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Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:26 PM

Subject: Barack Obama's Transparency


August 25,2011


To America....the Country we love

                                                                  Obama's greatest fear....THE TRUTH


On Sept.14,2011, inside a Hawaiian Federal Courthouse,Barack Obama's transparency will be severly testet, due to an historic event which took place on Aug.8. On that date, Dr.Orly Taitz, a steadfast attorney challenging Obama's Presidential eligibility, previously had a court-ordered subpoena issued and served upon the Hawaiian Health Dept.director, Dr.Loretta Fuddy, ordering the production of their copy of Obama's original "Certificate of Live Birth", along with other pertinent documents for examination by competent authorities as to their authenticity. The Health Dept.ignored the subpoena. On Aug.8, Dr.Taitz met with Health Dept. officials who refused to release any documents for viewing or analysis, again ignoring the subpoena previously served on them. If ever an opportunity presented itself for Obama to display transparency this was it, yet, as in all previous instances, he refused to release any documents.Dr.Taitz was now forced to seek assistance and a Federal Court has now ordered the Health Dept. and specifically Dr.Fuddy to appear in Court on Sept.14,2011,to justify ignoring the subpoena.


This is an issue of monumental significance yet the Major Media Outlets never mentioned it to their viewers and readers. Even Fox News is guilty in this regard. Their Bill O'Reilly originally claimed he saw the original Hawaiian Birth Certificate, but, when challenged,  changed his story to "my staff actually saw it" when, in fact, the only document Obama had ever shown the Public was a "Certification of Live Birth(COLB). Also,for Mr.O'Reilly to sarcastically say that "birthers imply Obama's family anticipated that Baby Obama would someday seek the Presidency and therefore sought an American identity for him" insulted the intelligence of all his viewers. In reality, the benefits of obtaining an American "naturalized" citizen status were many,including a right to seek to drive a car but not our Nation. Since Mr.O'Reilly avoids serious commentary or analysis on this issue, I suggest, when ending his weekly TV shows with his "the spin stops here",he adds "except when we continually stonewall or ridicule the Obama eligibility issue."


                                                                    HISTORY IN THE MAKING....OR IS IT "RE-MAKING" ?


A few years ago, Obama supporters posted on the Internet what is now considered by experts a fraudulent "Certification of Live Birth(COLB), claiming it to be a copy of the Hawaiian Health Dept. original birth certificate. If true, it would make the Health Dept. copy also a COLB. Since Presidential aspirants are required to be "natural-born"(not "naturalized) citizens, only a "Certificate of Live Birth" allows them to seek the Presidency. Obama, a Constitutional teacher, knew this and, therefore, could not allow anyone to view the Health Dept.copy. As to any possibility that it might actually be a"Certificate of Live Birth" it would mean Obama lied by saying his copy was identical and, more importantly, he would have obviously authorized an immediate release by the Health Dept. to satisfy challengers and not have spent over two million dollars to conceal it from view. Rather be a liar than a loser unless it contained information which would show him ineligible to have sought the Presidency.


A few months ago, Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie publically stated that he would personally go to the Health Dept. and secure a copy of the true Birth Certificate and put this issue to rest. Two weeks later, the Governor was forced to admit no copy could be found, only a file with notations of some reported births, including that of a Barack Obama; no original birth certificate, not even a "Certification of Live Birth"(COLB).


                                                                       DECEPTION AFTER DECEPTION AFTER DECEPTION


To prevent future eligibility problems various States are passing laws requiring Presidential aspirants (including Obama) to provide a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" in order to have their names put on State ballots. Obama, up until then, hid behind his "Certification of Live Birth"(COLB) which, as mentioned above, he claimed was an identical copy of the Hospital copy, thereby invalidating each other. Amazingly, in April,2011, he then claimed to have received an actual "Certificate of Live Birth" copy from the Health Dept., which he obviously intends to present to each State to justify his eligibility since millions are now aware of the difference between "natural-born" and "naturalized" and he realizes he cannot use a COLB any longer to fool America again. Unbelievable-a document which no one could find and which Obama fought and paid to conceal miraculously turns up. This newly-found "Certificate" has already been declared a fake by many, and a poor one at that. If a supposed Health Dept. copy shows the same typewriter altering as Obama's copy does, fraud becomes evident. In addition, here are more examples of Obama's deception:


Consider-Dr.Chiyome Fukino, former director of the Hawaiian Health Dept. said that she personally saw Obama's birth certificate,which the Governor couldn't find, and that it was half-typed and half-written, yet Obama's April posting on a Government website is completely typed!


Consider-Obama family members claimed two different birth hospitals, later reduced to one, not by either hospital but by Obama. One would think the birth hospital of the first black American President would proudly display some reference to this auspicious event yet no Hawaiian hospital will claim that honor.


