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"Can Republicans Save The Republic?"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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Since the start of the Progressive movement in America, around the time of President Wilson, America has been pulled kicking and screaming towards the left's ideology of buying off the electorate in exchange for their votes, or buying off fat cats for their money, along with the failed policy of Keynesian economics.  The progressives have been enormously successful in the last 100 years of dividing America between those that grovel for every morsel the government can handout "for free", and those who get to pay for the "morsels".  The government has been exploiting class warfare every hour, of every day, of every month and of every year, year in and year out, since the start of the 20th Century ..... for their own gain. 
Tax-the-rich is all the mantra by the left, echoed by the 47% of Americans who pay no taxes, or who blindly follow the liberal cause in the hopes something will drop out of the government's "sky" ..... for them.  Making the rich pay their "fair share" sells well in the inner-city ghettoes and much of suburbia.  The fact is, the rich are already paying way more than their fair share as it is right now, to support an ever-expanding mindset that will gladly accept something for free without having to earn it, provided someone else gets to pay for it.  Here are the facts on who pays federal income taxes:
The top 1% of wage earners pay 38.02% of all federal income taxes.  The top 5% pay 58.72%.  The top 10% pay 69.94% (almost 70%) and the top 50% pay 97.3%.  We call these wage-earner statistics "way more than their fair share!"   (Source:   Meanwhile, the bottom 47% pay nothing and to add insult to injury, they get un-earned money from the government.   Who is Obama kidding, as if we didn't know!
America's progressive tax system flies in the face of the Equal Protection Clause contained in the 14th Amendment.  How is it anyone in their right mind can call, forcing 10% of the top wage earners in America to pay virtually 70% of all income taxes, as equal protection under the law?  If we had the fortune of being in the top 10%, you can bet that we would find anyway we could to pay as little taxes as possible, or find a way to hide a good portion of our income from the prying eyes of an insatiably ravenous IRS.  If we had to pay say $100,000 in taxes to the government, they would virtually waste at least 40% of that money ($40,000) on $16 muffins, $10 brownies, $700 hammers, un-deserving free loaders and God knows what else.
A liberal-infected government, for almost 100 years, has been unconstitutionally rewarding sloth and punishing achievement, to buy votes to remain in power.  For way too long, government has been in the evil game of picking winners and losers, using our tax money, at the expense of those who are forced by law to support the losers.  Is this a recipe for a nation to remain powerful, innovative and resourceful?  Hardly!  It is a recipe for weakness, mediocrity and institutionalized corruption.
President Obama's recent JOBS bill reeks of class warfare, as he panders to his shrinking base.  Fortunately, at least for now, Obama's bill isn't going anywhere in the House and has little chance in the Senate, as even many Democrats don't like it.  You don't suppose that Democrats are finally getting the message and are having to scramble to the "right" in order to keep their jobs at the next election?  Is Obama becoming persona non grata, even to Democrats?  Could the super-thin veneer of the Messiah be finally wearing off and exposing the con man underneath, after a plethora of mis-steps, mistakes and ineptitude?
Obama's follies aside, the real tragedy is a once-free people voluntarily surrendering their freedom for either a few pieces of silver, or political access to power.  It isn't government's fault that the people can be bought off so easily and have so little pride or self respect.
So even if Republicans on the whole, are all for saving the country from certain bankruptcy, the loss of freedom and the dissolution of America's sovereignty, just how mind you, are they going to overcome the expanding votes of the "have-nots" and the blind followers of a rapidly failing political ideology - liberalism, that threatens to destroy the greatest country on planet earth?  How indeed!
It should come as no surprise that Republicans are even divided amongst themselves.  It's bad enough that the Republican ranks are infiltrated with RINOS (Republicans-in-name-only) that test the political wind before they vote on any legislation, never mind the U. S. Constitution.  But even worse, there are the Olympia Snow Republican/socialists that vote half the time with Democrats. 
Amongst these aforementioned sort-of Republicans, we have the rising voice of the Tea Party that wants to kick butts and take names within the Republican party, in order to move the party towards the right in the hopes of saving our floundering Republic.  For their efforts to salvage what may end up being an unsalvageable nation, they are thrown to the wolves and called radicals, or worse, racists, bigots and Nazis ..... by both parties.
