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For Freshman Congressmen & those who don't read current events.

For those politicians who may need information about just how destructive your compatriots (& maybe you) have been to our country, this message is for you.

I became a Constitutional Conservative activist after realizing that many politicians who I thought were Republicans had become almost as progressive as Dems. I worked for a Conservative during the 2010 election, and will be working again for a Conservative during the coming 2012 election.  In the meantime, as a working writer in all the mediums for >30 yrs, I am reaching out to the people who are demanding that our country be saved from the corruption in our current administration.  They need to STAND UP themselves & take action instead of just talking and whining.  They need to demonstrate their determination to save us.

We ALL need to communicate with our representatives & write letters to the media about Bills or actions that we disagree with.  We need to gather with like-minded voters & organize Marches & Demonstrations just as Soros and the unions did with the Occupiers.  We need to demand that our Congressmen develop some backbone and take action against the unconstitutional Bills that Obama and his cohorts are passing and hold them to account by going to the Courts to start RECALLS & IMPEACHMENTS.  We can't afford to wait until November 2012!!

The polls show in what low esteem the voters hold Congress and Obama in, so they need to remember that they work for WE THE PEOPLE.  Corruption, fraudulent elections, excess spending and lending to terrorist countries, passing of Bills or assignments of radicals while illegally bypassing Congress, not protecting our country as they vowed to do when taking office...all those actions will cause them to be FIRED!

The politicians have no idea how angry the average working voters are about our taxes being used to take care of illegals, the Federal govt. not protecting our borders, Obama stopping our use of our own energy resources, and the govt. letting people go on welfare instead of making it "minimum-wage Workfare."  In the meantime, they must stop calling "Social Security" and "Medicare" entitlements, when the workers & their employers paid that money into a “lockbox” that was supposed to protect it from the politicians stealing it & putting it into the General Fund so they could spend it on Pork & put it in their own pockets.

The people know that the Government politicians were the guilty majority, along with banks, mortgage companies, the welfare-class that wanted to own a home when they knew they couldn't pay for it, and real estate officials, in causing our Housing Bubble and then its downfall by giving houses to people who couldn't pay for them. 

They've seen Obama throw most of the Stimulus and Tarp money away by using it for unapproved causes and his agenda.  They've caused businesses to take their companies to other countries because of their over-regulating & taxing them to death--thus taking away all the jobs and causing the massive unemployment.  They've let the unions run rampant, especially in the public (govt.) arena...thus causing States to go broke and pensions to go unpaid.

You should all be aware that there are plenty of websites that are keeping track of every vote and action by politicians during the past 10 years.  They will PAY THE PRICE, even if we have to FIRE 90 percent of our politicians.  I intend to copy this document and request that every Conservative with a SPINE make at least 50 copies to give away at Conservative meetings,  and go to at leave five web sites and install it to tell the voters that it is time to get busy.  We can't wait for "someone?" to organize our protests any longer. The "Organizer" with a spine who already has the power to start the process will show up when we all pray long and hard enough to bring him forward.

Edie Boudreau

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Comment by Leon Ewers on January 17, 2012 at 6:25am
That would be Johnson Edie.

I think I am confusing the situation a little. The funds for social security are there in the form of special security bonds, it is the general fund that owes on those bonds to the tune of 2+ trillion dollars. So as long as the general fund can make good on those bonds social security is solvent but as soon as the general fund goes belly up so does social security. But let's say that happens the social security tax (FICA) can still cover those payments even if they have to raise it a little. So its not like social security is going anywhere anytime soon. If Ron Paul gets elected president then the special security bonds that social security is holding will get paid off. The problem with that is those bonds won't be collecting interest anymore.

Well its kind of hard to explain because of the accounting tricks that these people use. Tricks that if you or I tried we would be thrown in jail, lol, but the government can get away with.
Comment by Edie Boudreau on January 16, 2012 at 6:30pm

I know that FDR was the creator of Social Security, but he also promised that all funds collected would never be used on any other project.  I haven't googled to find the administration who reneged on that promise yet, but I still say it is funds belonging to the people who it was TAKEN FROM--WITH OR WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, AND THAT MEANS THEY ARE NOT SOCIALIST FUNDS.  I know what has happened in addition to the government theft:  1. Many people are living and collecting longer, 2. They can only keep raising the SS taxes on workers so much w/o a revolution, 3. The American people have not YET reached the limits that are keeping them from ANOTHER REVOLUTION AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT, but it will happen soon, unless we get a President and Congress who will make the changes necessary to bring back our Constituional values.

Comment by Leon Ewers on January 16, 2012 at 3:40pm
Social Security taxes, FDR confessed, “were never a problem of economics. They are politics all the way through.” Tie older voters to the Democratic Party.

Roosevelt also started, through the Social Security Act, the idea that social workers should get involved in families. A good idea became a nightmare that is getting worse. Getting children to look to the state, rather than their own families, is an essential step in a socialist or quasi-socialist society. So now we have parents getting arrested for spanking their children and the state taking those children and putting them in environments were they are seven times more likely to be abused.

