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Pigs to be destroyed in Michigan: Farmers to face felony charges for raising them.

Executive orders being followed to confiscate farmers' property anyone?  Although this comes from the State, is it any surprise it has started in the most dominant Muslim state?

3) LISTEN to the interview at:

4) SUPPORT the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund:

4) DONATE to help support the legal fees of the Baker family farm. Their website is at

5) DEMAND farm freedom in your area! No government has the right to tell us what food we can or cannot grow, eat or trade! It's as simple as that, and any government bureaucrat, tyrant or local dictator who thinks they can trample on your God-given right to choose what kind of food you wish to produce or consume is in desperate need of having a boot shoved deeply and forcefully up their rear ends.

Give tyrants the boot! Defend local farms. Even if you don't eat pork (I don't), this is still a farm freedom issue worth fighting for.

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Comment by Teresa Smith on March 27, 2012 at 12:45pm

Philip, I had offered, no begged for Andrew to come live with us, he fought a good fight, they are already lying. Maggie Bean (she is a reporter there) was there when the house blew. I contacted Henry Lamb, before this and Henry downloaded the city plan and he said it looks like they are deep into Agenda 21. Maggie and Henry are going to speak today....I want to thank you, as I agree he is our rallying cry. We must stand together and it is NOT a Republican or Democratic issue. They are all in on it. Money and power. There was and ex Mayor who knew the truth and many broght food to Andrew, He became a prisoner in his own home. When they jailed him his home and guns were stolen. He ended up broke. I talked to him everyday....It breaks my heart not to. If people only knew how Good he was. He went to the schools and taught kids how to hatch eggs. His chickens were murdered. Once again, thank you for seeing the truth about Andrew and his plight. People are making fun of him due to the propaganda being told. I wont rest until the truth and what they did comes out.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 27, 2012 at 12:34pm

I read the story Teresa. The people running Roswell will take no responsibility for harassing this patriot brother of ours.

The killing of a fellow citizen over chickens is a true tragedy, caused by a city council and local law enforcement gone berserk.

Andrew Wordes name should become a rallying cry for ALL Americans fighting against the over bearing governments.

Comment by Teresa Smith on March 27, 2012 at 11:55am

My dear friend Andrew Wordes blew up his home yesterday, after years of fighting over his acre of land in Georgia. He was known as the Roswell Chicken Man. He was the greatest man. He went broke fighting the city even though he had been Grandfathered in. They city flooded his property, come to find out the city is Knee deep into Agenda 21 and wanted his land for a green space. Andrew was broke, The Marshals came and he decided it was time. He had nothing left all his little chickens were poisoned. He gave his little Miricle pig away. He had made a plan, the city drove him to this. How many of us are next. I have spoken to Henry Lamb and the Newspaper reporter who was there yesteday, Maggie Bean we are going to fight this Agenda 21 for Andrew. I have been speaking on Agenda 21 and what it is and people back away and I lost a lot of friends because I seem extreme. No, Im not extreme the government is and I wont stop. Andrew has Gods ear now.






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