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It is less than six weeks before the Nov. 2nd elections, and absentee ballots will be delivered much earlier. What are we going to do about voters who don't know anything about the past voting records of the politicians running? Is there some way to make a difference this late when the main-stream media is so careful to protect the Socialists and so vicious in their attacks on Conservatives. Does anyone know about a web site that lists these records for all politicians, and if so, could they include them in a reply to this blog.

It is now also evident that many of the Establishment Republicans are just as antagonistic to the Conservatives with their behavior since Christine O'Donnell won the Delaware primary against a leftist-leaning Republican. These RINOs don't want to give up their power, and they look down on anyone who is not an Elite. They are not supporting these Conservatives even if it means that Democrats might win against them. That is one reason why I do not consider myself a Republican anymore. In the past four years I have become a Constitutional Conservative and a political activist. I support a two-term limit for every elected politician, which would then mean no pensions, and we should vote to make them take the same medical insurance plan as every other voter.

It is time for Sarah Palin to fight even harder to help the Conservatives she endorsed who might be in trouble in the polls. It is time for all Conservatives to donate what they can to their campaigns to buy TV ads, either through their web sites or a Conservative site supported by DeMint. It is time for Fox News to stop negative coverage on the latest winners and help them so that America can be saved, and also to stop calling people who doubt Obama's eligibility crazy birthers or other defamatory names. Maybe their boss, Rupert Murdoch, told them to take this stance, but all of their integrity as well as that of Fox News is at stake. Their behavior is as bad as the Democrats calling Conservatives defamatory names of their own choosing.

Obama is not only ineligible because of where he was born, but also because his father was a Kenyon under British rule and his mother was too young to confer citizenship, so that means he is not a natural-born American, as required by our Constitution. I don't think Obama has sealed all his records and paid >$2 million to lawyers to keep them sealed just to tease the "birthers." I think there is too much evidence in his long-form birth certificate, his school records, and his passports that would prove he is a usurper. How much has it cost him to buy off the people--including judges--who know the truth? Isn't it suspicious that his mother's passport of that period has "disappeared," unlike those of other periods? In addition to those questions, Obama has done several things in the past 20 months that are unconstitutional and should cause him to be impeached! So if we do win back the House and/or the Senate in November, I hope a group of brave souls will see that the process is started to remove him from the White House and convict him of Treason as soon as possible!

Two years ago I joined with another patriot to create a web site that would not only educate voters on all the issues and politicians, but would also give them free interactive letters to choose from and their own personal page listing all their representatives and their contact information. They could then email and/or fax to one or all of their representatives--from Town Council to the President--with one click and a total of half an hour of their time.. When politicians are inundated with hundreds of thousands of emails and faxes every week, they might pay attention to voters, and it would certainly be big news. Plus, it would all have been free, because it would be funded by advertisers. This site, wwwdotitsyourissuedotcom, is still a skeleton with a logo, eight domain names saved, and a provisional patent, because we needed a crew of skilled techies and writers from a Strategic Partner, like Fox News or a consortium of wealthy patriots, to get it done within weeks. I've spent the past year in reaching out to these people, but I'm still waiting for a positive reaction and phone call. The site has a link called "About this Site" that also serves as an Executive Summary and explains all the details about the goals. if anyone reading this information can help, I am pleading for it.


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Comment by Edie Boudreau on September 24, 2010 at 2:10pm
Sorry to Wayne Merc, I accidently deleted your comment to me with the following info when I responded to you. Luckily I had copied the link to the Vote Smart site before I deleted it.

I received the following information in answer to a question in one of my blogs about how the average citizen to check out the history of political candidates to help choose the ones you want to vote on. Please check it out, as it gives everything from biological, voting records, opinions on political issues, and how long they have been politician.
Comment by Linda Maddox on September 24, 2010 at 12:50am
All of us have been woking very hard to save our FREEDOM! We have been woking on all different levels, but just as important. I have talked to a lot of young people lately, they are as upset as we are! This is huge, we are going to win! Too many young people are with us now, we need them, as for me I'am 60, healthy, full of it, but I need the young people's energy, I have it! All is good!!!!
Comment by Katy on September 23, 2010 at 8:59pm
Fox is owned and controlled. They just tell us what they want to.
We need a totally new media outlet. The only one I know is SKY ANGEL. It is totally christian and privately owned.






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