

                              follow the true religion, until they pay the tax

                              considering it a favor and acknowledge their

                              subjection. [Sura 9:29, Sher Ali]

                              O ye who believe!  Fight those of the disbelievers

                              who are near to you, and let them find harshness in

                              you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their

                              duty {unto Him}.  [Sura 9:123; Picthall]


             This is in complete opposition to what Christ has said, “Come to me, all you who are

             weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,

             for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is

             easy and my burden is light. (Matthew 11:28-30)

            Again, from the Koran:  “Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it

            may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a

            thing which is bad for you.  Allah knoweth, ye know not.  [Sura 2:216, Pickthall)

                            “It would be quite easy to list several pages of verses from the Qur’an and

             hadiths that  reflect this mind-set of jihad and fighting against unbelievers for the express

             purpose of the furtherance of Islam.  It is awfully difficult to take these verses out of context.  

             Nevertheless, as I have said, many Western Muslims continue to claim that the Qur’anic

             verses that speak of jihad refer only to overcoming adversity or waging defensive wars. 

             As one Muslim commentator has said, ‘Don’t believe those moderate Muslims in

             the Western media who tell you that jihad means ‘overcoming adversity.’

             Or as the popular Muslim author and teacher Muhammad Saeed Al-Qahtani states:  “Jihad is

            an act of worship; it is one of the supreme forms of devotion to Allah….  They say that jihad is

            only for defense.  This lie must be exposed…”

(Here is what the author then does:  he then examines the “opinions of several prominent Muslim scholars throughout Islam’s history as well as today’s leaders and representatives of Islam in Western countries to see what Islam really teaches.”)


            Ibn Kathir lays out the prominent role of offensive jihad in Islam’s early days as

            he comments on Sura 9:123   ( This is quite lengthy, so I have pulled out the shortest

            sentences to condense it.  I would highly suggest you read the book!)

Allah  commands the believers to fight the disbelievers, the closest in area to the Islamic state, then the farthest.  This is why the Messenger of Allah started fighting the idolators in the Arabian Peninsula.  When he finished with them…he then started fighting the Peopl of the Scriptures [Jews and Christians]. …..  The pure religion reached its deepest aims against Allah’s enemies, and whenever Muslims overcame a community, they moved to the next one, and then the next one, crushing the tyrannical evil doers.  They did this in reverence to Allah’s statement, O you who believe!  Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you.”

“It is clear that Muhammad—and then his successors, Caliph Abu Bakr, Caliph Umar, and Caliph Uthman – all attacked the surrounding nations offensively for the purpose of spreading Islam.  These were not, as is claimed by the historical revisionists, defensive wars.  They were offensive wars whose goal was to force the victims to submit to Islam or be “crushed”.

“In his book, Jurisprudence in Muhammad’s Biography, the renowned Egyptian scholar from Al-Azhar University, Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti, writes that the offensive – not the defensive – war is the ‘noblest Holy War’ within Islam:

The Holy War [Islamic jihad], as it is known in Islamic  jurisprudence, is basically an offensive war. This is the

duty  of Muslims in every age when the needed military power become available to them.  This is the phase in

which the meaning of Holy War has taken its final form. Thus the apostle of Allah said, “I was commanded to fight

the people until they believe Allah and his messages…” 

The concept of Holy War [Jihad] in Islam does not take into consideration whether defensive or an offensive war.  Its

goal is the exaltation of the Word of Allah and the construction of Islamic society and the establishment of

Allah’s Kingdom on Earth regardless of the means.  The means would be offensive warfare.  In this case, it is

the apex, the noblest Holy War.”  (Author Richardson’s emphasis.)

“According to the Encyclopedia of Islam, “The fight is obligatory even when the believers have not started it.”  The concept of jihad in Islam is to literally attack unbelievers for the purpose of converting them to Islam “by persuasion or by force,” “even when they are not started. 

