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(At the end of this horrendously long entry, you will find the various scriptures and or commentary by Bible Scholars, Christians and many other “educated in such things” type of people. Some you will agree, and some you will not. Try to focus on the scriptures rather than the blurbs of man.)

(This is long—sorry. Its been in my heart now for some time.----ME.)

This is as real and as dangerous as it gets. In direct reference to the souls of man – this site is not only dangerous, it is so far to the left that anyone who is right wing or even moderate can see how insane these guys are. What's worse is they link to Alan Colme's radio show. While I don't agree with him on almost nothing, I DO have a respect for him for what he has accomplished and done. It is my belief, my firm belief that Alan is where he is because that is what God wants. There is going to come a day for Alan that God is going to call upon him. Alan will not be able to ignore it for long. Since being a Jewish man himself, his bloodline will be drawn to Israel prior to the rapture when things turn ugly for the Jews, it will not be so for Christians. At least, not yet. While most of us would not agree with Alan, and most of you will think I am insane at this notion, I must make the obvious clear to all of you.

If God has a calling on us, he has a calling on Alan Colmes. His media experience is such that his words bear weight to his listeners. And it is my belief God will use him in ways he has no clue about at this time. I know what I know. And I feel he will be called. I don't think it will be prior to the rapture, and for that, I know God's will shall come to pass. Period. So I urge all of you to treat Alan amicably. If you choose to call his show, do so with a respect. Agree, disagree, or agree to disagree. But to attack him, or any other left wing liberal, and the right wing as well. will make our critics right about us. And WE ALL know they're not just dead wrong, they're complicit to their placeas being wrong. They seem to revel in it. As a friend told me, hyper prophecy is like taking the book of Mark, and making it into a movie. While I would watch that movie, I would remember it was a movie. Thing is, the bible is not a movie, and it is NOT a well “written book of mythology and or imagery.” Whether or not that people run and hide from God or not, it is not our job to ridicule them. (It is our job to love them. Regardless of any hateful things they say. This site I am referring to is no different. So if you take it upon yourself to say something to them, or help me expose them, I want you all to remember to keep your cool. To do otherwise will only sink us further. Be smarter than the opposition. Be firm in your beliefs and politics, but do NOT let personal feelings interfere with God's Word, or His love. The moment you do, you become exactly the same as they are. Intolerant, judgmental, uneducated horses who know nothing of the true nature of things. Be firm, but be respectful. Be fruitful, and do not allow yourself to rot.)

Stay awake, and do the Will of God as he asks of us. Fight for our country, but do so WTHOUT violence, disrespect, name calling, and screaming. If you get to that point, then we are as bad as those who are trying to eliminate Christianity. We are commanded by our Heavenly father to be separated from sin, and the sinners who commit that sin. The reason for that should be obvious. But, if you have no clue or idea, then remember that the bible tells us also, to not be unequally yoked with non-believers. Because they will cause us to falter, and that falling will be a domino effect. I am putting out a call for action on a website that is not only full of false doctrine, but is leading the people of God away from the truth in the bible. This site MUST be brought to bear the fruit of its own actions and inactions. Below is the link to the site. If you're like me, and I know you are, it will sicken you. The blatant lies on this site is so obvious, a blind man could see it.

Beneath is a copy of the letter I wrote to the web master. Please put this site out on the network as a call to action. An immediate one. If these people, and others like them are allowed to continue in such things, it will deliver us all the faster into a hell created by the Oba-Knights and their "Messiah." While we fight for our freedoms, we must also fight for those who cannot fight for themselves against a church or teaching that is false, and is in great danger of leading many believers away from the truth that is God's Word, and the testament of Jesus Christ, and the new covenant that the New Testament is. These people are not only spiritually dangerous, they are far more dangerous than even they know. Our battles in the arena of Politics cannot stop. BUT -- IT MUST be refocused. If it is not re-focused...not only will we fail, we will do so badly. We must focus not only on Politics of right vs left, freedom vs dictatorships, we must also fight a darkness of evil that shows itself as an angel of light. I never make a serious call to action unless I know FOR SURE why. Well, I know why this time. And these people need to be shown for what they are. False Prophets, false teachers, and the type who care more for partisanship than the love of Jesus. Below this paragraph is my letter to them. I urge you to pass it around to ALL on the PHN and other networks. Give out their website. Descriptions, information. I wish to set up a system of polite focus. Meaning: These people have a chance to repent. It is our job not only to remind them of that, but it is also our job from keeping baby Christians who don't know much yet from being led away from theirs Master's Voice. As it seemingly comes across as these people have forgotten the voice of their shepherd. (This version has been added to. Changed a few things as I found mistakes and messed up sentences AFTER I sent it. This new one is also being sent to the parties in question.)

To whom it may concern.

I am a political analyst and religious watcher and have been for years now, and I found your site while doing some research on current global events and current political movements within the USA, and abroad. I have come to a few conclusions as to certain reasons why things have begun to rapidly descend the USA into a hellish nightmare, and a shadow of its former glory. A glory that is dying by the day because of various legislation put out by The Obama Administration.

