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Bin Ladin is supposedly dead. A million plus terrorists to go.

The death of Bin Ladin ends the war on terrorism the same way the capture of Saddam ended war in Iraq.

Now that Bin Ladin is supposedly dead, expect Qaddaffi to attempt to regain his crown as king of all terrorists.

Bin Ladin's compound is surrounded by 18 foot walls. Can't help but admire his taste in architecture and real estate.

Bin Ladin is said to have died amongst his wives and children. Given enough time,
Albert Mohler and radical homeschoolers will eventually speak more highly of this mass murderer than Christian singles that have never married.

Obama says Bin Ladin was a mass murderer of Muslims. What about the Christian and Jewish victims of Islamist terrorism?

Obama insisting that Bin Ladin is a murderer of Muslims without referencing victims of other religions will certainly assure America that the President is a Christian and not a Muslim as he insists.

Interesting news of Bin Ladin's death announced on a Communistic/occultuc holiday. Guess Bin Ladin was given up as a Beltane offering by globalist elites. An article linked to on the Drudge Report points out Hitler also declared dead on a May The dark hidden powers of this earth must demand the sacrifice of their favorites on Beltane.

Mark these words: don't know of what ideology the character will be; but 66 years from now on this very day, the world will be celebrating the death of another figure that will be considered the great blight of that era in history. Hence forward, that proclamantion shall be heralded as the Meekins Prediction.

Bin Ladin's wives taken into custody. US will likely dish out larger social security checks to them than the average American under 45 will ever see.

Bin Ladin's body was disposed of in compliance with Islamic customs. It should have been dragged down the street by a wagon pulled by pigs driven by Hooters girls and then buried in women's underwear.

If Osama really wasn't a legitimate Muslim as Obama insists, why was Bin Ladin's body treated in accordance with Islamic custom?

At least Bin Ladin had a body of dispose of. That's more than the families of 9/11 victims were given.

Wonder if the federal government was as respectful of the killed Branch Davidians or the Randy Weaver family.

If Bin Ladin is supposedly buried at sea, what proof do we have that he is really dead?

Fifty years from now, some History channel producer will make a fortune broadcasting documentaries whether or not Bin Ladin actually perished at the hands of American military personnel.

Apparently not one dimwit in the White House realized chucking Bin Ladin overboard is going to contribute to the greatest conspiracy theory of the 21st century?

Feeding whoever it was captured quickly to the sharks certainly cuts out the possibility for independent verification.

Even in attempting to do something on behalf of the United States, Obama has to insert his nose into the rear ends of the ragheads.

I guess Daniel Pearl's and Nick Berg's severed heads were treated with all the respect due the adherents of the Western monotheistic tradtions.

Those turned off by the "celebrations" regarding Bin Ladin's demise should be asked their opinion of the Palestinians celebrations that erupted regarding 9/11.

Bin Ladin is supposedly dead. As any reader of comic books or history knows, this is just the opening chapter of the next story.

Wasn't Megatron buried at sea in the first live-action Transformers movie. Look how long that lasted. More than one alleged supervillian popped back from his alleged demise. In the 1980's G.I.Joe comic, readers though Cobra Commander had been murdered but wasn't. Lex Luthor cloned an entirely new body which he downloaded his consciousness into.

I guess a burial at sea is appropriate for Bin Ladin. He'll need all the water he can get where he's at most likely.

Bin Ladin, whom Obama insists isn't a real Muslim, was given Islamic burial at sea. Often, naval regulations forbid actual Christians from praying in the name of Christ.

If WWII era Italians had all these qualms about respecting a tyrant's body and such, they'd still be living under Mussolini's Fascism.

Shouldn't our border have been secured before removing Bin Ladin unless globalists in office are hoping the death of Bin Ladin will result in mass retaliation?

God might have loved Bin Ladin, but Bin Ladin hated both God and free society to such an extent that he was no longer worthy of the protections of either.

In pointing to the death of Bin Ladin as "an example of what Americans can do when united", social engineers are laying the conceptual framework to have stigmatized as the next Bin Ladin those that disagree with expanded welfare programs and curtailed constitutional liberties. Apart from killing terrorists, there isn't all that much Americans need to be of the same mind of in terms of being imposed by centralized authorities.

One of the lessons to learn from the Bin Ladin incident is that, given the chance, your wife will ultimately be the one to rat you out.

by Frederick Meekins

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Comment by Sandra on May 3, 2011 at 8:08pm
He has only been killed 9 times before now, LOL
Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 3, 2011 at 7:14pm

Respect for a Muslim terrorist mass-murderer? HELL NO! Osama was really killed; his body should have been sewed inside a hog carcass and allowed to rot therein.






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