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Would Obama and the liberal progressive democrat machine purposely suppress information about additional Ebola patients?

Rush Limbaugh touches on the subject while discussing the impact more infected Ebola patients would have on the November election outcome.


Obama Crushes State Ebola Quarantines

October 27, 2014



RUSH:  Okay.  So let me see if I understand this.  The states want to set up their own Ebola quarantines.  Why would they want to do that?  That's because they don't trust the federal government's quarantine protocols, right?  That means they don't trust the CDC. That means they don't trust Obama, the Ebola czar, who has yet to make an appearance. They had a 27-member meeting, though, they had an Ebola meeting with 27 people, problem solved.

So one week before the election we have here a bunch of states that are deciding to do their own quarantines, and the Regime is flipping out.  Obama and his gang are flipping out.  They want to be in total control of the quarantines.  So one week before the election, once again, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has caved.  We need to quarantine Chris Christie is what needs to happen here, folks.  This is the second election in a row. One week prior to the election, the governor of New Jersey ends up -- well, I don't know arm in arm, hand in hand, in bed with? I don't know how to characterize it, but responding to Obama's demands.  I'm sorry.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but (laughing) I really think the Republicans ought to make sure that Governor Christie gets quarantined. 

From now on, once we get to a week before an election, we need to find a way here.  He finds himself in the middle here of taking center stage with another national crisis with another Obama hug moment. Governor Cuomo is doing the same thing, but that kind of makes sense because Governor Cuomo and Obama are in the same party.  And yeah, I know, I've got Hillary. Hillary's at the top of the Stack, and we'll get to that.  We're gonna get to all of it here today, folks.  We've got, as is the usual case, a full load, if you will.

I hope all those people who complain about Barack Hussein O being such a hands-off president notice how quickly he acted to try to stop New York and New Jersey and Illinois from quarantining people coming back from Ebola countries.  That was an impressive show of power, don't you think?  Already Cuomo and Christie have been forced to cave before Obama's onslaught. So it's really clear that Obama can act, and he can act fast when it's something that really matters to him, such as making sure that people who might have Ebola aren't cooped up for 21 days.  This is unbelievable to me.  But it's happening right before our very eyes. 

I mean, who are these governors trying to protect?  The residents in their states?  Who's trying to be protected here?  They aren't doctors, these governors. They're not doctors.  They have no background whatsoever.  They're just political hacks.  They should realize they need to concede any such decision to the Ebola czar.  (interruption)  I know the Ebola czar knows nothing about Ebola.  I'm being facetious here.  It all started with this nurse in New Jersey. She didn't want to be quarantined. "To hell with you! Do you remember Nancy Snyderman? You let her run around and go to the Soup Nazi place. Well, I want to do the same thing."  It's totally classic.  There's no adult in charge.  The nurse says she's gonna hire a civil rights lawyer. 

You know what I was thinking about earlier today, just a brief aside.  You know how after every election we get a book?  Somebody writes a book with all the things that happened in a campaign that we would have loved to have known during the campaign, but they withhold all that stuff for their book afterwards where it can't be of any use other than selling the book.  So I want to know who is writing the Ebola book.  When are we gonna find out the rest of this story? 

Every time a scandal breaks, or every time Obama breaks something, I always wonder what reporter is withholding what we should know right now for his or her book that will come out after it's all said and done. A year after Obama leaves office we'll probably get the true story on amnesty, the true story on Ebola, and how they were all tied together from the Oval Office. But we will not know that even though there are probably people who know that and could document it now, we will not be told that. We'll be left to surmise that.  And after the fact we'll get another book that explains all of these details.  


RUSH:  Somebody help me out here.  Is it just me, or didn't the CDC used to say that it was up to the state health departments to come up with how they were gonna handle potential Ebola patients?  Didn't the CDC say that?  It sounds familiar to me.  I guess that's all out the window now.  The states have no say in what they can or can't quarantine or who they can or cannot quarantine.  But don't try to take a bag of oranges into California or you're gonna be facing jail time. 

Don't you dare try to take your dogs to Hawaii.  If you do that, your dogs are gonna be quarantined for 120 days.  But somebody with Ebola coming back from an African country, somebody that's on the verge of that? "We can't! No way.  We can't discriminate."  You know why?  You know why we can't do this?  The whole argument against quarantining health workers coming back from Ebola countries is that doing that will discourage other doctors and nurses from going over to West Africa to help out. 