Consider-Army Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin, a decorated surgeon who, after a fruitless year of requesting assurances of Obama's eligibility from military superiors and writing directly to Obama(with no response), found his patience rewarded first by silence, then by a court-martial, loss of all income, a dishonorable discharge and imprisonment. This was Obama's "thank you" to one who faithfully served his Country for eighteen years, including service in Afghanistan; a recipient of the Bronze Star and numerous other citations. The tragic  ending to his faithful military career would have been avoided if his Commander-in-Chief(?) had simply produced a valid birth certificate....if one ever existed. Obama made time to fill out a form with the names of basketball teams he favored in an up-coming tournament and to go off on "working" vacations but took no time to respond to Lt.Col.Lakin, who, after troubling eligibility doubts surfaced, merely sought confirmation that the service and salutes which all Services rendered to their President was being received by one entitled to command their allegiance. Barack Obama, a man who repeatedly boasted of being "transparent"....until  eligibility surfaced. The only person who now owns the notorious distinction of being the only Commander-in-Chief who ever refused to produce a valid birth certificate. Please reflect on that last sentence and also remember that, to continue his deception, he sacrificed another man's career and freedom!


Consider-When Lt.Col.Lakin was court-martialed the presiding judge would not allow him to request any records of Obama, lest "they prove embarrassing to the President." How ironic....if they did so prove it would have been because they would have shown that Obama was not eligible to become our President. Sadly, embarrassment won over transparency. Deception over TRUTH!


Consider-Obama's "vetting" consisted of his delayed presentation of an invalid "Certification of Live Birth"; virtually every other document requested he refused to release.


Consider-in every lawsuit his attorneys failed to present a "Certificate of Live Birth" to confirm a "natural-born" status. That document alone, could have prevented many lawsuits from ever being filed, unless it was limited, fraudulent or non-existant.


Consider-Globe Magazine offered $100,000 to the United Negro Fund if Obama revealed a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" . One year later,his transparency hasn't yet "kicked in". He still hasn't acknowledged their offer.


Consider-When questioned as to his eligibility Obama never answers a question directly. When asked to allow his birth certificate to be seen by reputable experts his response was "I can't wear it on my forehead." No one was interested in his forehead.They wanted to see the certificate.


On my e-mail list I have a Rhodes Scholar, hundreds of active and retired Military men and women, from Privates to Generals and Admirals, lawyers involved in the "eligibility" issue, Tea Party members, Senators and Representatives; people of all races and color. These are some of the people Obama portrays (in his own words) as "carnival barkers,side -show performers and 'sillies", for when he cannot defend his actions he turns to ridicule. Sadly, many elected officials, both Democrat and Republican alike, dismiss this issue casually with remarks like "we have more important issues to consider." Thank God (yes "God") our Founders did not have more "important issues" to consider than freedom when the first shots rang out.




Please reflect on the above words of Barack Obama, as reported in Newsday(L.I.Newspaper) on August 22,2010. Destroying Lt.Col.Lakin's career and livlihood shows how low Obama would sink to prevent any disclosure which could derail his presidency. Now let us see if America will stand tall and confront the greatest scam Our Country ever endured.


Addendum:I have done Catholic writing for twenty years. Over two and one-half years ago I started writing of challenges to Obama's "presumed" Presidential eligibility. He stepped into the Religious arena and said (among other things) that he had no problem with leaving a child,born after a "botched" abortion, to die if its mother so wished. The color of Obama's skin never disturbed me but the color of an aborted child's skin does, whether white,black,brown, or whatever. Therefore, after the election, when more information surfaced which cast further doubt on his eligibility, the door which I thought had closed on Election Day was found ajar, giving me the opportunity to renew challenging him on the eligibility issue. That is why all my letters pertain solely to the issue of Presidential eligibility. In conclusion, I pray that all who receive this letter raise their voices to their elected officials, whether Democrat,Republican or Independent and also demand that the Media start acknowledging the existence of this issue. With transparency will come Truth and Justice.




cc:all members of The Supreme Court


     Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house or an extra room in Israel than with a Muslim building a nuclear bomb in Iran
King Solomon defined right wingers vs left wingers
The heart of the wise man is at his right, whereas the heart of the fool is at his left. 
                                                                              Ecclesiastes 10:2
Thanks to Yitzchok D., for sharing the above post content.

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Comment by Bruce Graves on August 25, 2011 at 7:16am

I think only a court order to release his documents will work, and that's easier said than done finding an honest judge whose family is safe from Obama's thugs. Let's hope Orly Taitz gets one and it works, but she must be threatened too. The other possibility is Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been asked to look into Obama's eligibity, and he must be used to thugs already. All we need is one judge to approve discovery for the case to unravel but it hasn't happened yet.






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