Looking through your site showed me some things that are beyond the hope of being true. Not to mention so blatantly left-wing biased, that it sickened me. Regardless of what you, or your staff, or anyone else who writes for you believes, it is a highly gross attempt at indoctrination to a degree that has not been seen since the days of Hitler. If you wish to know what I mean by that, check out the Obama Deception documentary.

I warn you lefties I know can stand to watch it for more than 10 mins. While people on the right laugh and guffaw at the same video. Watch that video. I dare you. At a time when this world is seeing hell on a global scale, and a scandalous myriad of hate and intolerance, your website is not helping. And is no different from sites like the various Aryan Nation or Black Panther racial groups.

Who are you to tell the general public that one of the seals in Revelations was opened on the morning of 911? You know as well as anyone that that is an out right lie. If you don't believe me that's on you, and I would urge you to re-read the book of Revelations and discover for yourself, that NO man knows the day or time. Not even you. If it had been a seal being opened, the Rapture would have occurred prior to that. Since it did not, I think it would be safe to say that your work is highly inaccurate and scripturally unsupported. Not to mention grossly disingenuous, and horrendously obvious in it's lies that my dead grandmother can see through you. How is it that you have allowed yourself to be blinded by the world? How is it you cannot tell the difference between partisanship and hate? How is it you cannot see Love where the Son of Man is concerned? This partisanship is not just on the left, and had you been a right wing hate group, I would say the exact same thing. What the Jewish people, and Christians REALLY need now is UNITY and support. Not hate filled speeches disguised as politics.

You have become one of the many 'Churches' (Meaning: Group, or nation of Believers who have become sinners and lovers of sin -- rather than continue their acts of love through Jesus Christ. There is a reason the mind of the human is the enemy of God. And YOU make that quite plain sighted. John wrote to many churches in the old world-- yours is NOT an exception. You have become the church that decides to put out God's plan and will for its own purpose. That is not only wrong, it is a sin. Such a sin in fact, that judgment of God on such things is harsh. If my memory serves me well enough on the history of the Israelite people, and the Hebrew lands and nations after the end of the wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, I would say you have forgotten the most basic of concepts: "Love thy Neighbor as you Love thyself." "...Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you..."

Your site is a blatant LIE. Whats worse, is that you KNOW it is, and yet you continue willfully and wantonly. Pity. Were I you, I would worry about leading not only Jews, but Christians too -- away from the truth of the bible, and what it says....and as such, you would be leading them away from their saviour Jesus The Christ. While I might agree with a notion of curiosity about the name of the Son of God, who he is now, and was then are still the same. Never ending, and never changing. Yesterday, today, and forever tomorrows too. It is we as people, humans --- who change. Simply because you don't like GW Bush is not a reason to put up an anti-republican site to bash him, and people who voted for him. If you think Bush and others like him are intolerant, I would urge you to look into the mirror. You're just as bad as that....but actually, you're worse. Simply because you are leading God's people astray. And it is THAT purpose that I challenge you on. You may think I am nuts, and so on and so forth. That's fine. But when you lead God's people into a dark wilderness like the Israelites were led, I tend to take notice, and I take it personally. You're not attacking Bush. You're not hurting the Republicans in any way. They look at you as a whack job. And they would be correct. However, I SEE you as one of the many false prophets the bible teaches on. Oh, and I got news for you. I don't like GW Bush either, but if you're going to attack a snake politically, make sure you attack BOTH sides. As both sides are responsible. Who died and made you King of The World? Have you no shame? Have you not an ounce of truth in you? Better yet -- Who are you to lie to the people to suit your purpose of cultism-like control? I am not a Republican, nor am I dem, or a lib, or a Conservative. I am a Christian. And I know my bible well enough to know that the lies you're spreading are hurting people. -- Christian People. Its like adopting the Apocrypha and adding it to the bible because the pope said to. Everyone knows the Apocrypha is one of the biggest lies ever found, and yet you cling to similar notions. Is not the focus of Jewish culture, and Christian culture and beliefs that all men are equal? Is it not true that in order to take the mote out of someone else's eye, you must first remove yours? What happened to "Love the Sinner, and not the Sin?"

Where is the love, the compassion, and the testimony and teachings of Jesus Christ on your site? If it is there, I must have missed it because of all the lies you use to cover up your hatred and biased attitudes toward the right wing. Like the Apocrypha, your teachings are false. And you will be made to answer for them. Not by me, or any human. But on Judgment day. What will you say to out saviour is your reason for leading his sheep off of a cliff? If the pope told you to jump off the highest mountains, would you do it? What happened to "judge not, lest ye be judged"? And you may consider the idea that I am judging you. I am not. I am warning you on your sinful actions and your double edged sword of a tongue as per what the bible teaches on testing the spirit. The spirit you are of is something akin to the same as Hitler's. It is the same intolerance, and the same blind hatred. While Hitler murdered many many people, the holocaust as it occurred was not just done out of fear. It was done out of hate. Your site is not only incitement (as in inciting people to violence) it is nothing more than the blatant hate mongering you accuse Bush of. WOW. Pot calling the Kettle Black? Most definitely.

