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Make no mistake. I’m a “dyed-in-the-wool” Mormon- that somewhat humorous description having come about in the following way: “In the fall of 1857, the nineteen-year-old Joseph F. (Smith) was returning from his mission in Hawaii, and in California he joined a wagon train. It was a volatile time for the Saints. Johnston’s Army was marching towards Utah, and many had bitter feelings towards the Church. One evening several hoodlums rode into camp, cursing and threatening to hurt every Mormon they could find. Most in the wagon train ran and hid in the brush. But Joseph F. thought to himself: ‘Shall I run from these fellows? Why should I fear them?’ With that, he walked up to one of the intruders who, with pistol in hand, demanded, ‘Are you a Mormon?’ Joseph F. Smith responded, ‘Yes siree; dyed in the wool; true blue, through and through.’ At that, the hoodlum grasped his hand and said, ‘Well you are the [blankety-blank] pleasantest man I ever met! Shake hands, young fellow. I am glad to see a man that stands up for his convictions.’ ” (See Gospel Doctrine, p 518)

Nevertheless, let me assure you that I truly appreciate every man, woman and child on the face of Mother Earth who has the moral courage and unabashed integrity to stand up for our Savior Jesus Christ- especially those intrepid folks, who in the same risky breath, stand up for our United States of America. I don’t care what their particular Christian faith may be- or whatsoever the color of their skin might be- or how little money and social influence they might have. Assuredly we have many more barefoot Christian beggars in this country with infinitely more humility, honor and integrity than so many of the arrogant fools now parading around the halls of Congress (not to mention the White House) who proclaim to know Jesus, yet have sold out their own country for a few lousy pieces of silver.

Which brings me to my favorite non-Mormon pastor, namely James David Manning of Harlem. Let me tell you unashamedly that I love Dr. Manning. I may not always agree with him on doctrinal issues, but when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama and all the foul baggage attached to that notorious name, JDM and I are on the same page- chapter and verse.

I admire Dr. Manning’s moral courage and indefatigable tenacity- although I sometimes wonder why he hasn’t yet been assassinated by the Obamacrats.

Maybe some of you have seen some of JDM’s stirring videos- the prolific parade thereof being no small achievement. Yes, his video presentations targeting Obama are often entertaining- but they always hit the mark. He has been relentless in his effort to rid us of Obama’s curse. He has also been quick to defend Terry Lakin, something certain other prominent men of color have either been reluctant or have altogether failed to do.

Our laborers of liberty are relatively few- and I just don’t mean those of us who proclaim to be among the Taxed-Enough-Already. Other than standing up for both Jesus and America, I don’t believe Dr. Manning, for example, aligns himself with anyone- not even his own race. And yes, as I have boldly declared that the Taxed-Enough-Already are not yet mainstream America, neither is the broader group of patriots that includes Dr. manning. But no matter. We will continue to cry in his barren wilderness until our collective voice of warning finally prevails- until America once again internalizes the values and principles that made her the greatest nation on Earth.

Moreover, let me now remind you that the greatest external threat to our national security comes neither from a particular nation nor any alliance of nations. Nor is it represented by ruthless global communists, rabid Islamic extremists or the merciless drug lords of Mexico. Public Enemy Numero Uno is the international banking cartel, combined with its greedy corporate affiliates- bent on bringing about a New World Order that will enslave all you hold dearest to your hearts- namely your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.

And needless to say, our greatest internal threat to national security is not represented by the aforementioned Washingtonian traitors or even Barry Obama, himself- but by a pathetic national apathy that has blissfully allowed all this unspeakable tyranny to bloom in the hallowed garden many of us still consider a Promised Land.

So, Dr. Manning, I thank you for your relentless dedication and fathomless devotion to duty. Your moral courage is no less valuable to America than an embattled Soldier raising his musket in defense of liberty. Moreover, I thank all of you who have the unmitigated guts to stand forth in defense of our liberty- whether we always agree or not…

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Comment by Annette Akerman on May 31, 2011 at 3:41pm

The entire idea behind our being a Christian nation is so we can be free to worship in our own perspective beliefs as we so desire without feeling the need to force anyone to follow that same belief.  That is where the Muslims and their Sharia Laws are errantly wrong.  I too agree with Dr. Manning and am proud to say so.

I might mention I heard a preacher who had been in a concentration camp in WWII give a heart-rending speech about just such an occurrence.  On Sundays the camp he was in would allow prisoners to congregate in one cell for an hour to worship their God, believing that they would all argue.  The came together and devoutly prayed together every Sunday for their plight and for God's mercy.

Many years later he met a very close friend he had made during those Sundays in the concentration camp and they had dinner together.  The preacher asked the man to pray with him before the meal, and this same man who  had rigorously attended every Sunday and prayed along with the rest each Sunday said to the preacher he couldn't pray with him because they were not of the same faith!  Something is severely wrong with that kind of thinking!  God observes our actions and our hearts' intents. We need to remember that God has made all of us and it is to him only we turn. He will decide our fates in the end. In the meantime - agree or disagree - we hold together as children of his or we fall apart on our own!

Comment by Edie Boudreau on May 31, 2011 at 2:44pm
I agree with you totally, Richard.  That is why I feel so frustrated with our citizens.  Not only the majority of Democrats who have become progressives, but the majority of citizens who are "being taken care of by the govt." And that does not include people who are collecting the Social Security they paid for all their working lives. Our society has become so lazy and indolent that they can't even bother watching current events and newscasts. They would rather be uninformed and feel that they can put down the conservative political activists who know that we need to protect our Constitution and freedoms, even though they have no information on the situation. They are as much of the problem as our corrupt politicians, corrupt government employees and unions, and any corrupt and greedy businesses, and that includes some of my family and friends. We need to return to the values and sense of responsibility of our founding fathers. No one deserves a free ride!  






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