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I worked as a writer/magazine editor/investigative reporter, radio broadcaster/ and TV writer/editor/producer for >30 years. During those same 30 years I took evening classes to earn my education, attaining nine years of college, while also raising my five children.

Five years ago, I created (along with a wealthy friend) the skeleton of a multi-layered political Web Mall to educate and provide FREE communication to Americans, with each member's local, state, and national political representatives, as well as their media. The home page is also the sign-up page, including their zip code; the next page would have all "POLITICAL ISSUES" with LINK titles.


 A member could click on an ISSUE link, which would lead to a page with many available "ARTICLE" links about that Issue, written by professionals. After choosing and reading one or more articles to become educated on Pros and Cons of each Issue, the member could click on "LETTERS" at the bottom of each article. That would lead to a page of interactive letters that the member could choose from (and modify if desired) before adding an address or email url. The three "Send" boxes at the bottom of every letter would be "Email," "Fax", or "Both). After clicking--preferably on "Both"--the member's personal page would open with every one of their local to national politicians, their titles, addresses, phone and fax numbers, according to their zip code. The member could click on one or many of the boxes, or the box for "ALL", and FREE OF CHARGE have sent possibly thousands of their letters of demands, complaints, or requests.


Politicians all over the country would be overwhelmed every day, and they would HAVE TO BE AWARE that they work for WE THE PEOPLE! Unemployed or impoverished citizens, as well as employed or wealthy citizens, could make themselves and their desires known without cost or spending more than 1/2-hour. Being poor or too busy to become an activist would not be an excuse.

 However, is still a skeleton except for the Logo, the design basics and the Executive Summary, which is the link "About This Site" on the top-left of the home page. This page contains the goals, the design, and instructions on using each page for the members and for proposed Strategic Partners that we planned to send Proposals to, requesting that they join us to fund the required technical, marketing, and management talent we need to get this major undertaking online. Maintenance costs thereafter (as well as any profits) would be covered by banner ads on top of each Article and Letter (with members' zip codes correlated to each advertiser's location). Though profits are not guaranteed, partners could be rewarded financially as well as by knowing that they have helped save our Constitution and the freedoms of America.

 My partner dropped out of the project after a year (leaving any profits and costs to me), but I have continued my efforts to find one or more Strategic Partner(s) to finish this project (with free links to all other Conservative websites) and get it online. If one or more Conservative organizations or wealthy Patriots could pay the start-up costs, I could help find the writers who would share their Archives of articles, and also write the letters with their help. My share of any profits could be used to expand our efforts. If you are interested in this project, and/or possibly know others who might be interested, you can reach me at:

Edie Boudreau


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Comment by Edie Boudreau on March 11, 2014 at 3:22am

I had hoped that would be online by now too, Philip, and I promote it every chance I get, as the country's situation just seems to get worse all the time. But it seems that the Americans I reach only want to receive money instead of invest it in helping to save our country and Constitution. However, one of the things that I'm know for is my dedication and persistance.  I will never quit trying and praying, and I believe that God is there and just waiting for his schedule to match mine.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 11, 2014 at 12:51am

 I know you've mentioned your project several times over the last couple years here at REAL CONSERVATIVES Edie. I hoped by now you would have had the finished model up and running for the valuable interactive contact it offers with our politicians.

 I've recently remarked in posts about developing a new political paradigm. Your interactive model now seems to fit my needs and the needs of other REAL CONSERVATIVES throughout the nation. It would give us a way to sway our representatives other than emails, tweets, faxes, and the like.

 Having our own system of "vetting candidates" is always a good thing too.

It may be that one of our "very rich" REAL CONSERVATIVES members might avail themselves of this opportunity to join you in your enterprise. In fact, there might be a GROUP of interested investors interested in making you and them "Millionaires" !






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