Hitler almost wiped Europe from the map with his hate. And since he was Jewish, it makes even less sense. But then nothing makes sense these days. So why is it then you must see to pushing a hate filled agenda when you know good and well that its wrong? Your SPIRIT knows. Your HEART knows. The Spirit of God HAS tried to warn you on many occasions. And you ignore him, and you continue to ignore him now. Not a good idea. I know for a fact that God has warned you of these deeds. And not listening to him is going to be to your own detriment and destruction. Specifically -- your soul, your beliefs, and your heart and mind. A day is coming that if you refuse to repent of these actions, you will know first hand the hot summer of eternity is indeed the lake of fire. Is your ideology worth a reprobate mind? Is your bias worth risking the lives and souls of others? Are you so desperate for attention that you cause others to stumble in their faith and their walks with God?

Shame on you.

And yes, I compared you to Hitler. Because in truth -- Hitler was nothing more than a man whose fear of his own race, and the beliefs there in, that he not only turned on it, he tried to commit genocide. Will you as well? Hate is a powerful ally. Yet -- an ally it is not. For when you least expect it, it WILL destroy you. It is because of people like you, and those on your site that the USA is dying all around us. It is because of your partisanship and anti-Christian words and behaviour, and those like you that this country is being taken over from the inside out. I would even go so far as to say that you have no CLUE what's really going on. Why is that? Because you're blind. You're deaf to the Word of God, and your selfish lust of sin, and an ever growing desire for popularity and power, wealth and control -- will see you in the end -- vanquished by your own hand. I make NO threats to you. I do warn you however. God knows. And he has repeatedly tried to tell you, to warn you, and to wake you from your hateful slumber. You have, and continue to ignore him. Not a good idea. Was it not God that told the Invading army of the Israelite's to not take booty or bounty from conquered armies? Was it not God that commanded all of his people to be watchful and mindful of the day when the Son of Man will return? Was it not God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Was it not God that caused the falling of the walls of Jericho? Was it not God that caused the Israelite army to lose battles when they disobeyed? If memory serves, one man who took Gold and bounty caused the death of many of his fellow Jews.

God commanded that he, and his family be put to the sword. Why? Because the wages of sin is death. And the sin your site commits on an hourly basis is pretty high on the list of False Prophecy.... Consider my letter. And consider my words. While people like you anger me to no end, it is not anger I have in my words to you. My words show my pity for you, and those like you. You have shamed your people, and you have shamed all who believe in the love of Christ. I urge you: Wake up. Repent. As always I am sure you will either respond to this letter badly, or you will not respond at all. Either way, it matters not. I did as I was asked.. You still have yet to do that. The time is near. I urge you to understand and realize what a bane your words of hate have caused others. And remember this: Let not your liberties be a stumbling block for your brother. And above all things, give Jesus Christ the glory. And stop glorifying yourself and showing off how great and how smart you are. Because in my world, the real world -- there is ALWAYS someone greater. And ALWAYS someone smarter. You know God is talking to you about this. I know this because his spirit is in me. And his spirit bears witness to those with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear --- time is running out. We MUST get to doing the work of the Lord. THAT is VASTLY more important than your ego, or how popular you are on the left wing. By the way, if you choose to respond to me, I will hear you out. However, be warned ahead of time: You do not know me at all. As such, I am impartial. But if you wish to talk, I will abide you. But if you think you can "retaliate" -- think again. There is nothing you can say or do that will effect me, my faith, or my beliefs. Call me what you wish, and say what you wish in defense. The more you do, the more people will know you're in the wrong. I will be sending a link of your site around to REAL Christians, and to Jewish people whom I love as brothers and sisters, so that they too can know of these things. And as per the instructions in God's Word, I, and they, will not only pray against you, we will pray that God stops you. AND Changes you. For the betterment of your own life, your own soul, and those of people you know and love. There is a reason why the bible calls us Watchers. And, there is a reason why the bible calls us to be Prayer Warriors. Before you go thinking of tossing the "don't judge me" line at me, think of this: I am not judging YOU. Unlike some people, I love the sinner, and not the sin. Consider my letter as it is: TRUTH.

Funny thing: I know that you know that God knows and has said to your heart your actions are sinful. He has called upon you countless times to come to him. Yet there you are. Continuing. Such a pity and a shame. Does Jesus not tell people in the bible whom he saved to go forth and sin no more? Or, did you just forget that little tid bit of information??? Whatever reason you feel justifies your site, your sinful opinions on the very same type of people you call under, is not going to be an excuse the God will accept. Get right with Him. While you still have the time to do so. None of us are promised tomorrow. Myself included. The difference between you and I is vast.... While like all Christians, I stumble, and fall, and make mistakes, I try my best to learn from those mistakes. It is obvious that you do not. I would not want to have to answer to the Almighty for actions such as yours. For leading His sheep away is a "Capital" Sin. And you know it is.

