Some call it compromise.  Others call it a normal day in Washington, DC.

The practice of “I’ll vote for your bill if you’ll vote for mine” is as predictable in Washington as cherry blossoms.

Get ready for the mother of all compromise offers that President Barack Obama will quietly suggest as a great example of his willingness to meet Republicans “halfway”.

While the economy continues to be mired in the dumper, several distraction issues have been kept on the front burner – including gun control and immigration reform.  Only one of those two is winnable for Obama, but he’ll try to “compromise” his way to winning both.

Obama publicly promised Hispanics that he’d move quickly on immigration reform during his first week in office – in 2009.  Four years have slipped by and he hasn’t done anything to keep that promise.  And the Hispanic voting bloc is important, if not critical, to Democrats from coast to coast.  It will be even more-so next year.

With his lieutenants, like Senator Dianne Feinstein, doing all of the heavy lifting on gun control legislation, Obama has been planning his compromise to trade off that unwinnable project to Republicans who would then approve his immigration reform plans with only minimal obstruction on petty issues.

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