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The Republican Party has officially morphed, a new political conservative paradigm is emerging.

Evidence for morphing is exhibit 1, the two former George Bush Presidents will NOT appear at Donald Trump's selection for President during the Republican National Convention.


`Is the Party Over for Bushism?

Patrick J. Buchanan July 19, 2016 at 6:57 am


Neither George W. Bush, the Republican Party nominee in 2000 and 2004, nor Jeb, the dethroned Prince of Wales, will be in Cleveland. Nor will John McCain or Mitt Romney, the last two nominees.

These former leaders would like it thought that high principle keeps them away from a GOP convention that would nominate Donald Trump. Petulance, however, must surely play a part. Bush Republicans feel unappreciated, and understandably so.

For Trump’s nomination represents not only a rejection of their legacy but a repudiation of much of post-Cold War party dogma.

America crossed a historic divide and entered a new era. Even should Trump lose, there is likely no going back.

Trump has attacked NAFTA, MFN for China and the South Korea trade deal as badly negotiated. But the problem lies not just in the treaties but in the economic philosophy upon which they were based.

Free-trade globalism was a crucial component of the New World Order, whose creation George H. W. Bush called the new great goal of U.S. foreign policy at the United Nations in October of 1991.

Bush II and Jeb are also free-trade zealots.

But when the American people discovered that the export of their factories and jobs to low-wage countries, and sinking salaries, were the going price of globalism, they rebelled, turned to Trump, and voted for him to put America first again.

Does anyone think that if Trump loses, we are going back to Davos-Dubai ideology, and Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership is our future? Even Hillary Clinton has gotten the message and dumped TPP.

Economic nationalism is the future.

The only remaining question is how many trade deficits shall America endure, and how many defeats shall the Republican Party suffer, before it formally renounces the free-trade fanaticism that has held it in thrall.

The Bush idea of remaking America into a more ethnically, culturally, diverse nation through mass immigration, rooted in an egalitarian ideology, also appears to be yesterday’s enthusiasm.

With Republicans backing Trump’s call, after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, and the massacres in Paris, Nice and the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida, diversity seems to be less celebrated.

Here, the Europeans are ahead of us. Border posts are being re-established across the continent. Behind the British decision to quit the EU, was resistance to more immigration from the Islamic world and Eastern Europe.

On Sunday, French President Francois Hollande was booed at memorial services in Nice for the hundreds massacred and maimed by a madman whose family roots were in the old French colony of Tunisia.

Marine Le Pen of the National Front, who wants to halt immigration and quit the EU, is running far ahead of Hollande in the polls for next year’s elections.

As for the foreign policies associated with the Bushes, the New World Order of Bush I and the crusade for global democracy of Bush II “to end tyranny in our world” are seen as utopian.

Most Republicans ask: How have all these interventions and wars improved our lives or our world?

With 6,000 U.S. dead, 40,000 wounded, and trillions of dollars sunk, the Taliban is not defeated in Afghanistan. Al-Qaida and ISIS have outposts in a dozen countries. Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen are bleeding and disintegrating. Turkey appears headed for an Islamist and dictatorial future. The Middle East appears consumed in flames.

Yet, despite Trump’s renunciation of Bush war policies, and broad support to talk to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the neocons, who engineered many of the disasters in the Middle East, and their hawkish allies, seem to be getting their way for a new Cold War.

They are cheering the deployment of four battalions of NATO troops to the Baltic states and Poland, calling for bringing Sweden and Finland into NATO, pushing for sending weapons to Ukraine, and urging a buildup on the Black Sea as well as the Baltic Sea.

They want to scuttle the Iranian nuclear deal and have the U.S. Navy confront China to support the rival claims of Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia to rocks and reefs in the South China Sea, some of which are under water at high tide.

Who represents the future of the GOP?

On trade and immigration, the returns are in. Should the GOP go back to globalism, amnesty or open borders, it will sunder itself and have no future.

And if the party is perceived as offering America endless wars in the Middle East and constant confrontations with the great nuclear powers, Russia and China, over specks of land or islets having nothing to do with the vital interests of the United States, then it will see its anti-interventionist wing sheared off.

