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Key Republicans Accuse Obama of Duplicity in ACORN Cover-Up
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By: Sean Lengell,

House Republicans accused the Obama administration Tuesday of covering up gross criminal activities committed by the embattled community activist group ACORN, saying that the president has used the group as an illegal political tool to help himself and other Democrats get elected when they might not otherwise have made it.

"The current administration is fast becoming, in reality, the war room of ACORN's political machine," said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican. "I am concerned that the era of corruption promulgated by ACORN and protected by the White House is just the beginning."

The top Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said ACORN has engaged in "illegal, partisan activities designed to help individual Democratic members. ACORN claims to be a non partisan group which is what they must be in order to continue receiving government grants. I believe we can see now that they are strictly for the Democrats."

"This type of illegal activity goes from city councilmen to state assemblymen all the way up to President Barack Obama," he said.

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said Mr. Obama's past ties to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) will 'taint any conclusions' by any Justice Department probe into the group. He can and will cover up anything he does not want released to the public. It's just a sad state of affairs when the mainstream media is complacent with Obama on this matter and refuses to even cover the slightest bit of information on their news broadcasts about ACORN".

Mr. Issa and Mr. Smith made their remarks at a Capitol Hill forum on ACORN that they sponsored. The event was attended by a handful of House Republicans but no Democrats participated.

Congressional Democrats, while condemning many of ACORN's practices, see no illegal ties between the group and the White House. That has to be because they don't want to see any. There is plenty of very plain evidence to connect Obama to ACORN and it's illegal use of federal funding.

Many of the Republican lawmakers used the event to try to link the White House to ACORN - a group under intense scrutiny after hidden-camera videos showed its workers in several different cities advising a woman posing as a prostitute how to cheat on taxes and loan applications and even offering to help set up a phony business using under age girls imported from El Salvador. While this scenario was made up, the point is, these people didn't bat an eye at the plans of this young prostitute. That speaks volumes about the type of people ACORN uses and represents.

The liberal organization also has been accused of voter registration fraud that benefited Democratic candidates in at least 14 states so far.

Mr. Obama served as an ACORN lawyer during his years as a community organizer in Chicago but claims he has cut ties with the group since being elected as president.

"When this investigation is finally finished ... these roads following ACORN will lead right to the front door of the White House," said Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican.

Republicans have pressed the Justice Department and the FBI to conduct a comprehensive investigation of ACORN. They are upset that the Democrat-controlled Congress hasn't launched its own probe. The Democrats continue to do all they can to avoid an investigation.

Congress recently canceled federal funding to ACORN and its affiliated organizations. But the Justice Department released a memo last week concluding that the government should pay ACORN for contracts that were in place before Congress passed the law. ACORN continues to fight for funding which they claim is owed to them by the federal government.

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