***It is God that sets the standard and passes the judgment. We
simply pass on the information.***

No man has any right to define what is right and wrong - ONLY
God! Those who reject God's laws and judgments and trust in
their own judgments are the ones guilty of judging in the worst
sense of the word. For example, the person that says premarital
sex is okay is judging just as much as the person who says it is sin.
What right do you have to judge another human being? (It works
both ways.) God is the ultimate Judge, and it is up to us to submit
unto His judgments. The Psalmist said,

"With my lips have I declared all the judgments of THY mouth."
(Psalm 119:13) Whose judgments do you declare?

QUESTION: What are God's judgments?

Here are some...

*IDOLATERS (those who love self, anyone, or anything more than
their God) are headed for the lake of fire

THEIR NEIGHBORS will be cursed by God

*THOSE WHO DISHONOR THEIR PARENTS will be damned forever

will suffer the eternal torments of fire and brimstone

*HOMOSEXUALS will bear the fierce vengeance of their HOLY
CREATOR on the Day of Woe and Doom

*FILTHY PORN-ADDICTS will suffer everlasting punishments

*DRUNKARDS will sup the cup of the wrath of Almighty God

*THOSE WHO MURDER (esp. PRO-CHOICERS who murder innocent
babies) will experience the terrible second death

*WITCHES AND SORCERERS will bow to Jesus and confess He is
Lord before being bound hand and foot and cast into hell

*LIARS will be condemned by their own words

*THIEVES will pay for their crimes in the courtroom of eternal

*THOSE WHO DO NOT SUBMIT TO JESUS will be judged "Guilty" by
Him on JUDGMENT DAY, and be cast into eternal hellfire

(See Exodus 20, I Corin. 6:9-11, Galat. 5:19-21, Matt. 5:27-30, Ephes.
5:5-6, Colos. 3:5-6, Revel. 21:8 & 22:14-15...)

***The Bible tells us why so many do not understand preaching
on judgment. It is because they are evil fools, destitute of all
wisdom and knowledge!

"EVIL MEN understand not judgment, but they that seek the Lord
understand all things." (Proverbs 28:5). "The fear of the Lord is
the beginning of knowledge: but FOOLS despise wisdom and
instruction." (Prov.1:7; see also Prov.9:7-10)

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and
keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For
God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret
thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." Written by King
Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, in Ecclesiastes 12:13-14.

(* Source: Courtesy: *)

Wesley's Notes ( Bible Foot notes -- still researching who this
person is exactly.)

7:5 Thou hypocrite - It is mere hypocrisy to pretend zeal for the
amendment of others while we have none for our own. Then -
When that which obstructed thy sight is removed.

Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary

5. Thou hypocrite-"Hypocrite."

first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt
thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's
eye-Our Lord uses a most hyperbolically, but not unfamiliar figure,
to express the monstrous inconsistency of this conduct. The
"hypocrisy" which, not without indignation, He charges it with,
consists in the pretense of a zealous and compassionate charity,
which cannot possibly be real in one who suffers worse faults to
lie uncorrected in himself. He only is fit to be a reprover of
others who jealously and severely judges himself. Such persons
will not only be slow to undertake the office of censor on their
neighbors, but, when constrained in faithfulness to deal with
them, will make it evident that they do it with reluctance and
not satisfaction, with moderation and not exaggeration, with
love and not harshness.

Prostitution of Holy Things (Mt 7:6). The opposite extreme to
that of censoriousness is here condemned-want of
discrimination of character.

Coffman Commentaries on the Old and New Testament

Matthew Chapter 7.


This portion of the Master's great sermon is composed of miscellaneous exhortations and is not easily conformable to any formal outline.

Source: Courtesy: (* *)

Verse 1
Judge not that ye be not judged.

The word "judge" in this place is translated from a Greek word, [krino], also found in such passages as John 12:48; Acts 17:31; and 2 Timothy 4:1, indicating that the type of judging forbidden in this place is that of presuming to determine salvation, or the lack of it, in others. Not even Christ did this while on earth. "I came not to judge the world but to save the world" (John 12:47). The exercise of such judgment is all the more sinful in that it is premature. "Judge nothing before the time" (1 Corinthians 4:5). The widespread failure of otherwise devoted people to observe this injunction is tragically regrettable; and yet some insist on their right to judge others and defend it on the basis of Jesus' words, "By their fruits ye shall know them" (Matthew 7:20). Discerning and judging, however, are two different things. The Greek term for accounting, or thinking, with reference to another is [hegeomai]. Making a private, personal, and tentative appraisal of others is not forbidden; but "judging" is prohibited. One must deplore the conduct of self-appointed "fruit inspectors" whose flagrant violations of this commandment have worked untold damage in the church.

Verse 2
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you.

The thought of these parallel expressions is identical, the repetition being for the sake of emphasis. A censorious, presumptuous preoccupation with other people's destiny encourages a reciprocal judgment from them, resulting in all kinds of bitterness, recriminations, and vindictive hatreds.