At issue in the battle between the Party of Bush and Party of Trump: Will we make America safe again, and great again? Or are globalism, amnesty, and endless interventions our future?

Do we put the world first, or America First?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.” To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at



A political party change this significant would usually guarantee the opposition party a free win.

The case in 2016, where the grass roots brand of conservatism has decided to get the hell out of the group of Republicans who have shown for over 12 years that they do NOT take their orders from those who elect them, is different.

Those grass roots conservatives have selected Donald Trump to fight the liberal progressive democrat machine.

The general consensus is, what do we have to lose? They weren't getting anything from the Republican Party. Boehner, McConnell, and now Ryan each have bracketed all their political moves in congress around legislation favorable for the democrats especially Obama.

So to those grass roots conservatives, Donald Trump  never having held public office before, takes up the cause of the average American.

Trump's chances are at least 50/50 since the democrats have shot themselves in the foot completing the 2008 deal where Hitllary was replaced with the Barrack, "Quid Pro Quo".

Hitllary is their 2016 candidate for president IF she doesn't suffer a fatal coughing spell with phlegm blocking her airway.








YAY!!! Hitllary!!!

G E T  O U T  ! ! !

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Comment by Patty on July 20, 2016 at 2:52am

I am not on twitter, but I go and watch what Dan Scavino Jr. posts. He worked for Trump for years and was one of the 4 original  people to get Trump the win. This is why I support Trump. See who he ALWAYS shakes hands first with when he gets off his plane - this is sincere not faked.He walks up to the policemen and shakes their hands sincerely and he's been doing this the whole campaign not just since Dallas.

Here he is thanking the tarmac crew - it's sincere and who he is- he cares about the every day person

look at how long he takes with these policemen - you can't fake that

Here's Trump standing on a chair and speaking to the overflow room that usually gets ignored

Here's Trump driving around his golf course with his granddaughter

Here he is waving goodbye to Ivanka and her husband

He's real. You can't put on a show with all this. Dan takes pictures that Trump doesn't even know are being taken. 

There's videos of an earlier rally where Trump gets off the plane and a VIP ( I forget who it was) is standing waiting to meet Trump and Trump totally ignores him and goes right to the police officers and talks to them. The VIP and people for the rally are waiting but Trump takes his time and talks to each and every officer and shakes their hands. I watched Trump at the Orlando rally and he talked to every single person in the rope line. He took a picture from a person, showed it to us and then talked to the person about it. He had people handing hats and stuff to sign back and forth and didn't rush off.My husband didn't like Trump either but now he's a huge supporter. He watched Trump go into a restaurant and was impressed as Trump even went back behind the counter to sincerely talk to and shake hands with the cook.  

The dirty little secret about Trump people - for the past year, we weren't angry as portrayed by the press. Yes we were mad at politicians and the establishment but everyone was happy working together. 

And now it's time for all of us to put aside the fight and differences of the primary. TOGETHER we win and take back America for our children and grandchildren. I think we can all agree that we want America to remain an independent, sovereign country and she's worth fighting for. United we stand, divided we fall.

Comment by Patty on July 20, 2016 at 1:33am


This is the video that impressed me. It's one minute and shows how Trump treats people without being asked to do so.

True Character | Donald Trump

And I don't know if you will hear it when Eric speaks tomorrow, but Eric established a foundation at age 22 that supports St. Jude Hospital. He, through his foundation, just built a $20 million ICU and surgical center for St. Jude Hospital that provides free care. He uses his dad's golf courses and vineyard for charity events for the foundation. 

Comment by Kathryn Ball on July 19, 2016 at 11:28pm

Thanks for posting this, Philip.

Although very doubtful about Trump, the GOP Convention is making a believer out of me. The issues most important to me are being addressed and Donald Trump Jr was incredible tonight, Mellania was superb last evening.....imagine getting up in front of the ENTIRE country and delivering a speech in her FIFTH LANGUAGE!!!!! Most people would have stumbled all over in their NATIVE language.

Ben Carson was short and very SWEET........

As for the previous candidates, Romney, McCain, Bush, Kasich.....their absence shows them to be PISSY, SORE LOOSERS!!!!!

I'm actually starting to believe that this flashy developer might be the start of reestablishing this incredible country........................

Thank you, again!!!






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