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A Bill No Senator Can Be Proud Of

Senate passes health care bill that funds abortions, rations care, and burdens taxpayers with paying off bribes
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today the U.S. Senate passed Sen. Harry Reid's health care bill.

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, stated, "No senator with an ounce of integrity can be proud of this bill or how it was passed. It marks among the lowest points in the U.S. Senate's history.

"Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the Democrats' health care bill and distrust how the Democrats passed it. The bill will fund abortions, deny care for patients, increase premiums, create more bloated and unnecessary government agencies and burden taxpayers with paying off bribes to senators.

"As if to emphasize their arrogance, Democrat senators passed this monument to their greed for power on Christmas Eve. This gift to themselves at Americans' expense stands in stark contrast to Jesus relinquishing His divine privileges to serve and give to others.

"During this holy season commemorating the humility and love of God Who came to earth as a baby, these senators voted to fund abortion. Jesus healed the sick; this bill will force health providers to deny care to patients. Jesus taught people to be good stewards; this bill will penalize people who have insurance but the government doesn't approve. Jesus treated people of all classes equally; this bill benefits those well-connected to conniving politicians.

"The House must now deal with this monstrosity of a bill. Concerned Women for America will work to convince House members to kill this bill."

Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public policy women's organization.

Thanks to RJ, founder of Paul Revere's Riders, for sharing the above post content.

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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on December 26, 2009 at 6:59pm

Senate blue dogs dig in their heels on health care reform

Rick Moran

The message from about a dozen Democratic senators to their negotiators in the coming House-Senate conference on health care reform is "don't fiddle with the senate version too much or we're gone."

The Hill's Alexander Bolton:

"Centrists have said they will not vote for a healthcare reform bill that imposes a tax surcharge on the nation's highest income earners or reduces the tax burden on so-called Cadillac health insurance plans, which are held by many unionized workers.
They have also threatened to vote against the bill if it includes a government-run health insurance program, a proposal that liberal Democrats in Congress acknowledge has little chance of winning inclusion in the final bill.

Lawmakers in the House will have to accept the Senate legislation with little change if a final bill is to muster 60 votes to overcome procedural hurdles and make it to President Barack Obama's desk, the centrists say.

"There's very little room for this bill to change," said Landrieu. "The framework really has to stay basically in place.

"It's not just me," Landrieu added. "There are probably two-dozen Democratic senators who feel very strongly about the framework."

Landrieu said she would not support the final legislation if negotiators tinkered with the Senate proposal for taxing high-cost insurance plans.

"I can only support a bill if the Cadillac plans are taxed at the level they are in the Senate [bill,]" said Landrieu. "It's not because I'm thrilled about taxing those plans, which I'm not, but it is the No. 1 cost-containment measure in the bill. It's what is going to drive costs down over time."

It appears that liberals in the House have no stomach for a fight on their major issue; the public option. And Nancy Pelosi may very well cede large swaths of the battlefield to the senate in order to get something passed.

But the battle over abortion language may yet cause a lot of problems. It all depends on how badly the liberals want the bill and are willing to anger their feminist base
Comment by Ron Miller on December 24, 2009 at 2:22pm
Americans must NOT forget this and other similar issues when they vote next year. It is time to VOTE THEM ALL OUT, and get some common sense people in our elected offices. We must stop this madness!
At present we are busy putting out the fires started by our current elected officials. It is apparent that they have no intention of responding to the WILL OR NEED OF THE PEOPLE, thus the people must respond accordingly. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!






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