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Who were those people who chose Paul Ryan to be speaker of the House?

Damage Control – “Conservative” Leaders Who Provided Ryan A Pathway To Speakership Getting Help In Hiding

Posted on December 20, 2015 by Rick Wells CONSTITUTION RISING.COM / RICKWELLS.US


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The so-called conservatives are acting like they’re feeling the heat of exposure for their treason against the United States, the siding with the Obama regime in a full frontal assault on the American people. Included in that naked treason is the undeniable importation of a terrorist insurgency into our nation by Obama and his supporters and enablers in both parties. Given the benefit of actually being as ignorant and irresponsible as they pretend to be, they could claim that the terrorist age males are just cowards running away from the fight for their own country. Even if that were who they are, and they weren’t Trojan terrorists, that is not the kind of person who is exhibiting American values and not someone we should be welcoming.

The script was completely predictable, the corrupt politicians follow it in virtually every sell out because it works. First they take a stand in opposition to something that they know they will eventually capitulate to, later being able to claim noble intentions and having fallen victim to circumstances “beyond their control or realization” that happened along the way, things that nobody could have predicted.

That was the case with the so-called “Freedom Caucus” which sold out the American people and caved, in typical Republican style, by agreeing to support the Speakership of Paul Ryan. They knew, as did everyone else at the time, that Ryan is a big money tool and an Obama rattlesnake guaranteed to strike. This week he did just that and now they’re pretending to be shocked. If regular American citizens knew it, these dishonest faux-conservatives did as well.

Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) initially led the mock battle against Paul Ryan in the Freedom Caucus but then found a method to switch his support based upon semantics, which was instrumental in Ryan becoming Speaker. Had that reversal not taken place, Ryan would not be Speaker and we might not have a fully funded Obama, anti-American agenda to contend with.

Rep Marsha Blackburn actually received a vote for Speaker and would have been wise to double that number by voting for herself as well. She also supported the treacherous Wisconsin representative instead.

Now they are doing what these turncoats always do, pretending that they are something they aren’t in order to avoid the political fallout from their self-serving actions. Jordan first tried to deflect the heat by going after IRS Commissioner Koskinen for impeachment in the wake of his pro-Ryan vote, attempting to change the subject with Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Ryan’s place-holder during the charade, leading him around like a Cocker Spaniel at a pet show.

That hasn’t healed the self-inflicted wound and neither has the meaningless votes against the omnibus package by both Jordan and Blackburn. They had a chance to go on the record in support of Americans and chose to side with the more popular kids, the un-American crowd in Congress. They’re the ones who serve the money masters and get all of the plum positions and who are included in the “important” things that advance a career more than being an honest representative. Representing the people isn’t really why there are there, it’s just the claim they make.

Now these two who surrendered are being announced as featured speakers at CPAC 2016, probably a reward for their obedience to the money establishment in not opposing their boy Ryan. It’s also an obvious effort to shore up their now exposed and questionable conservative credentials. If this is conservative leadership, someone needs to recalibrate the location of the bar to somewhere above ground.

In announcing their selections, the American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp said, “These two exemplary Members of Congress are continually at the forefront of reducing the role of government in our lives. In addition to showing their conservative underpinnings by voting against the flawed budget bill this morning, Reps. Jordan and Blackburn’s entire voting history reflect a willingness to fight for the principles of a strong economy, a robust national defense, and enduring cultural values.” Yeah, Matt, except when a choice has to be made between the people or the politically expedient. Theatrics and empty rhetorical claims don’t translate into accomplishments, as the faux-conservatives in Congress never fail to demonstrate.

CPAC wasn’t without conservative alternatives, the following ten representatives did not support Ryan for Speaker. Just like every other House Member they knew who and what he is and chose to vote a truly conservative position in line with what best serves our nation. CPAC chose to ignore their courage in bucking the establishment and their service to the American people and to our nation.

Reps. Dave Brat (R-VA.), Curt Clawson (R-FL), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Walter Jones (R-NC), Tom Massie (R-KY), Bill Posey (R-FL), Randy Weber (R-TX), Ted Yoho (R-FL) voted for Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL), who ran against Ryan and did not vote.

Upon his confirmation Ryan delivered the typical baloney and tripe sandwich for the American people’s consumption, saying “the House of Representatives represents what is best about America — the boundless opportunity to do good.”

Does Ryan believe that funding the Marxist Obama agenda in full is “doing good?” Or is he just doing what self-serving political puppets always do? He could represented the people and opposed the funding deal, but he had already agreed to shepherd it through. That and future assaults on America is the reason he was selected as Speaker.

He also noted when he took over that the House was broken, and that, rather than settling scores he was “wiping the slate clean.” That slate is dirtier than ever, Rep Ryan, and the House is just a dilapidated shack falling in upon itself.

Laughably, he proclaimed in October, “We should not hide our disagreements; we should embrace them. We have nothing to fear from honest differences, honestly stated.” Of course there were no disagreements displayed between the Republican prostitute and his Democrat clients. Ryan performed every service he was asked to do and then some, with every politician remarking what a nice guy he is.

Illustrative of his empty patronizing drivel intended only to deflect from his true nature, Ryan also decreed at his election, “Let us say that we left the people — all the people — more happy, united, and free.”

Let us tell the truth instead, that you didn’t and that that was never your intention. Let’s say that Americans are very unhappy, united in our opposition to your fraud and treachery and much less free under your combined efforts with the anti-American Obama syndicate.

Let’s say your place in history is secure, and hopefully, your position in the House is far from it. A primary challenge would garner immense support right about now, and not only for the Wisconsin rattlesnake, but for those sellouts who enabled him.

I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it.


We keep losing . . . . to the party of supposed conservatives . . . .

Is there so much "wool over our eyes" that we can no longer see?

We definitely need a new political paradigm.

THIS is not working.

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