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Monday, May 15, 2023

Hello, America.

From Dane Radcliff- late last night:

“I would think that Bill Barre and every red-blooded American would, at the very least, take issue with an American president selling influence- no matter who, what, where, when, and why.

Herein lies the biggest issue facing America moving forward: We will likely survive the Jughead years, though far inferior in most every way. However, that Bill, and most Democrat voters, are willing to give Jughead and basically the whole Democrat/Communist party a hall pass for everything from election fraud to severe crimes against humanity, reveals a moral decline in our nation that I am dumbfounded by.

It won't end with this regime. They will be forgiving and in denial of any and all illegal actions by the baby killers from now till death, and worse. They will procreate and raise evil spawn. We will be a nation, at the very least, divided in half by those with morals and those without- though it appears as though those without are growing in greater numbers. I fear that TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) and (related) mental illness will fester in this nation for generations to come.”

Now, ain’t THAT the truth! Incredibly sad, bleak and tragic- but an accurate assessment based on current conditions in what was once a great nation- now, an ersatz Banana Republic led by total ********.

This from the reliable New York Post by Georgette Roberts and Bernadette Hogan on Saturday:

“A Florida couple has had their wedding upended after an Orange County hotel- set to take in migrants from New York City- abruptly canceled the rooms she booked for her guests, she told The Post. ‘We felt discarded, disappointed and angry that they just tossed us aside to make an extra dollar for the hotel. It’s just not right,’ Deanna Mifsud, 35, fumed.

Mifsud and Gary Moretti, 37, are both originally from New York, and plan to marry June 24 at Lippincott Manor in upstate Walkill, with 160 guests from throughout the country expected to attend, she said.”

Yes, I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, Deanna and Gary are relatively unimportant- UNLESS you are Deanna and Gary.

Let’s hit a bit closer to home. Banks have been failing. If this Bidenesque nightmare gets bad enough, what makes you think our bank accounts won’t be frozen?

This from the Daily HODL on May 6, 2023:

“Hedge fund manager and macroeconomic expert Hugh Hendry just issued a major warning on the US banking system and the American economy as a whole.

In a new interview on Bloomberg Markets, Hendry says mass panic and capital flight away from the US banking sector is entirely justified.

Hendry says a further decline in the M2 money supply, which in part tracks money in liquid checking accounts, could convince the US government to step in and prevent citizens from taking their capital out of the banking system.

‘Sometimes it’s kind of relevant to panic. I would recommend you panic… You’ve seen the biggest waterfall decline in M2 right now. M2 is deposits, not loans. That’s the deposits fleeing the system and going into money market funds. That could reach a crescendo where the Treasury and the Fed may have to come in and actually restrict your right as a US citizen to pull money out of the US banking sector.’

Hendry says capital flight from US banks is not solely about fears on whether the FDIC will insure deposits above $250,000, and a blanket guarantee on deposits would not solve the problem.

‘There is capital flight, deposit flight from the banking sector seeking yield. I fear that, I don’t say this lightly, but in 1934 the Federal Reserve Act confiscated gold from US citizens. We’re at the point where the Fed and Treasury officials, I’m sure, are having to consider a gate a lock on US bank deposits.’ ”

Biden’s Executive Order dated March 9, 2022 on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets outlines Globalist plans to create digital USD- which, of course, already exists. Simply look at your checking account. The endgame is really eliminating CASH.

We already have 18 U.S.C. 1960 to clamp down on individuals transferring money between states or to foreign destinations.

From Eisner Gorin LLP:

“The initial text of 18 U.S.C. 1960 reads quite simply as follows: ‘Whoever knowingly conducts, controls, manages, supervises, directs, or owns all or part of an unlicensed money transmitting business, shall be fined in accordance with this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.’

Since it's not illegal to transfer money, the larger question here is what constitutes an unlicensed or unauthorized money-transmitting business, and at what point does it violate federal law?

Specifically, violations of U.S.C. 1960 occur when the business transmits money across state or national boundaries…”

From PYMNTS on September 20, 2022: “Buried in the U.S. Department of Justice’s crypto crime report last week was a call for Congress to double the criminal penalties for any unlicensed money transmitting violations from five years in prison to 10 years.”

The POINT here is that Big Brother’s noose is tightening around our economic freedom.

I don’t mean to frighten anyone- but THIS is at least the DIRECTION these idiots are taking the country.

We can expect home values to more significantly recede as mortgage rates dance merrily higher. The pain at the grocery store and gasoline station has not gone away. The continuing crisis at the Southern border tops it all.

While scant few of us are old enough to remember “The Great Depression,” MANY of us recall the catastrophic chaos of the Carter years. Ridiculous interest rates? Impatient lines at gas stations for blocks? Jimmy “Peanuts” Carter called it “economic malaise.” Historians call it “The Economic Malaise.”

Discussing the “Debt Ceiling” at this point is pretty much pointless- for a nation which is basically bankrupt…

The quickest way to stop this madness, or at least significantly slow its spread, is to scare the absolute Hell out of the Democrats- and the quickest way to “scare the absolute Hell out of the Democrats” is to unleash a flood of “truth telling” by way of impeaching Joseph Robinette Biden for his crimes against America- and his crimes against humanity in general.

Frightened Democrats often become “Born Again Conservatives.”

Comer is picking fruit off the appropriate tree- rotten as Biden Crime Family fruit may be…

Love you all.

Dickie Allan

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