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Obama And Reid Accused Of Multiple Felonies

December 21, 2009
By Tom Barrett

Today I watched in sadness as respected US Senators accused the President of the United States and the Senate Majority Leader of the federal crimes of vote-buying and the bribery of public officials. This was no political stunt. It was deadly serious. And it did not involve a relatively minor amount of money, such as the $90,000 cash discovered by the FBI in Louisiana Democrat Congressman William Jefferson’s freezer. This involved billions of dollars of public money used to purchase the votes of US Senators in favor of the Senate’s health care “reform” bill.

As I write this, it is just a few days before Christmas. Normally I would be writing something much more fitting for the season. If you are looking for a Christmas article from me, please see my Christmas 2008 article, Where’s The Peace?, or my 2007 offering, The Christmas Spirit. I would much rather be writing in that vein today. But unfortunately we are faced with a serious national emergency. We have a president and a very liberal majority in the Congress who are willing to do anything (including breaking the law) to pass what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calls, “This 2,100 page monstrosity.”

You may well ask, “If they are breaking the law, why haven’t they been arrested?” Well, considering that Obama controls the Justice Department and both Houses of Congress, the two logical options to deal with his criminal behavior and Reid’s (impeachment and/or criminal action) are both futile. But I will lay the facts out for you, and let you decide if they are guilty of bribery or not.

I could easily give you a dozen examples, but let’s just look at the three most glaring cases. The infuriating thing about all three is the pure arrogance displayed by these crooked politicians. They are just like a crooked cop shaking down the people he is supposed to protect. When he is challenged, the cop replies, “I’ve got a badge and a gun; who’s going to stop me?”

First, Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont pretended that he was going to vote against the bill because it didn’t force every American into a European-style government-run health insurance plan. I say “pretended” because he knew (as all the Liberals do) that this was not going to happen this time around. Democrat Senator Harkin recently intoned, “To my Progressive friends, we’re not building a mansion; we’re building a starter home.” I’m sure Stalin reassured his followers with similar thoughts at the beginning of his reign of terror. At any rate, Bernie was able to string Harry Reid out long enough to get $10 Billion extra padded into the bill for his tiny state.

Second, Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu got $300 Million for her vote in what was immediately called by the media “The New Louisiana Purchase.” And Landrieu made no bones about the fact that her vote had been bought. She said she was “proud” that she had gotten extra Medicaid funds for her state. But (and here’s where the dumb blonde stereotypes come from), she claimed in the same statement that: (1) Her payoff wouldn’t add to the cost of the bill; and (2) Accepting the $300 Million didn’t mean that she was necessarily going to vote for the bill. Huh? I know it’s hard to believe, so see the LINK below (Mary Landrieu - $300 Million and She’s Yours) and hear her utter her stupid words herself.

Third (the worst case) is Democrat Senator Bill Nelson of Nebraska, the amount of whose bribe cannot be calculated because it goes on forever. In exchange for his vote, the “federal government” will forever pick up 100% of his state’s tab for the bill’s huge expansion of Medicaid. What the bill fails to mention is that this is a huge federal Ponzi scheme, because the “federal government” is the other 49 states which will have to pay Nebraska’s share of Medicaid, which will amount to Billions of dollars over the years. Bernie Madoff got 150 years for his Ponzi scheme, which was puny by comparison. Obama & Reid should get 1,000 years each at hard labor.

Bill DeMint is fast becoming my hero for being one of the few Republicans who is not afraid to talk straight these days. He stated on Saturday that for the last three weeks Reid has had Republicans debating a fake bill until he introduced the so-called “Reid Amendment” that contained the real bill. Reid is forcing a vote on this in two days.

This means that the Senate will be voting on a bill that only Reid and a handful of co-conspirators have read. The vote will be called in the middle of the night on a weekend during Christmas week, when Obama and Reid hope that most Americans won’t notice.

But Americans aren’t as stupid as these corrupt politicians believe. We’re watching, and they’re going to pay the price at the polls next year. Over sixty percent of Americans are dead-set against the Democrats so-called healthcare “reform” bill, which does nothing to reform health care.

If Democrats really wanted to reform health care they would go after Medicare and Medicaid fraud, which eats up a huge percentage of the total cost of these programs. But doing that would put too many politicians in jail. Or they could limit the monstrous, ridiculous fees (one-third or more) that trial lawyers charge in medical malpractice cases. But that wouldn’t work – trial lawyers are the biggest contributors to Democrat campaigns year after year.

Congress has passed health care bills in the past, with bi-partisan majorities of up to 80 votes. So why are Obama and Reid rushing to pass this Trillion dollar-plus outrage in the dark of the night? Why have they threatened and bribed their own Party members to vote for it, when they know it will mean some of them will be defeated in the next elections as a result of voting for it?

It’s clear that this bill really has nothing to do with health care, and has everything to do with control. This bill will impact one sixth of our economy. It will put big government in charge of our lives in ways few of us can imagine. And, just in case you haven’t discerned this by now, Obama lusts after control more than anything in the world.

And this is why I have devoted my last issue of the year, what should have been my Christmas article, to this subject. If by some chance the Loyal Opposition is able to hold off the planned 1:00 AM vote on Monday, please take the time to call your Senator. If he (or she) is a patriot and plans to vote against this, thank him. If he is a traitor, assure him that you will do everything in your power to see that he never sets foot in the Senate again.


The Reid Amendment: Sweetheart Deals and Interstate Welfare

VIDEO: Mary Landrieu - $300 Million and She’s Yours -

TIME.COM: What a 60th Vote Costs

Thanks to RJ, founder of Paul Revere's Riders, for sharing his original post on December 23, 2009 at 8:21pm.

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