Verse 3
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

One who judges others is compared to a person presuming to cast a splinter out of his brother's eye while a plank is in his own eye! This is a vivid picture of a person who ignores his own grievous sins while trying to correct the relatively minor shortcomings of another. The mote and the beam represent the disparity between that which is tiny, insignificant, almost invisible, and that which is obvious, flagrant, and obtrusive. The mote hunter is the nitpicker, the specialist in fine, disputed points, who focuses on the most minute deviations while ignoring far more basic and important considerations.

Verse 4
Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me cast the mote out of thine eye; and lo, the beam is in thine own eye?

The deftness and accuracy of our Lord's comparisons have never been even approached by other teachers. A mote, although trifling and insignificant, can nevertheless be a serious and painful handicap when located in the eye. Thus, Jesus cannot be charged with making even the slightest sin or fault a matter of indifference. That is not the point under consideration. What he is emphasizing here is the evil inconsistency of Big Guilt correcting Little Guilt. It may be doubted that Christ ever employed humor in his teachings, but there is certainly a suggestion of it here. The ridiculous picture of a man with a plank in his own eye casting a splinter out of his neighbor's eye must have brought a chuckle from those who heard the Master's words.

Verse 5
Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

This shows that Christ does not minimize any moral fault, however tiny. It is implicit in the comparison that the mote should be cast out of the eye. Tiny as it is, it may not be accepted lightly. Surely, this is an inspired metaphor. Judging and disposing of the faults of others is: (1) dangerous, (2) hypocritical, and (3) futile. If one would truly aid another, his first consideration is to get the plank out of his own eye. This means that he should prepare himself by acknowledging his own sins and turning to him alone who is the sinner's friend. Any other method defeats itself.

Verse 6
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest haply they trample them under their feet, and turn and rend you.

Dummelow thinks this passage means "that the most holy things ought not to be offered indiscriminately to all persons." F1 In such a view, the dogs and swine would refer to mean and vicious persons who have no desire to apprehend spiritual things. This interpretation has come down from very ancient times. Clement of Alexandria said, "It is difficult to exhibit the true and transparent words respecting the true light to swinish and untrained hearers." F2 Another view is that the sacred abilities and powers of life should not be squandered upon the appetites and lusts of the flesh which can never be satisfied but which end by "rending" the giver. This, of course, is true, but is not necessarily what Jesus said here.

Verse 7
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Christ said, "Men ought always to pray and not to faint" (Luke 18:1). This is the Saviour's great promise that prayer will be answered, although not always in precisely the manner expected. God answers prayer: (1) gradually, as in the case of Hawthorne's little Ernst in "The Great Stone Face," (2) literally as in the case of Jonah, (3) by denial of the request, as in the case of Paul's thorn in the flesh, (4) by sending something other than was requested as in the case of our Lord's prayer for the cup to pass but which was answered by his receiving strength to drink it, and (5) after delay as in the case of Jairus' prayer for Christ to heal his daughter. This wonderful verse is easily memorized by aid of the acronym formed by the letters A-S-K.

A-sk, and ye shall receive ... S-eek, and ye shall find ... K-nock, and it shall be opened ...

Verse 8
For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

These words are far more than a promise to answer prayer; and, depending on what men pray for, they may be even a threat. Certainly, there is a statement of God's law that prayers, in some measure at least, determine the kind of answer. Goodspeed's translation is, "Ask, and what you ask will be given you. Search, and you will find what you search for." F3 Thus, if one pursues unworthy goals, he may attain them. Alas, many do. Prayers should be disciplined to request only those things which are truly desirable and should always submissively include the provision, "Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done" (Matthew 26:39).

Of all rash things, a rash prayer is the rashest. Rachel prayed, "Give me children, or else I die" (Genesis 30:1). God gave her children, "and she died" (Genesis 35:18). The children of Israel "lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert. And he gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul" (Psalms 106:14,15). Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote:

"God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers. And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face, A gauntlet with a gift in't." F4

Ralph Waldo Emerson put it this way:

What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us; as Goethe said, "What we wish for in youth, comes in heaps on us in old age," too often cursed with the granting of our prayer; and hence the high caution, that, since we are sure of having what we wish, we beware to ask only for high things. F5

Verses 9, 10
Or what man is there of you, who, if his son shall ask him for a loaf, will give him a stone; or if he shall ask for a fish, will give him a serpent?

Christ's argument here from the predictable conduct of men has strong overtones teaching the likeness between God and man. Of course, this is inherent in the fact that man was created in God's image (Genesis 1:27), and Jesus' words here show that something of God can be known by observing that which is highest and best in man. The basic kinship between God and man is a broad principle underlying the entire Judeo-Christian revelation. The apparent relation between a loaf and a stone is that of appearance. Some stones resemble ancient "loaves" of bread. The second portion of this passage repeats for the sake of emphasis the essential wisdom of the first part. These expressions are actually a form of Hebrew poetry in which there is a rhyme of thought rather than of syllables. Another example is in Matt. 7:2.

