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Our time to beat Obama and the democrat machine is ending soon. We need to unite behind one leader to win the election

"Without Unity and a Defined Mission,
Victory is an Illusion!"

By Ron Ewart, President


Where our government sends them, they go, whether or not the government's mission is defined, the reason is a true national interest and the goal is victory.  They are well trained and have the best equipment that a wealthy nation can provide.  We ask them to risk it all for very little pay, potentially deadly working conditions and vague mission assignments.  As a fighting force, they are unmatched and can easily win victory after victory, if not held back by political correctness, or irrational foreign diplomacy.   No matter which branch of service, these men and women of our American military are in fact, the best of the best.
While we sit comfortably in our nice homes, drive around in our nice cars, shower every day, go out to dinner from time to time, enjoy vacations and the company of our friends and family, they are hunkered down in tents, or on the ground behind bunkers with weapons at the ready, or riding around in Humvees that are easy prey for improvised explosive devices (IED's), mortar fire, small arms fire, or rocket propelled grenades (RPG's).    Their lives bring great emphasis to the phrase, "live for today, for there may be no tomorrow."  Many have lost their tomorrows.
After enduring several tours in theater, some come back unscathed, some come back severely injured with permanent disabilities, some come back mentally traumatized, some come back with severe brain injuries that leave them but a shadow of their former selves and some come back in a flag-draped casket, never to fight or love again.  What we ask of them and their loved ones, who must bear the burden of their injuries or their loss, is great indeed. That their sacrifice, their burden and their loss may not be in vain, our purpose for sending them into harms way must be without question and with impeccable honor.
When they are victorious in a skirmish or a battle, which is almost always, they win because of intense training, a defined mission, absolute unity to the mission, proven strategies of engagement, the ability to react quickly to changing conditions on the battlefield and overwhelming fire power.
Now imagine for a moment, if you will, how their ability to win victory after victory would be effected if they had little to no training, their mission was ill defined, they ran undisciplined in every direction, they had no strategy of engagement, they could not react quickly to changing conditions and they were shooting in every direction?  In the ensuing chaos of the battle they would surely be wiped out by an aggressive, determined enemy.
Let us be clear.  American conservatives are facing an aggressive, determined enemy in the form of a fully entrenched ideology that is deeply embedded in the cultural mindset of tens of millions of Americans.  Their "soldiers" believe deeply in their cause and they consider conservatives a direct threat to that cause.  As we speak their "soldiers" are being trained to defeat conservatives on every front and they have a strong head start.  They have plenty of money, highly skilled trainers and many institutions that will carry their banners and their water for them.  The mainstream news media and academia come to mind.  They are fully prepared to use every dirty trick in the book to win, including propaganda, lying, demagoguing and name calling.  We've seen it all before.
Conservatives, as they are presently constituted, are ill equipped to engage the "soldiers" of progressivism.  They are running in every direction, they have no well defined mission, are hopelessly divided between conservative candidates and they are what Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus called ".... a multitude of men being dragged to the slaughter." 
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't just a battle against Obama and the Democrats, it is a battle against a false, anti-American ideology that if allowed to survive and grow, will not only destroy America's economy, financial stability and national sovereignty, it will destroy freedom itself.  It is well on its way.  America's Constitutional Republic is on the verge of being annihilated in front of our very eyes while we stand hopelessly divided over how to confront this entrenched and intransigent enemy.  If conservative "soldiers" remain so divided, they will fall to the onslaught, weapons and dirty tricks of this false ideology and their pitiful efforts to save the Republic will be for naught.
So let us be more specific.  The Republican primaries, although brutal and potentially damaging to the candidates, have produced a presumptive winner for the Presidential nominee to go up against Obama in the November general election.  The chances of that nominee being unseated at this point, is highly unlikely.  Those conservatives that cling to a Ron Paul win, or a possible third party candidate run, or a write-in candidate, can only be seen as working for Obama.  Those that won't vote because the presumptive nominee isn't "conservative" enough, are but unwitting shills for an Obama 2nd term.  Those conservatives that demand an absolute conservative platform, or nothing, will be labeled extremists and will only aid and abet Obama's re-election.  It took 100 years or more to get where we are today.  We aren't going to undo the damage overnight. 
These aren't suppositions or mere opinions these are in-escapable facts.  Conservatives either unite as one and become of one mind and one voice, even though some of their pet issues will not be addressed, or the progressives win and maybe win forever.
This is not a conventional shooting war where we can wipe out their leaders and take down their lieutenants in a strategy of hit and run.  The only way to win is to convince the hearts and minds of otherwise naive and misinformed Americans that the path they are on leads to ruin.  The only way we can convince those hearts and minds is when conservatives are united in their mission, their principles and their strategy for victory.  The only way conservatives can accomplish this is to either unite around a person or a symbol.  Since a charismatic person has not yet materialized to lead conservatives, we are strongly suggesting that conservatives unite around a symbol. 
Conservatives are not in a war zone as are our brave fighting men and women on foreign shores.  Our physical lives are not on the line.  We are in no danger of permanent disabilities, brain damage, or death.  To breath freedom back into America, all we have to do is to set aside our differences and become a unified fighting unit in the pursuit of American freedom and liberty.  At very little risk, all we have to do is to shout at the top of our lungs in one voice that we will not settle for anything less than freedom for all Americans.  We can demonstrate our union and our unity by propagating an image of freedom entitled "Conservatives United". 
The war we are waging is for the very survival of a free and prosperous America.  Can we as civilians, be any less brave in that war than those courageous men and women who fight for our freedom in foreign lands?  Can we not unite in our mission to save our Republic as our warriors unite in their mission to defeat our enemies?  Of course we can. Of course we MUST! Never before has a single man and the democrat party done so much damage to our nation pretending it's all been for our own good. They are the enemy of THAT there is no doubt.
 Ladies and gentlemen, conservatives without a defined mission, unity of purpose and a strategy to win, will be denied victory.  It is that simple.  However, "The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that conservatives will, in the year of our Lord 2012, unite around a symbol of freedom and the unification of all conservatives, in the interest of preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States and the liberty promised there from, so help them God!
Our symbol:

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