You see?  People will gladly put their lives on the line to try to help Ebola patients in Africa, but they won't put up with the inconvenience of being quarantined for 21 days in order to protect the lives of their family and others here at home.  I can see that.  I'm being sarcastic, for those of you in Rio Linda.  Which leads me to another question. What is...? Boy, this is really thin ice.  Maybe I shouldn't ask this question.  No, I'll go ahead. I'll put it out there.  What is the point in going to a western African country to help with Ebola, if, when you come back, you refuse or object to being quarantined so that if you're contagious, you will not spread the disease? 

Why, if you're willing to go over there and help contain it, then why do you not wish to do the same thing when you get back?  What's the point?  Are these people just trying to show how good they are?  We're good people, we care.  What is this?  Is it about them?  Are they doing this to get noticed?  Are they doing this for good PR?  Are they doing this for image enhancement or are they doing it because they really believe in the cause?  Governor Cuomo said if we quarantine you we will cover the wages that you will lose. 

Anyway, it's all out the window now.  Because Obama, this is in the UK Daily Mail.  "Obama Forces Chris Christie into Embarrassing U-Turn to Allow Ebola Nurse to Leave New Jersey Quarantine Tent -- Chris Christie was forced on Monday to allow a nurse being kept in a tent in a hospital parking lot to go home after intense White House pressure to relax a mandatory 21-day quarantine the New Jersey Governor had imposed at a state level.

"The embarrassing turnaround came after Obama chaired a White House meeting on the rules and successfully lobbied Christie's New York counterpart, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to relax their quarantine rules -- even as Americans grow more concerned about the possibility of a pandemic emergency. Cuomo gave in on behalf of New Yorkers. But as of Sunday Christie was still pushing for more aggressive measures to protect New Jerseyans, saying he had 'no second thoughts' about the policy.  Christie is a likely entrant into the 2016 Republican Party presidential primary, and the intergovernmental Ebola skirmishes will provide both major political parties with new ammunition."

And that's why I say, here we are one week before an election, and once again we have a Republican governor caving or seeking to be seen arm in arm, hand in hand with the president of the United States.  As I say, quarantine some governors, folks.  I mean, really.



Thinking about Ebola and quarantine . . . .  shouldn't medical quarantine be states responsibility under individual states rights? It's not enumerated in the constitution. We better lawyer up before we let the idiot in our White House screw things up again and get people killed.

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on October 28, 2014 at 12:51am

I suspected that nurse Kaci was more than just your closet democrat. Thanks for providing the clear reason she howled after only 24 hours.

I heard judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox tonight making the legal argument that nurse Kaci was right. Unless the doctors and nurses going to Africa are warned first that they will be detained upon reentry, quarantine cannot "legally" be done. Government must give "notice" of quarantine BEFORE a person leaves the USA.

My thoughts regarding quarantine is that quarantine should occur in the African country and before a person returns home. That can be accomplished by conditioning a travelers passport or visa before they leave the USA. A traveler from an infected African country must demonstrate a 21 day quarantine and pass a "no Ebola" blood test before being allowed to travel to the USA.

You're right too Kathryn about the changing CDC protocol. Tonight I heard that a person can be infected if they are in a room with an Ebola patient "without contact". I also heard you can become infected with Ebola if you are within 3 feet of an infected Patient.

I also heard a couple weeks ago on the Michael Savage radio show from an infectious disease Dr. who said the CDC is lying about the period of time in which a patient can transmit the Ebola virus. He said Ebola can be transferred to another person as soon as the patient becomes viremic ie can be detected by blood tests and BEFORE the patient has any symptoms. I have NOT heard that from anybody at the CDC as of yet.

Our inept federal government is putting We the People at risk for political gain. The democrats DO NOT WANT an epidemic on their record going into the November election.

Comment by Kathryn Ball on October 27, 2014 at 9:00pm

FYI.....the "NURSE" who hired some ambulance chaser atty is a CDC employee, an obama supporter and progressive MORON who whined about her "rights" being violated because she was quarantined for 24 hours.....Sorry to saY BUT anyone WHO MADE THE CHOICE to travel to western Africa to care for ebola patients, should be more then willing to be quarantined for at LEAST 3 weeks to protect others from being infected.

I AM an RN and would NEVER risk the health and safety of those I would have contact with after returning home.

I also find it amazing that the "CDC Protocols" keep CHANGING....................REALLY?!?!?!?!?! The only procedure that WORKS is to isolate patients and POSSIBLE carriers.

I honestly hope that some infected person vomits all over either the head of the CDC or BHO.....then we can see some REAL protocol long as it is just 'we, the peasants'.........






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