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Swallowing the Camel

The President and Executive Orders 

We currently have a president who thinks he can run the country on Executive Orders.  After all, he has a pen and a phone.  What does he need the Congress for?  Much to his surprise, since he is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar (bafaw!), I guess he forgot to consider one tiny little fact:  He has no authority, even via executive order, to make laws.  Nor can he change them at will, regardless of his pen and his phone.  That being said, what does that mean for the citizens of this country?  Simply this:  We do not have to obey any of them! 

It amazes, me, but then again, perhaps not, considering the god of this age blinds men to their follies, and to their sense of reason in order to accomplish his will.  2Cor. 4:4 “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe.”  That is why the scripture reads: “Therefore God gave them up to a reprobate mind.” Rom. 1:28 

If we listen closely to the things that are coming out of our not so wise news media today, we would see that even they have been blinded to the truth.  Moreover, our body of representatives has also been blinded to the truth.  Consider how many don’t even know, much less understand the Constitution.  If they did, they would know the real power that rests in their hands, and they would fix it!  Pronto!  However, there are so few of them that can be called even close to being God-fearing that it scares the daylights out of me; and it should you, too. 

Instead, we hear over and over again how 0bama blocks this and won’t pass that.  It reminds me of the saying in Scripture:  Matt. 23:24 “Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.  Perhaps if they turned to the Scriptures as they did when this country was first founded, they might find the answer.  I hope everyone is aware that when this country was first established that the convening body of Representatives and Senators sometimes spent two to three hours in prayer before they began their daily government business.  Can you just imagine what 0bama would do if he walked into the House or the Senate and found them all praying to the ONE TRUE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH?

This is not written to be glib.  This is written because it is fact!  We have strayed so far from God’s word, and his ways that we can’t even see what our way needs to be.  It needs to be a sincere repentance, and pleas to God for his gracious mercy.  Has any one of us considered that there is more power in God’s little toe than there is in all this huge universe?  Rather than asking for what you want, ask for God to send us his loving guidance.  Ask him to create within YOU – not your neighbor, not your friends, not your government, but within YOU a will of godliness.  And please don’t misconstrue that with asking that he makes you or us ‘push-overs’.  We were never intended to ‘push-overs’.  We were meant to stand up for what is right and good and honorable: not cower before evil.  Nor were we to tolerate evil.

If you recall, in every battle against sin and ungodliness, it is God who led the Israelites using faithful men who obeyed him!  He ordered the complete destruction of the Canaanites, men, women, and children.  It was later found that some of the Israelites did not do as God had decreed, and as a result, the Israelites turned to other gods, which led to the Israelites being taken into captivity for their sin.  

God will take care of this old world; there is no mistaking that fact.  But in the meantime, we need to be following the ways of righteousness, which, by the way, means ‘right living’.  Consider that the next time you have an altercation with a neighbor.  Consider that the next time you have a run-in with the law.  Consider that in your everyday life.   What kind of people are we, really?  Do we seriously fight for good, or are we lackadaisical in our obedience to God? 

Consider that the next time you’re told by this delinquent government to do that which is unlawful and contrary to the Constitution, and/or contrary to the laws of nature, and/or when he says we cannot worship the true God of Heaven.

Our forefathers would roll over in their graves if they saw what we are subjecting ourselves to and allowing this government to illegally impose upon us.  I wonder how many of you realize that some of the government offices 0bama instituted when he stepped into office (illegally, I might add) were not in accordance with the law?  Yet, we simply roll over and play dead as though none of this is ever going to affect us.  Guess again, people.   The more we accept and obey unrighteousness, the longer and harder it will be to get it back. 

So what can you do, you ask?  Good question.  I have already stated the obvious with the opening to this blog.  The second is to get involved with your community.  Find out who your senators and representatives are and call them, write to them, go personally and talk to them if you can.  But make it plain that you’re fed up with living under the thumb of a wannabe dictator.  Then look in the mirror and ask yourself: are you seeking truth, or are you settling for swallowing the camel?

As for 0bama’s treasons:




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