Verse 11
If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Note the contrast between "know how to give" and "give." Although God is like man in man's highest and best capacity, he is also far better than man. Men, taught by the deepest instincts, and carrying within themselves footprints of the Eternal, indeed know how to do good but do not always do it. God, on the other hand, will surely do that which is right.

Verse 12
All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do ye also unto them: for this is the law and the prophets.

This is the Golden Rule. Since it is in this place connected with our Lord's teaching on prayer, the observance of this principle, therefore, becomes one of the conditions of acceptable prayer, along with a forgiving heart, importunity, and general submissiveness to the Father's will. There have been countless parodies on this. Westcott said, "Do unto the other feller the way he'd like to do unto you, an' do it fust!" F6 Mead has another, "Do unto others as they would do unto you if they had a chance." F7 Still, this verse haunts the human race; and, now and then, some wise man has caught a glimpse of its true importance. Millikan listed the idea of the Golden Rule first among those ideas that "stand out above all others in the influence they have exerted upon and are destined to exert upon the development of the human race." F8 Kossuth declared, "The era of Christianity - peace, brotherhood, the Golden Rule as applied to governmental matters - is yet to come, and when it comes, then and then only, will the future of nations be sure." F9

Verses 13, 14
Enter ye in by the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many are they that enter in thereby. For narrow is the gate, and straitened the way, that leadeth unto life, and few are they that find it.

The relative number of the saved and the lost is plain from this. They shall be as the few to the many. This eternally recurring contrast between the numbers of the saved and the lost with reference to each succeeding generation should not be discouraging. Wheat does not grow grain all the way to the ground but only in the ear. Although salvation is obtainable and available for all who truly desire it, the plain fact is that the majority in all generations will despise it. And, of wheat, it will be remembered that Christ himself used this grain as a figure of the saved and lost in Matthew 3:12. The relative number of redeemed souls in any generation is not the scale by which God's success may be measured. God will keep on saving men until the "fullness" of his purpose is achieved (Romans 11:25).

The term "narrow" is meaningful. Truth can be no other way than narrow, as attested in any field of knowledge whatsoever. A radio band width may be moved almost imperceptibly to tune out a dance orchestra in New York City and tune in a political rally in Southern California. Changing a chemical formula by the narrowest degree possible can profoundly alter a compound. The relation of the diameter to the circumference of a circle is so "narrow" that man's mathematical vocabulary is not precise enough to define it, so it is approximated at 1 to 3.14159+. The velocity required to place a satellite in orbit is precisely 17,500 miles per hour. Why should it seem strange, then, that entering eternal life should be any other way than by the "narrow gate"? The narrowness consists of the restrictions, disciplines, and requirements throughout the whole area of Christian living. Such things as self-denial, forgiveness of others, monogamy, meekness, renunciation of the pursuit of wealth as the chief end of life, and countless other basic scriptural principles are opposed to the natural man whose baser instincts propel him constantly in the direction of the wide gate and the broad way. Only those who are truly spiritual, who have set their minds upon the things in heaven, shall enter and negotiate the straitened way that leads to life; and yet, "Whosoever will may come!"

Verses 15, 16
Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. By their fruits ye shall know them.

This warning naturally flows out of what Jesus had just said. The broad way will have its advocates, false teachers, who will attempt to widen the narrow way and breach the strait gate. This passage suggests the great apostasy which is elaborated in the following New Testament passages: Acts 20:29-31; 2 Corinthians 11:1-3; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; 1 Timothy 4:1-5; 2 Timothy 3:1-8; 4:1-5; 2 Peter 2:1-3; 3:1-7; and Rev. 17 and Rev. 18. It is essential that Christians recognize false teachers or prophets, as they are called here.

By their fruits ye shall know them.
To be effective in deceiving God's people, it is essential that false teachers be disguised, hence the "sheep's clothing." This means that the church itself shall be the theater of operations for these destructive teachers. They will appear as ministers, officers, and advocates of religion. The one sure test is their fruits. That which sows discord, divides, debilitates, hinders, or thwarts in any way the true spiritual family of God is to be rejected. The great test is the false teacher's attitude toward Christ. Those who question his authority or go beyond his word are clearly of the evil one. The only proper way in which this admonition can be heeded is for the Lord's sheep to know the Shepherd's voice, that is, they must know his word and doctrine. The remainder of the Sermon on the Mount is devoted to those things which will enable the child of God to distinguish between true and false teachers of religion.

Verses 17, 18
Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but the corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Therefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

This teaching pertains primarily to the identification of false teachers whose true character is inevitably exposed by the results of their efforts. However cloaked with specious piety, however influential through personal charm, however marked by brilliant intellect or high educational attainment, or however distinguished in any other manner, false teachers are not to be trusted above the word of Christ. The teacher that divides and scatters the flock must be rejected. Evil fruits, or results, constitute certain and unmistakable identification with the "wolves" Jesus mentioned here.