I just don't understand why people see Social Security as anything but theft. Let's take your brothers for a minute. Don't you think they could have used that money that was stolen from them to pay off their mortgage sooner so they didn't have to work so hard to make ends meet possibly giving them a few more years of life.

The government uses these programs to target groups of people to either support big government (socialism) or to support their party (its called buying votes which is illegal). Now not all the people are going to fall for that but the average dumbed down joe that can't see past his football game or soapopra where everything on their tv is targeted at the veiwer to brain wash them, this is a major problem of pure voters fraud, buying votes.

Now we have the younger generation saying that free housing and education and energy and access to the internet and all kinds of other stuff are rights, that the government should provide this to everyone free of charge. Well as you and I know nothing is for free and all that will do is take everyones money and put the government incharge of everyones personal life.
Comment by Leon Ewers on January 16, 2012 at 6:31am
Look, "social security" core value is socialistic. It means that we want the government to take care of us.

It is gradualism, just one step out of many towards socialism. And it is very unamerican.
Comment by Leon Ewers on January 16, 2012 at 4:40am
" and I can tell you that most of the children of this current generation have not been raised to take care of anyone--not even themselves. They expect their parents or the government to do it when they can't do it themselves."

And I suppose that has nothing to do with social security, or government training camps... OOOPPS! I meant public schools, welfare, and all the other unconstitutional government programs.
Comment by Leon Ewers on January 16, 2012 at 3:03am
" The reality is that the Social Security Trust Fund is, and always has been, an accounting fiction. For almost all of Social Security's history, the amount of money the program received from payroll taxes has exceeded the amount of money it paid out in benefits. The excess revenues, by law, are "invested" in special-issue, nonmarketable Treasury bonds. These bonds are marked on the government's balance sheet as "assets" of the Social Security program, but they are also counted as debts owed by the U.S. government. In fact, $2.6 trillion of our $14.3 trillion debt consists of bonds owed to the Social Security Trust Fund." -

I only wish it was my opinion Edie, lol. Every year that social security collects on its treasury bonds (iou's) it comes out of the general fund. This adds to the deficit or the amount the government owes which our children will have to pay.
Comment by Edie Boudreau on January 15, 2012 at 3:10am

Leon, all you have said about Social Security in the past few comments have been your opinion, not the facts. You have come up with no evidence for what you say.  You say that WE are "taxing our children" yet We the People are not taxing anyone. If Social Security is a tax, then we have all been taxed for it since FDR instituted it, so we are as much victims as our children will be.  Expecting our children to take care of us when we can no longer support and take care of ourselves is ridiculous, when our government has taken our money with the promise of giving it back in installments when we are too old to work.  That is going back to feudal days, and I can tell you that most of the children of this current generation have not been raised to take care of anyone--not even themselves.  They expect their parents or the government to do it when they can't do it themselves.  If you are currently working for an employer, you don't have any say as to whether part of your income will be withheld for Social Security and Medicare.  If you are self-employed and not paying either one, expect a not very pleasant visit from the IRS, which is empowered to take everything you own for taxes, penalties, and interest. They can also put you into prison for withholding any sort of taxes.  That is a GOVERNMENT AGENCY, NOT WE THE PEOPLE. 

Comment by Leon Ewers on January 15, 2012 at 2:15am

Social Security is not a benefit or intitlement or a contractual agreement or a debt owed or anything else of the sort. It is how ever a cleverly disguised "TAX". One that We The People are stealing money from our children and their children, our posterities wealth. If you or anyone one else chooses to particapate in this criminal activity then don't blame anyone but yourself for the condition that this country is in.

I will not, I will not be taking part in this theivery if it is in my power not to. I will work until my body is no longer able to and even then I will try to use my brain to do what my body can't. If all else fails then I hope that I am teaching my children well enough to know that it then becomes their resposibility to take care of me, not some nameless government social serurity program that has no heart or feelings, and surely no obligation to do so. I will not put this burden on my fellow man. It is up to me, my personal responsibility to take care of me and to see to it that my needs are taken care of when I no longer can do it myself, to insure that I have finacially prepared for the day when I can no longer take care of myself so that I do not put this burden on my children or my fellow man.

When we opted in on this social security scheme is when the people started licking the hand that feeds them and they have no idea of what they do. And that's what's so great about it.
You (the public in general) are slaves and they are none the wiser for it. The people traded security over liberty so the deserve neither.
Comment by Leon Ewers on January 14, 2012 at 8:07pm
Well that's the way you and I and most other Americans see it Edie but not the government. I will research that again and post it.
Comment by Edie Boudreau on January 14, 2012 at 4:09pm

Leon, I know that our government is totally corrupt, but please show me the legallese that says the government has no obligation to pay back Social Security funds that were collected from working people over 65, at least until they have collected back all that was taken from their paychecks plus their employers' share and interest.  If it is a tax on the people now, that is only because the government spent everything that was collected by workers on their own political or personal projects.  Otherwise, it is just repayment on a debt.






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