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Obamacare Will Alienate All Americans........
Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2009

Obama's healthcare bill, making its way through the Senate, will not confer any of its promised benefits on any Americans until 2013. But Americans will find themselves chafing at its restrictions and paying its taxes immediately after the law takes effect. That will begin in2010! Then, they will see no gain, but plenty of pain, for the next three years before any of it begins to take effect. Meanwhile all this money will come rolling in and someone in Congress will no doubt get the bright idea to use that money or borrow that money for some other purpose. Just like they have done with Social Security, Medicare, and numerous other funds which have never been paid back.

This odd juxtaposition of "suffer now, benefit later" is the by product of the administration's sleight of hand in specifying ten years worth of cuts and increased taxes in the legislation, but deferring its benefits for the first four years. By comparing six years of spending with ten years of taxing, it managed to appear deficit neutral under the rules of the Congressional Budget Office. In fact, the annual revenues fall far short of covering any single year's worth of spending, adding to the deficit for each of the last six years and over the next ten, but, viewing the decade as a whole, it appears deficit neutral. And that is how they sold this piece of garbage!

Yet the political price is hardly neutral. Democrats who misguidedly vote for this monstrosity will face immediate political repercussions. The harshest of these backlashes will come from the elderly who will go to visit their doctors and suddenly be told "no" when they ask for therapies or treatments. The rationing of medical care will start immediately on enactment and, one hopes, the outraged phone calls will start to descend on those whose votes enabled it.

The first "no" will hit the ten million elderly who now rely on Medicare Advantage to pay for the stuff care Medicare itself does not cover. In a payoff to AARP, Obama gutted this program in his bill, ending over $100 billion in federal premium subsidies. These ten million voters will get the grim news that their premiums are going up and their benefits will be dropping like a rock early in 2010. The goal, of course, is to force them to drop Medicare Advantage and sign up, instead, for Medigap insurance — offered, not coincidentally, by the AARP — which provides less coverage at a much higher cost. AARP will clean up on this deal! That was why John McCain said everyone should cut up their AARP cards, and he is right on this!

Young people without health insurance can expect to start writing $750 annual checks to Washington to pay the fines written into the bill. And, after the conference committee finishes its work, the fines will be even higher.

All Americans will soon find their insurance premiums rising as a result of the bill. The young, uninsured will not buy policies. Why should they? Why not just pay the $750 fines each year? Why pay between two percent and 10 percent of their household income before subsidies kick in? It makes no financial sense for anyone making more than $30,000 to pay for coverage. And most of those under that threshold will be covered by Medicaid, not by private insurance. If this all seems very confusing to you, don't feel bad. Even some of the best educated people have not been able to understand all of this mumbo jumbo. Congress and the President don't want you to be able to understand it.

There is no reason for the young to buy private insurance. The legislation requires that health insurers take all comers and not raise rates based on pre-existing conditions. So the young can get coverage when they need it, having only paid $750 per year beforehand. It is a wide open loophole for the young, if not outright discrimination against the elderly!

The difference in cost will, of course, be borne by families throughout America who will see their health insurance premiums increase by as much as 80 to 120%. President Obama and his Democratic rubber stamps may appreciate that they are not raising taxes on the middle class, just raising mandatory health insurance premiums, but the distinction is likely to be lost on swing voters. An increase in costs that are made mandatory is bad at a time like this no matter what name you hang on it.
For the first time in history you will be mandated to buy a product from a private company and if you refuse, you will be fined or possibly sent to jail! So much for a free America! With this legislation it is all over!

From now on, any increase in health insurance premiums will become the political responsibility of the Obama administration. As Gen. Colin Powell once said of Iraq, "You break it. You own it." Since these premiums have been rising by an average of 10% per year for more than the past decade, this is a legacy most politicians would sensibly avoid if they could. But you can bet in 2012 Obama will be back on the campaign trail (he has never really gotten off of it) and he will be expecting people to give him another term. I say, over my dead body!

Any Democrats or even Republicans who had the slightest thing to do with this largest rip off off the American People in history instantly have a huge target on their backs. And that is how it should be!

Want to keep an eye on what Congress and the Senate are up to? This link will take you to a tracking website where you can find out what's going on. How it was done and who did it.

Thanks to Preston Miller, for sharing the above post content.

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