Verse 21
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven.

False teachers are clearly religious persons, crying, "Lord, Lord." Their failure is not that of inactivity but indulgence in the wrong activity. They not only deceive but are themselves deceived, as appears in what follows. Their grand error is in doing their own will instead of Christ's.

Verse 22
Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name cast out demons, and by thy name do many mighty works?

The fact that "many" such persons exist identifies them as followers of the broad way. The religious nature of their errors is emphasized by their prophesying, casting out demons, and doing many mighty works in Christ's name. What was wrong with all this? They did those mighty works in Christ's name but without his authority or sanction. No one can doubt that this is exactly the situation with reference to the vast majority of religious actions today practiced in the world. They are done in Jesus' name, but not by his authority. This means, simply, that the things done were not commanded by Christ. What is the projected result of such conduct? See next verse.

Verse 23
And they will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

In Matt. 7:22, above, "that day" obviously refers to the judgment; and in this verse Christ claims for himself the right to consign men to banishment from his holy presence. The entire tone and tenor of this sermon is predicated on the assumption that Christ is God. Language of the kind recorded here would be the utmost nonsense if this is not his claim. Biederwolf said, "A man who can read the New Testament and not see that Christ claims to be more than a man, can look all over the sky at high noon on a cloudless day and not see the sun." F10

This verse contains, without doubt, one of the most terrible thoughts in the Scriptures. Many souls shall diligently serve God and do many mighty things in his name, only to discover at last that they have never really served him at all. This blessed warning from Christ should stop every man short and suddenly until he is sure beyond all possibility of deception that he is truly doing Christ's will. The final and climactic paragraph of the Sermon on the Mount lays down the true guidelines for souls truly desirous of knowing what is the will of God.

Verse 24
Every one therefore that heareth these words of mine, and doeth them, shall be likened unto a wise man, who built his house upon the rock.

The key to everlasting life is in Jesus' saying, "these words of mine!" Throughout the New Testament, the final, ultimate and exclusive authority in true religion is the word spoken by Christ. Jesus commanded the church to teach "whatsoever I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20). He declared that the words he spoke would judge men at the last day (John 12:48). The true religion was "first spoken" by Christ (Hebrews 2:3). "Whosoever goeth onward and abideth not in the teaching of Christ, hath not God (2 John 1:9). Apostles warned that men ought to learn how "not to go beyond the things which are written" (1 Corinthians 4:6). "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly" (Colossians 3:16), Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" (Matthew 24:35). The most important fact to know with reference to Christianity is that it is "of Christ"! Not even the apostles were commissioned to go beyond the word of Christ. Even the reception of the Holy Spirit in their hearts was not for the purpose of imparting additional truth but for bringing to their remembrance the things Christ taught (John 14:26). The current notion that any man in whom the Holy Spirit is supposed to dwell may properly determine the true nature and content of Christian doctrine is emphatically denied in the affirmation of Christ that, even in the apostles, the Holy Spirit did not speak "of himself." "For he shall not speak from himself; but what things soever he shall hear, these shall he speak ... for he shall take of mine, and shall declare it unto you" (John 16:13-15).

Wise man who built his house upon the rock.
The "rock" is nothing more nor less than "these words of mine," namely, the words of Christ.

Verse 25
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon the rock.

Rains, floods, and winds, in this place, suggest oppositions from above, beneath, and all around. The stability of the wise man's house was due to the fact that it was built, not upon "a rock," but upon "THE rock"! Only the life founded upon and guided by the principles of Christ shall stand. His teaching is the rock; all else is shifting sand.

Verses 26, 27
And everyone that heareth these words of mine, and doeth them not, shalt be likened unto a foolish man, who built his house upon the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew, and smote upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall thereof.

All this is a recapitulation, in the negative, of what was said immediately before. The focus of attention here should be upon the revelation of what the true rock actually is, namely, the words or teachings of Christ. This is the point so many seem to miss.

Verses 28, 29
And it came to pass when Jesus had finished these words, the multitudes were astonished at his teaching: for he taught them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.

The significance of this great sermon was not lost upon those who first heard it. They understood, although probably not all of them believed, that Jesus in this magnificent discourse laid claim to authority surpassing that of: (1) the scribes, (2) the Decalogue, (3) Moses, (4) the Holy Scriptures, and (5) all earthly and human authorities. The truly perceptive must surely have detected the advance indications that here indeed was THE MESSIAH.

Footnotes for Matthew 7
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Source: Courtesy: (* *)

(Scriptural References and Sources Part One:)

References to keep in mind when dealing with this particular website. Attempting to go after some people like this without the proper knowledge first hand, is not just stupid...its moronic. So get the sword and shields ready. Battle calls.

JOHN 7:14: "Judge not according to appearance, but judge
righteous judgment."

LUKE 12:57: "Yea, and why not even of yourselves judge ye not what
is right?"

PSALM 37:30: "The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and
his tongue talketh of judgment."

PROVERBS 31:9: "Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the
cause of the poor and needy."

