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More Tweets Regarding The Demise Of Bin Ladin

Kind of tells you what a person is made of if they hold a pity party in regards to how Bin Ladin was mistreated during his elimination. The person raising these concerns is the very same extreme Reconstructionist that any other time thinks Glenn Beck should be executed as a "false prophet" along with Sabbath violators.


Borrowing from the advocates of infantacide, if you don't want to see Bin Ladin's death photos, DON'T LOOK AT THEM!


Bin Laden was given 40 minute funeral ceremony. That's more of a warning than the victims of 9/11 got.


If Bin Ladin was worthy of an Islamic funeral at the expense of the U.S. Navy, why weren't his minions slain at the compound also worthy of such and left to rot in the Third World sun?


If Bin Laden's death pictures might not be released because it might be inflammatory, should we forbid women from walking about in anything other than a trash bag over their heads since Muslims find that inflammatory as well?


Actually, unless Pakistan wants to be considered a terrorist nation, we did them a favor by removing Osama Bin Ladin from their territory. They were obviously unable to do so themselves.


Terrorism is not averted by catering to the enemy as much as possible. It is averted by creating the impression that, should the enemy try something, you will kill far more of their people than they will of your people.


Even if the video of the Bin Ladin funeral is released, how do we know it is Bin Ladin being lowered into the water? It could just as easily be Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, or even the Lindberg baby.


The victims on 9/11 weren't armed either.


If Bin Ladin was so innocent in regards to the 9/11 tragedy, why didn't he use his media outreach over all these years to convince the world that he was in no way connected to these events?


Guess those thinking Bin Ladin should have been brought to trial instead would also send his brats Prison Fellowship angel tree gift packages as well.


Most of those all in a moral jumble over the Bin Ladin elimination often don't have a grasp on terrorism's true nature. Most can't expand there imaginations enough to perceive of Bin Ladin as anything different than the cab driver down the street.


If Bin Ladin had to be quickly buried to avoid upheaval, then we don't need to hear added details as to whether he was armed or not. All we need to hear is that the SOB is now in Hell. That's all the details we need if everything else is to be so hushed over.


Jay Carney is no Tony Snow. He certainly doesn't typify his last name which brings to mind at least an enthusiastic and charismatic brand of hucksterism.


As in regards to the way a number of molecular biologists met mysterious ends around the time of the anthrax attacks, wonder how long until those onboard the vessel from which Bin Laden was supposedly disposed of start dropping in bizarre accidents or unexpected diseases.


Trashpile nations and groups don't care a flip about Americans. It is about time Americans stopped giving a flip about the trashpile foreigners. Bin Ladin got far more humane treatment than he ever deserved or ever extended to his victims.


Contrary to Rush Limbaugh, just because elite military special operations commandos don't demand pensions and retirements it in no way follows the rest of us shouldn't. Perhaps he should point out how he himself makes far more that those enlisted in elite special forces. Is this going to become a new version of how parents use to hold it over children's heads when youngsters didn't want to eat something about starving kids in Africa or China.


If DNA wasn't good enough to convict OJ Simpson, why should some lab report convince us that it was Bin Ladin laying (at least for 5 minutes) on some mortuary slab.


So when the government kills Christian fugitives, are they put to rest quickly or stuffed in the morgue freezer indefinitely?


The existence of the First Amendment is inflammatory. Should we abolish it all together to placate the Islamists?


Since Islamic cultures discount the testimony of women, aren't we obligated to honor their culture and ignore Bin Ladin's daughter's account of events.


Obama said we don't need to spike the football. But who was it that had to reconstruct the temple of Zeus at Pergamum for his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention.


If Judge Napolitano is opposed to the Bin Ladin elimination, perhaps he's not fit to be Glenn Beck's replacement after all. If Bin Laden had been a Christian, would the naval chaplain been allowed to end the prayer in the name of Christ? According to some interpretations of naval regulations, that is not permitted?


Actually, Bin Ladin's people did put pictures of American bodies on the Internet. And unlike how their kind would react, we did not riot. By default, that means our civilization (contrary to the multicultralists) is inherently superior to theirs.


If the media is to harp on the discomfort of waterboarding, how about a detailed forensic analysis of how it feels to be incinerated as a jetliner hits a skyscraper if your lucky or how it feels to have multiple floors to collapse down upon you?


If Bin Ladin was dead, why should the funeral service be translated into Arabic. Not like the manurebag could hear it.


If America does not have the spine to fly our flag over GITMO for fear of offending terrorists, it won't be long until the flag of the terrorists if flying all over the United States.


Makes you wonder if it is now wrong to celebrate the demise of the Axis hierarchy at the end of WWII.


All Obama has ever done is spike footballs. Does anyone else remember his turning back the rise of the oceans speech?


Bin Ladin's minion killed 20 in Iraqi. This will elicit less outrage from the American left than 2 bullets through Bin Ladin's head.


Perhaps Christian Reconstructionists so discombobulated over the Bin Ladin elimination should volunteer to go live in Islamic nations to defend them. See if you last more than two days. I bet it won’t be the U.S. military that ends up doing you in.


The Archbishop of Canterbury criticized the Bin Ladin elimination. Need I remind you that that was the man at the Royal Wedding whose gown was even more girliefied than the one worn by the actual bride?


The Daily Telegraph describes the Archbishop of Canterbury as a "mainstream religious leader". The man is a practicing Druid. No wonder the Muslims are about to take over Britain.


Bin Ladin and his wife hadn't left compound in nearly 5 years. That's about as often as you will get out of the house if Obama's transportation policies go into affect.


If we can't see photos of Bin Ladin's blown off head because it might generate sympathy for him, why in the name of Hades is there talk of releasing his home videos?


The Pentagon intends to release details of life inside of the Bin Ladin compound. Maybe they should couple that with stories of the lives ruined by Bin Ladin.


Before the final analysis, there will probably be some legalistic fanatic that gets all bent out of shape that Bin Ladin's death was announced on a Sunday.


It is estimated that American taxpayers spent nearly $3 trillion on the hunt for Bin Ladin. You'd think we would at least be owed the opportunity to glance at the polaroids.


by Frederick Meekins


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