There are many that think America's only salvation will come from a third party.  They are dangerously wrong of course as third parties only become spoiler parties to the electorate that leans towards the Republican party, or the Democrat party.  Ross Perot sucked off a significant percentage of the Republican vote and we got William (blue dress) Clinton.  In contrast, Ralph Nader, a progressive political activist, has run as a presidential candidate for the Green Party and as an independent candidate for himself, each time sucking votes away from the Democrat party.  The unshakeable reality is, America is a two party nation.  For it to morph into a three-party nation, or replace one of the current political parties with a third party, is highly unlikely, well into the foreseeable future.
The task Republicans face, politicians and the electorate alike, to unwind the exorbitant taxes, regulations and policies of the liberal ideology, that have now been embedded in all of our institutions for these 100 years, including our public schools and colleges, is not only daunting, it may be virtually impossible without a paradigm shift in American thinking and way of living.  Let's just name 10 of the foreboding obstacles that menacingly lay in our path.
1.    How do you wean people off of Social Security, Medicaid and welfare, all social programs that are unsustainable?
2.    How do you unwind all of the millions of regulations, at all levels of government, that are killing jobs and robbing individuals and families of their freedom and property rights, not to mention their earnings.
3.    How do you repeal tens of thousands of environmental laws and bureaucratic rules that have all but eliminated constitutionally protected property rights?
4.    How do you return our public school system and colleges to one that conveys our true historical perspective and promotes our freedom, goodness and generosity?  In that regard, how are we going to keep Sharia Law and pandering to Muslims out of our schools and colleges?
5.    How do you unravel the institutions that have been set up around government fiscal policy, the Federal Reserve and the IRS?
6.    How do you break apart the intertwined connections of international financing and commerce that threaten our economy and our very sovereignty?
7.    How do you un-fund massive amounts of American taxpayer dollars from going overseas in the form of military and humanitarian aid, to countries who constantly vote or act against American interests in the United Nations and simply hate our guts, or suck up our dollars for the benefit of a narcissistic dictator or despot?
8.    How do you make the Executive and Legislative branches of government quit playing crony capitalism, or exterminate rampant corruption?
9.    How do you appoint justices to the U. S. Supreme Court and federal courts that will adjudicate law and legislation according to the true intent of the Founding Fathers when they drafted the Constitution?
10.  How do you stop the downhill slide towards one-world government?
Some will say, "..... well we need some of these things to "control" and regulate (take note of the word CONTROL) a complicated society of hundreds of millions of people."  This mindset is based on the idea that people need to be controlled and regulated, because they can't properly control themselves.  But if people cannot control themselves in a free society, then do they deserve to be free?  And if people have to be "controlled", who gets to be the controller?  As any normal, reasonable and prudent person can see, if a nation of people cannot control themselves with honor and integrity, what they could end up with is an Absolute Democrat Monarchy, a communist politburo, or a fascist dictator.
"The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that if the Republicans, believers in small, limited government, less regulation and low taxation, have any chance of restoring this Republic, they had better quit fighting amongst themselves, regain their unity, honor and integrity, religiously honor their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and start listening more closely to the Tea party people that want to, as quickly as possible, reverse the damage of what the progressive movement has done to this country over the last 100 years, knowing full well that it can't be done overnight. 
The other thing that Republicans had better do is to start convincing the believers in Liberalism that they are betting on policies that have a long-term historical path to abject failure (think Greece) and that the things they believe in or seek will all come crashing down if Liberalism prevails.
If the Republicans can do these things, then maybe, just maybe, America has a chance to survive as a free nation.

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Comment by Katy on September 26, 2011 at 1:23am
Just keep praying.    God always has a way to do  miraculous things.    They keep predicting the demise of the dollar, but it is rising as the Euro is sinking.    God confounds the so called wise , in their own crafitiness.
Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on September 24, 2011 at 9:40pm
You're right Rich, we can dream . . . . and for the moment, dreams aren't taxed . . . . yet.
Comment by Rich P on September 24, 2011 at 8:42pm
I have an idea and we will not have to elect anyone for the next 100 years, we just need to people oversee my plan. Just live the next 100 years in reverse from a legal, regulatory, spending and entitlement perspective. Just undo in the same but reverse timeline every single law ever written in the last 100 years. Every year we will spend less money, eventually entitlements will fall away, abortion will become illegal, silver and gold will once again back our currency, people will learn to become self reliant again, Social Security will disappear, we will enforce immigration and limit the numbers and finally the FED will be abolished in 90 some years. This regressive approach will happen so gradually that no one will really notice. Sort of like follow the trail of bread crumbs back out the way we came in. One can dream.






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