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Obama’s Owellian DHS Demands “Obedience” From Its Agents

 (LNN) national correspondent and law-enforcement advocate Andy Ramirez called for Congress to investigate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after sending a message to U.S. Border Patrol agents that can only be described as “chilling,” in which they demand “obedience” from the agents The Orwellian display on official television screens defined “obedience” as “quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me.”

An exclusive video report by LNN and Ramirez cites sources inside the agency who have confirmed that this message went out to agents via TV monitors in the San Diego and Tucson sectors last week. A picture of the propaganda was obtained by Ramirez from a source within Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The New American interviewed Ramirez and reported:

“This ‘Obedience’ order just continues a long recent history of intimidation going back to the 2004 ‘gag order’ by then-Chief David Aguilar,” Ramirez told The New American in an interview, referring to a controversial non-disclosure agreement purporting to bar agents from releasing important information to lawmakers and the media. “The primary point of this all is to purge the patrol of experienced agents who refuse to go along to get along.”

Calling for congressional hearings to investigate the controversial “obedience” message, Ramirez said the scheme was frightening. “Cheerfully?!” he exclaimed about the graphic, sounding bewildered. “Responses I’m hearing from sources at the Border Patrol include the words Orwellian, creepy, sickening, craziness, Nazi handbook — and those are just the ones I can actually repeat.”

Ramirez also wondered what happens to Border Patrol agents who do not “cheerfully” engage in “obedience” upon demand, especially if orders included instructions to violate the Constitution, for example. “Do they go to one of the long-rumored FEMA camps guarded by employees and DHS armored personnel carriers?” he asked. “Perhaps we hear loudspeakers playing ‘Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles’ — something out of Hitler’s Nazi Germany?”

Alternatively, Ramirez speculated half-seriously, there could be an even more chilling fate awaiting those who refuse to carry out unlawful or unconstitutional orders. “Are they now classified as domestic terrorists, in which case a yet-to-be-identified official at the Department of Justice can have them taken out with a drone strike?” he wondered. “As we just heard in recent congressional hearings, that’s pretty much what can now happen; a drone strike on an individual who is considered a terrorist on U....

According to Ramirez, both the Border Patrol and Customs have already engaged in a number of “purges” where agents close to retirement were forced to retire even though they still had room for advancement. “They want employees who are loyal to DHS and CBP, which is why the old BP logos and decals have been pretty much removed off the vehicles,” the LNN correspondent told The New American in an exclusive interview. 

“Agencies like CBP, ICE, TSA, and the like were placed under DHS’ roof for command and control purposes,” Ramirez continued. “However the real purpose has been to keep the facts from reaching the public. In point of fact, DHS is a propaganda ministry in its own right, given the blatant misinformation released by top officials. In the wrong hands it could easily act in a way similar to ‘State Security’.”

Ramirez also expressed concern over the government’s willingness to “sacrifice agents as scalps through the Justice Department upon request of the Mexican government.” His concern arose from the prosecution of Border Patrol agent Jesus “Chito” Diaz, Jr., after Mexican officials complained that the agent had allegedly pulled on the handcuffs of a young drug smuggler.

Mexico has been has been trying to influence American policy for a long time. Recently 54,000 Mexicans signed a petition calling for US gun control, GOP lawmaker Ted Poe (R-TX) said that the US is headed towards a “Mexico model” on gun control, and even the Mexican government has made calls for more gun control in the US.

The New American also obtained confirmation that the “obedience” messages were used. In an email to them, Bill Brooks with the CBP Office of Public Affairs stated, “Information Display System slides are meant to communicate important and useful information to personnel. This example falls short of that criteria, and has already been removed.”

“Well apparently CBP has responded to the Obedience slide, but refused to comment on who ordered it, and the other facts I reported for LNN,” Ramirez responded to the CBP statement. “Clearly they’re not denying it.”

This doesn’t sit well with DHS purchasing 7,000 fully automatic weapons and soliciting for billions of rounds of ammunition. What say you?

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