LUKE 17:3: "Take heed... If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke
him; and if he repent, forgive him."

LEVITICUS 19:15-17: "Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment:
thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honour the
person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy
neighbor. Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among
thy people: neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy
neighbor: I am the Lord. Thou shalt not hate thy brother in
thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not
suffer sin upon him."

EZEKIEL 22:2 & 23:36: "Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt
thou judge the bloody city? Yea, thou shalt show her all her
abominations... The Lord said moreover unto me, Son of man, wilt
thou judge Aholah and Aholibah? Yea, declare unto them their

ISAIAH 58:1: "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet,
and shew My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob
their sins."

MATTHEW 3:2,7: John the Baptist preaching, "Repent ye: for the
kingdom of heaven is at hand. But when he saw many of the
Pharisees and Sadducee's come to his baptism, he said unto them, O
generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the
wrath to come?"

MATTHEW 23: Jesus publicly rebuked the hypocrites, "Woe unto
you... hypocrites! blind guides...fools...full of extortion and
excess...whited sepulchers...full of hypocrisy and iniquity...Woe
unto you...Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape
the damnation of hell?"

ACTS 7:51: Deacon Stephen said to the mob that ended up stoning
him, "Ye stiff necked and uncircumcised in hearts and ears, ye do
always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye." (Read
the whole chapter - No fear-of-man patty cake here!)

ACTS 13:10: The Apostle Paul says to a man who hindered the
Gospel, "O full of all subtlety and all mischief, thou child of the
devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to
pervert the right ways of the Lord?"

ACTS 8:20-23: Here the Apostle Peter severely rebukes a baby
Christian who commits one sin: "Thy money perish with thee... Thy
heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this
thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine
heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the
gall of bitter-ness, and in the bond of iniquity."

I CORINTHIANS 2:15; 6:2-3: "He that is spiritual judgeth all things...
Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the
world be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest
matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? How much
more things that pertain to this life?"

JOHN 3:18-19: "He that believeth on Him (JESUS) is not condemned:
but he that believeth not is condemned already,because he hath
not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And
this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and
men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were

JOHN 12:48: JESUS CHRIST said, "He that rejecteth Me, and receiveth
not My words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have
spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day."

Operation Megiddo and Operation Shadow Wall:
Thesis title-

"The World in Two Years."
Obama is trying to create an Empire. Literally. He is rebuilding Rome in a day. He is conquering us from the inside. Its not just a power grab anymore. Obama controls housing, cars, insurance, and banks. He owns the White House, the Congress and both houses of the Senate. Since he controls Government caps on corporate spending and pay he can control the earnings. By commandeering these industries and handing them to the Unions, which he also controls, he then controls a high majority of jobs. If he controls jobs, he controls earnings. If he controls earnings, he controls the people. Taking these companies and giving them to the Unions is one step.

Control of housing and transportation is in the works creating a monopoly of financial and political powers. (Amtrak, Car companies, and soon airlines.) (Crude Oil and Gasoline fits here.) Consolidating and controlling "consumer goods" he then Integrates new technology, by testing various scenarios that lead to riots, and Martial Law. A form of control that will "force" Americans to buy engineered food by making it unfordable. Mad Cow Disease and many others will cause food shortages and foreign exports to nearly stop altogether. All the various flu's and things people and animals get prior to and up until Obama came to power were all tests. Tests to see the reactions of the people and the world. AS well as the Georgian Invasion, super high gas prices and the like. The price of crude will go up and down which will regulate another form of control by "giving" money to "science" for genetic food, fuel efficient cars, and planes for Airlines. Its the same idea with the Car Industry and Health care. By driving the prices to the moon, people have no choice but to rely on Government food, health care, and transportation. When He controls the highest court in the land the political power of the USA IS consolidated. Its game over.

Checks and balances will cease to exist; The Constitution almost is rendered obsolete. Unaccounted for money is going to the Amero and an American Union. killing the constitution permanently. Driving the dollar into a hole, he is preparing for a one world monetary system which will be all digital, or will become so. Considering a world government, a world religion and a one world money system based on implanted microchips will be their "ANSWERS" to all of America's woes. Not to mention the globe. The war we're fighting is a losing one.

Thesis Part ONE -- Questionnaire. (Even if that memo wasn't real -- it does fit. Strange how that works out.)

1) What do you get if you combine the Model of Empire of the Ancient Romans, and the Model of Empire of Nazi Germany and Hitler?
2) If you wanted to render the Constitution Of the United States of America useless, how would you do it?

Think Long term from the point of view of the past rather than the future..

3) If you wanted to conquer the United States of America, without using force--( Nukes, Bio Weapons, High Tech Satellites, Hackers and the like)--(No Troops, Tanks, planes, ships etc. *No Beach-head style invasion*) how would you do it? This one is tricky. But not too terribly tricky.

4) How would you consolidate the power of Government in the USA into one single power? Think huge on this one. World Wide scale. This is the trickiest one. The answers are not as obvious as you might think, so take your time.

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