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It is now abundantly clear, The Liberal Progressive Democrat machine owns the United States of America

The Hitllary Clinton campaign shows us all the interconnected power levels via leaked emails and communications.

An "independent" Presidential candidate like Donald Trump has little chance, if any, to win an election. The system has been stacked against Trump.

Even though Trump runs as a "Republican", certain Republican power brokers are scheming against him. Even the last Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, stabbed Trump in the back.

Against all these odds how can Trump even think about a win?


WikiLeaks: State Dept Coordinated Email Release With Clinton Campaign

Daily Caller News Foundation


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The Department of State provided a detailed readout of official email traffic it was about to release in response to Freedom of Information Act requests to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The emails concerned speeches former President Bill Clinton gave abroad, and did not include any traffic from Hillary Clinton, according to new emails released by WikiLeaks.

“All — DOS is soon releasing another round of documents and email traffic (not hers) in response to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request on DOS’s process for reviewing WJC’s speaking engagements,” Heather Samuelson wrote March 17, 2015. Samuelson has been a Clinton aide since the early 2000s and served as White House liaison during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Maura Pally and Craig Minassian of the Clinton Foundation; Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton adviser; press secretary Nick Merrill; communications director Jennifer Palmieri; Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at State; and Tina Flournoy, President Clinton’s former chief of staff, are included on the email.

“It’s 116 pages with approx. 50 sponsor/subsponsor requests,” the email continues. “No objections by DOS in this batch, but some lengthy internal discussions among DOS officials that I highlighted below.”

The State Department advised that it is standard practice to share documents subject to FOIA requests with outside organizations, if those organizations have equities in the requested materials.

“The State Department does not comment on alleged leaked documents,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “But generally speaking, when processing documents for release through the Freedom of Information Act, it is standard practice for the State Department to refer documents to private companies and other outside organizations – including the Clinton Foundation – if the Department believes proprietary information may be contained in the documents.”

“Outside entities are routinely given a chance to review documents and provide input to the Department about proprietary information that may need to be protected from public release,” he added.

The email also includes several items flagged by department officials which may have been of interest to the Clinton campaign. This includes an invitation former President Clinton to speak at a climate change conference in Turkey, for which he would have been compensated by the Turkish government, and another speaking engagement paid for by the Canadian government. The former president declined the former invitation, but accepted the latter.

“Jen — happy to give you more background on prior releases since it’s your first go around,” Samuelson wrote to close out the email, in reference to Palmieri.

The revelation comes one day after The Daily Caller learned the Clinton campaign coordinated with the White House on talking points concerning the fallout surrounding Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.


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WIKILEAKS: Bill, Chelsea Office Stress Drove A Top Clinton Foundation Official Suicidal

Bill and Chelsea Clinton’s “office crap” nearly drove the Clinton Foundation’s chief operating officer to commit suicide in 2011, according to hacked emails released by WikiLeaks.



Daily Caller News Foundation

Inside James Comey’s Search For Hillary Clinton’s ‘Personal’ Emails

Photo of Edward Klein

Edward Klein
Author, 'Guilt As Sin' and 'Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas'
James Comey had that killer look in his eye again.

The FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s hazardous email practices had generated some 10,000 pages of reports and analysis—about two and a half million words, or the equivalent of four copies of “War and Peace”but the [FBI’s] Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch had contributed little to this mountain of evidence. So far, Comey’s cyber team had managed to retrieve only a fraction of the 31,000 “personal” emails that Hillary had wiped clean from her server in Chappaqua.

“It’s the one area of the bureau’s work that Comey thinks is subpar,” said a former Justice Department official who spoke with top FBI officials. “There have been times when the IT technicians have thrown up their hands in despair. Comey ordered the department reshuffled and doubled in size. But he’s found it hard to build an army in the middle of a battle.”

Clearly, someone on Hillary’s staff had gone to extraordinary lengths to make certain that the information wiped from the server would be virtually impossible for the FBI to retrieve.

“[Hillary] and her lawyers had those emails deleted, and they didn’t just push the delete button; they had them deleted where even God can’t read them,” said [Rep.] Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. “They were using something called BleachBit.” (A publicly available overwrite algorithm, BleachBit is used to securely erase the contents of computer hard drives to prevent recovery of files.) “You don’t use BleachBit for yoga emails or bridesmaids emails. When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.”

The most likely suspect was Bryan Pagliano, the IT specialist who helped set up Hillary’s private email server. When Trey Gowdy’s committee subpoenaed Pagliano and ordered him to testify

The most likely suspect was Bryan Pagliano, the IT specialist who helped set up Hillary’s private email server. When Trey Gowdy’s committee subpoenaed Pagliano and ordered him to testify about Hillary’s email server, he invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. Shortly thereafter, the Justice Department granted Pagliano immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for his testimony.

Pagliano kept Hillary’s computer security logs and knew who had access to her email system. He was aware that hackers in China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other countries had attempted to attack Hillary’s server. After one such attempt, Hillary’s system was shut down and her top aides were warned not to send “anything sensitive” to the secretary of state.

“After another suspicious attempt,” reported The Washington Times, “Mrs. Clinton said she was scared to open email—but failed to report the matter.”

Of all the hackers, the most infamous was Marcel Lehel Lazar, an out-of-work Romanian taxi cab driver who used the Internet moniker Guccifer—a combination of Gucci and Lucifer. Guccifer boasted that he had broken into several American computer accounts—those of the Bush family, Sidney Blumenthal, and Hillary Clinton. The FBI extradited Guccifer to the United States, where he pleaded guilty and gave jailhouse interviews to Fox News and other media outlets.

Guccifer said he had breached Hillary’s server and come across evidence that other hackers were also on her server.

“Jim wanted to track down more hackers wherever they were hiding, get them in custody and bring them back to federal penitentiaries where he could have them interrogated,” said a former Justice Department prosecutor. “If he could prove conclusively that hackers, working either on their own or for foreign governments, breached Hillary’s email server and acquired America’s most vital national secrets, he would have finally got what he’d been looking for all along—the smoking gun.”

A smoldering gun—if not a smoking one—turned up unexpectedly when Iran’s Justice Ministry announced that Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, had been found guilty of being an American spy and had been hanged for treason. Critics immediately blamed Amiri’s death on Hillary, who had discussed Amiri’s fate on her unsecure—and easily hackable—email system.

“I’m not going to comment on what [Amiri] may or may not have done for the United States government,” [Sen.] Tom Cotton, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said on “Face the Nation,” “but in the emails that were on Hillary Clinton’s private server, there were conversations among her senior advisers about this gentleman. That goes to show just how reckless and careless her decision was to put that kind of highly classified information on a private server. And I think her judgment is not suited to keep this country safe.”

Conservatives concurred with Cotton.

The Hitllary campaign is in FULL CONTROL of our White House, Secret Service, CIA, Department of Justice, FBI, State Department, IRS, EPA, and both houses of congress.

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Add to that a fraudulent election and voter fraud scheme paid for with billions of "lost" State Department dollars, and you have a sure win for Hittlary and the liberal progressive democrat machine.

There IS no other way.


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