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"Obama Dithers While the Earth Trembles"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
© Copyright March 17, 2011 - All Rights Reserved
"When the earth shudders, puny man can only get out of its way if he hopes to survive.  If he builds where the earth moves, or spits lava from its fiery orifices, or he plants his footprint where the ocean rises and falls, he can only expect to be swallowed up, burned alive, or drowned en masse.  We have much more to fear from an unstable earth than we do from man-caused global warming."   Ron Ewart
The mark of a true leader is one who makes rapid decisions when events are unfolding for which there was no plan.  It is more than evident that Obama is out of his element and is incapable of making the necessary decisions to protect American interests, much less foster an agenda that is in keeping with American sovereignty and values of individual freedom and liberty.   While Rome burns, Obama is giving speeches, predicting basketball scores and golfing.  The words that come to mind are "apathetic", "detached" and "pathetic".  If anyone was truly looking, his poll numbers should be falling like a rock if it wasn't for a news media that no longer prints the truth.
But enough of the town clown, there are dynamic, unfolding global issues of major impact to the entire human population of the planet.  The Middle East and North Africa or unraveling into chaos, anarchy and maybe even genocide.  The implications of this Islamic meltdown maybe even more catastrophic than what is happening in Japan with the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactors that are rapidly approaching the meltdown phase. 
And then there is the rise of radical Islam that would do in the western world if they ever find us weak and discover a chink in our armor.  Radical Islam will be with us for decades, if not centuries and may ultimately prevail, if we let down our guard for one moment.  In response to this threat, Obama apologizes for America and tells the Islamic world that we are a Muslim nation.  The fact is, a "bully" will only back down when confronted with a force greater than his.  We ignore that fact at our own peril.
The economy of most countries depend on the life-giving energy that pours out of the Middle East in the form of black gold.  Any major disruptions to the supply could send the world-wide economy into a financial black hole and America won't be spared.  Because of the insane, if not treasonous policies by environmentalists and the government of no drilling for our own oil over the last 30 years, we are now left vulnerable to a major supply interruption.  In response, Obama talks about opening up the strategic oil reserves, as if that will do anything.
Libya is turning into a blood bath while Obama and the rest of the world's leaders are arguing at that irrational rabble of dictators called the United Nations, over a resolution to "do something".  While the world dithers, people are dying at an increasing rate, while calling out for the world's help and not getting it.  Meanwhile, 2% of the world's oil supply isn't getting into the markets.  Obama gives a speech about women.
Europe has spent itself into oblivion and is essentially broke, based on the always-failing socialist model.   Austerity measures by the individual EU governments and their broken promises they couldn't keep because they ran out of other people's money, have entered Europe into a new phase of violent unrest.  Obama golf's.
America's economy lies lethargic with several broken bones and casts all over its body.  Because of government's attempts to manage everything including money, markets and people's lives, when they can't even manage themselves, has left a once vibrant capitalistic economy hovering on the brink of extinction and threatens to make America a third-world country, while China and Russia are scrambling to gobble up the Earth's resources.  Obama holds state dinners in the Whitehouse for our enemies.
Japan, the third largest economy in the world, is in grave danger of collapsing all together.  The triple whammy of a massive earthquake and continuing aftershocks, a monster tsunami destroying entire cities and now several nuclear reactors on the path to the China Syndrome, could send Japan reeling into the dark ages, without massive international assistance.  The nuclear story is still unfolding and may have world-wide impact from deadly radiation releases.  Obama delivers another of his rousing campaign speeches.
America is without direction and a buffoon has his hands on the wheel and the nuclear and internet trigger.  He teeters on the edge of delivering a major decision any moment to ......... ?  Who was that he voted for in March madness?
So ladies and gentlemen, it is up to the people to grab the wheel and rest control from the leaders who would send us into the mouth of a belching volcano and incinerate the only country that rose out of the bowels of revolution to form a country of people steeped in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.  If we follow these leaders into the abyss, we are enablers of our own destruction.
Many have whispered under their breaths about the 3% solution and what they mean is, revolution.  We submit that there is a peaceful 3% solution and the power of that solution lies in the hands of millions of freedom-loving Americans who decide that playing follow-the-leader is suicidal and instead are now determined to direct the leaders, using the unstoppable  power of the many.  They but only need to focus that power on one problem at a time, rather than taking on all of America's problems as a whole.  We have briefly described the 3% peaceful solution in a short YouTube video entitled "The 3% Solution".  The video is available at:
Obama is idling in reverse gear while the congress is deadlocked over budgets and opposing ideologies.  Decisions on important matters lie in the hands of the fickle gods of the Democrats and Republicans.   If the logical, objective and intelligent people of America don't take back the reins of power from the inmates of the asylum and pretty damn quick, the last vestige of individual liberty will decay into the dust of history.  The 3% peaceful solution is one way in which we can stop this decay.  We've tried everything else and it hasn't worked so far, but if just 10,000,000 like-minded Americans (3%) would focus all of their energy on one problem and resolve it, the other problems would begin to fall like dominos.  What have we got to lose by trying?


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