(Previous were from pgs 140 - 143)

NEXT :    Pg. 145  “Since its founding in 1994, CAIR has been garnering sizeable donations, invitations to the White House, respectful media citations, and a serious hearing by corporations.”  Yet, according to Omar Ahmed, chairman of the board of CAIR: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

This is the same Omar Ahmed who tore into the Reverend Franklin Graham for calling Islam “an evil religion.”  Mr. Ahmed addressed Graham in an open statement:
“Learn more about Islam and Muslims before you repeat your erroneous and divisive statements about one of the three great Abrahamic religions:  Judiasm, Christianity, and Islalm.  Such statements only sow animosity and mistrust among Americans.  As a religious leader you should work to rebuild our national foundation instead of trying to tear it down.”

Perhaps Reverend Graham was more in touch with the true totalitarian doctrines of Islam than Mr. Ahmed realized.  Perhaps Mr. Graham had read Mr. Ahmed’s statement regarding Islam’s goal of domination in America and abroad when he made his statement.  In any case, through these two statements, it is easy to see the double-speak displayed by Mr. Ahmed and many like him.  When speaking privately to Muslims, Mr. Ahmed speaks of Islam as the only valid religion with a goal to take over America, but when addressing the media, he speaks of “the three great Abrahamic religions” and accuses Mr. Graham of being “divisive.” “

End of quotes from the book:

There is much more to be learned and garnered from the book, but I believe it is necessary to inform as many of you who will listen and understand, just how encroaching this ‘religion’ is upon the human race as a whole.  Please share this everywhere you can.  Also, PLEASE do not fall for the phony lies that are coming out of the White House today about how wonderful these people are, or that they mean no ill intent upon America or her beliefs.  Already, and for many years now it has been considered wrong to pray in our schools.  How much longer do we let this type of travesty continue?  Now it has even become a major factor within our government regarding the words “In God we trust” either on our money, or on any public buildings!  How stupid!  Our entire government was founded upon the Bible and Godly beliefs - not the teachings of Satan.

Please take this seriously, because if we do not strongly fight against it, we will become as the people of the Middle East who are enveloped in the worship of Islam. And it is not a choice.  Having lived in Saudi, there are no Bibles allowed in the country.  There are no churches in the country: only mosques, and there is a call to prayer five times a day at which point “everything stops”.  All trade, all buses, all commerce, and the men file out of their places of business and flock to the mosque for their prayers.  I have literally stood inside the “gold” store with hundreds of thousands of dollars of gold laying out on the counter when prayer was called, and the shop keepers leave the story completely unattended while the shoppers wait for them to return.  Why does no one run off with the jewelry?  Because it would be off with their right hand if they took anything.  

If I, as a women, were to be caught driving to the store with a man in the driver’s seat (since women are not allowed to drive), who was not my husband, they would have chopped off both our heads because we would have been guilty of adultery!  You live under ‘their’ laws when you’re there!  My children were roped off in the ‘suk’ (market place” one day and made to stand with the rest of the crowd and witness just such a beheading.  They want to bring down American and bring it here.   Think about this seriously next time you hear someone say, “But there are good Muslims, too.”  Even the good ones, if they do not revert to their old teachings, die with us!  And yes, you can quote me!

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Comment by Annette Akerman on August 13, 2014 at 12:13pm

Chris:  That is a good portion of what the book covers; how this 'religion' is satanic, and there is no other word for it.  He quotes things that just boggle the mind.  Everybody should really read the book.  It is incredible.  I knew much of this from living over there, but the mania behind it is mind-boggling.

Comment by Chris Horne on August 13, 2014 at 10:50am

ONCE AGAIN as many others are wrong so is Graham,  ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION IT IS A WAY OF LIFE!!  MO WAS not a apostle he was thrown out just as satan was.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on August 12, 2014 at 11:49pm

If our leaders deny us these truths and the media are silent, then it up to US to sound the alarm.

Thanks Annette.

We have been warned.

Comment by Paul Arnold Browning on August 12, 2014 at 7:32pm

Great Story. Thanks

Comment by Annette Akerman on August 12, 2014 at 6:20pm

Chris, thank you.  It is something all Americans need to know and understand. I have also put this up on   Their's is also an excellent Conservative site such as this.

Comment by Chris Horne on August 12, 2014 at 3:28pm







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