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Among the alphabet soup of government agencies like FBI, CIA, and EPA is the CFR . . . . CFR?

What IS it and how dangerous is it to our Liberty and Freedom?

What the CFR is and Why They View Trump as a Direct Threat

Written by Jim Bowman EAGLE RISING 8-8-2016

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Much has transpired since the laughable time when Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  Yes, it was laughable then when theorizing that this non-politician only sought another venue for fame and fortune.  But that was then. Today, the stakes are higher with Trump’s viability increasing.




Whether it be foxes in the hen houses or rats in the wood piles, what was formally an unknown entity of various unseen players and their designs has now been outed.  Self preservation overtakes the leisure of secrecy every time.  And today’s all out offense is a last ditched effort to protect the establishment’s three cherished fiefdoms.

Well, at least three!  The first two are the usual the Republican and Democrat establishments.  The third, was at one time respected as “the Fourth Estate,” however, its digression now connects with being just the “main stream media’ or more precisely, America’s Liberal Press.

So there is the line up with which Trump contends.  And yes, this unseasoned candidate now finds that by his robust manner and possible final success, those assumed to be allies have now disrobed and left their comfy confines.

One in particular, a Governor from Wisconsin, was even a favorite of the upstart Tea Partiers.  Mr.Walker has flushed his singular fame to the wayside by joining in with the “never Trump” RINOs.  This togetherness is bound with a growing sense of uncertainty that all will be dashed if Trump actually succeeds.

However, what should be regarded as the referee in this contest has turned against its moderating role.  As such, the field of competition for the public’s hearts and minds has become a marginalized affair of rigged proportions.

The media has discarded its once fair and free being, as it has for quite some time has been identified with and even protective of the progressive elements within recent Presidential bouts.  Especially since 2007-08, what has surprised is its blatant and brazen disregard for reporting facts, events and even recorded statements.  Our media acts, when called upon, as a propaganda branch of the Democrat/Progressive Establishment.

It now becomes imperative for the average American to dissect truth from fiction, to be above the siren calls of falsity and to ignore the ploys of emotions which intersperse our daily messaging.  Truth must remain as an active reference during the coming months.

As a rule, these word salads are tossed about as a disguise and a diversion so that what needs to be studied or at least considered, remains at a distance.  The work of these word smiths tend to confuse while creating perceptions that are often difficult to dismiss emotionally and which clouds the coldness of facts and the frankness of truth.

Given this word approach, and without any awareness of its origin, a blanket has spread across America.  In a land of “free speech,” the diversity of thought has become guarded through the stranglehold of “political correctness.”  This threat against our First Amendment joins with another assault directed at the religious portion of that Amendment.

Aside from these three anti-Trump combatants, another unknown remains with unlimited prestige and influence.  While it seeks the shadows and shuns notoriety, it’s very adept at pulling various Washington strings as its interests remain prominent through ample representations in all fields of endeavors; with special emphasis allotted to the journalistic and political arenas.

Billed as an available discussion/advisory asset for government outreach, with its primary focus directed at the foreign affairs desk, it’s Council on Foreign Relations handle is often just referred to with the letters CFR.

Contrary to its persona of being a non-profit/non-partisan group, its advisory capacity has for much of the twentieth century overflowed into the cabinet level and even to the top executive position of Democrat and Republican Presidents.  Advising has thus morphed into directing policy.  Since Trump is truly an outsider, his presidency would represent a direct and severe threat to the CFR agenda.

The CFR’s scope of influence and control promotes a game plan calling for the disintegration of national borders through globalization.  Its ability to gain public acceptance stems from its style of repetitive messaging, often from the subliminal variety.

Whether from the desks of a TV channel ownership, the army of syndicated CFR journalists, or from its representation in the fields of academia, the military, banking and religious leadership, their programs are dispersed effectively.

A perfect example of such abilities was on recent display with the statements of a four star Marine General, who just happened to stoke the CFR’s anti-Trump position.  And due to its available media avenues, CFR member General John R. Allen became a temporary household name.

The same can be said, on a lesser promotional scale of another CFR foot soldier, former CIA Director Michael Morell, who let loose when stating that Trump would make “a poor, even dangerous commander-in-chief.”  Of course, his claim for recognizing “a poor” or “dangerous commander-in-chief” could be rooted by his CIA Directorship during the Obama years!

Also worthy of mentioning; Trump may have rebuffed a trusted primary advisor, the CFR’s own President, Richard N. Haass, when selecting Mike Pence as his running mate. CFR stalwart Newt Gingrich, who was rumored to be the VP front runner was by-passed for the Indiana governor.  This of course would be unprecedented within this present day CFR version of America’s governance.

Our present course cannot continue.  Neither can we afford appointing additional progressives onto our Supreme Court, or to any other Court.  This frequent reversing the will of the people, as was the recent Voter ID rulings in Texas and North Carolina must not become the norm.

Finally, Hillary’s penchant for lying eliminates any chance of efficient or proper leadership.  For all his bombastic speech making, Trump has yet to mention Obama’s “57 State” version of America or be responsible for the needless deaths of four Americans or then lying to their grieving families.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by



"The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by"


Even the views expressed in this article about the CFR comes with a caviat:


"it is solely a product of the author".


What the hell?

If EAGLE RISING prints the article but at the end of the article issues a warning and is only PRETENDING to be a truly patriotic media outlet, why should we bother to listen at all?


This is where REAL CONSERVATIVES throughout America are. We face huge anti-America forces willing to tear this nation apart to get what they want.

We are looking for men and women who will give us the truth without an agenda behind it.

We are simple people but we are far from stupid.

We recognize danger in all it's ugly politically correct forms and we aren't being fooled.

If Trump IS fooling us, he is the best liar there ever was.


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