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November 7, 2012
Obama's Second Term
By Ron Kilmartin

The first term was dedicated to revving up the socialist engine with
ObamaCare passage. President Obama has given us many indications of
where he wants to go with a second term, although he has not
discussed these in his campaign. Some of these are listed here.

1. Implementation of Obama care, turning over the care of our bodies
to mindless bureaucrats, with exorbitant taxes and death panels.

2. Demand that religious institutions and hospitals to conform to his
atheistic Obamacare regulations promoting abortion and sexual

3. Implementation of a civilian security force just as strong and
just as well financed as the Defense Department. That would be over
200,000 storm troopers with a budget of X trillion, -- i.e., the same
as DoD. Why would we need 200,000 storm troopers? Is that what he
thinks is necessary to put down a middle-class revolution? Sounds a
bit like the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet secret police: NKVD. Further,
he bought 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo -- enough to drill
each of us with 40 rounds apiece. Hollow points are illegal for all
the world's armed forces -- outlawed by Geneva convention. They can
turn a 45-cal bullet into a 1' Explosive inside your body. Why, Mr.
O? Why?

4. Taking over other American industries like he did GM and attempt
to make them into a socialist success story, like the British
railroads (which Maggie Thatcher returned to private enterprise).
Yes, the government knows how to run a business, e.g., the Post

5. Imposing Chicago-style regionalism to destroy suburbs through
Building One America (BOA), run by his former Alinsky cronies. BOA to
administer all grant funds granted to regional councils. Regional
councils to supplant cities and kidnapped suburbs as new and only
government authority. Role of state government subservient to the
Washington tyrant. The aim of the councils will be to redistribute
the wealth of the suburbs to the cities. This is an effort distinct
from Agenda 21, which has overlapping objectives in terms of
abolishing property rights and constructing Chicago-style projects
centered on railroad stations. A major feature of this thrust will be
racist, pitting Blacks and Latinos against Caucasians and Asians.

6. Continued implementation of the stealth objective of United
Nations Agenda 21, cramming the people into apartment buildings.The
enviro-nazis love this agenda because it undercuts the family unit by
not allowing living space for raising kids in a traditional American environment.
It thus undercuts further the social fabric, discouraging marriage
and reproduction, and thus aiding their holiest satanic goal,
population reduction.

7. Subscription to the U.N. Convention on the rights of the child,
signing a treaty to make this U.N. mandate from hell supersede our
constitution and the right of parents to control and raise their
children. No spanking!

8. Subscribing to the U.N. treaty on gun control superseding the
Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

9. Subscribing to the U.N. (Islamic) Anti-Blasphemy Treaty preventing
Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights to say
whatever they want, on any subject, including religions.

10. Subscribing to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea,
imposing on freedom of the seas for our Navy and Merchant Marine and
on our national sovereignty over coastal lands, and imposing yet
another wealth-distribution scheme.

11. Continue implementation of EPA rules for destroying American
business and American jobs. He has no concept of how the American
economic system works and the fatal blow this will give to the
economy; or, maybe, he is not really stupid but cunningly evil, with
an objective of exactly that: destroying the economy so that a new
utopian gulag can be built from the ashes.

12. Wipe out the coal industry and with it cause major decrease in
electric power availability and reliability. A direct effect will be
a decline in jobs throughout industry and computer-dependent
white-collar jobs, and further no-growth as our industry moves from first class to
third-world class with only intermittent low-grade electric power
(Ask the flooded and electric powerless people of Staten Island and
the New Jersey coastline how they like the desolation of broken-down society and no water or
electric power).

13. Introduction of sharia law into the American legal system for the
Muslims, and dhimmifying the American public by providing the Muslims
with all the trappings of supremacy that their religion tells them
they should have. Recall that Obama said that the call to prayer is the most
beautiful sound he had ever heard. We can assume that we will be
hearing this five times a day on loudspeakers throughout America. (I
wonder if he has that on his iPad for praying five times a day?).

14. Continuing to support the climate hoax and using it to stop oil,
gas, and coal production, together with the cap and trade plan to
administer the coup de grace to our power utilities and to any
businesses still standing.

15. Massive increases in taxes on the middle class amounting to
wealth confiscation. This will not only be through income tax but
also massive sales taxes and ObamaCare taxes on everything.

16. Continued downsizing of the military and weakening of our global
power to protect our allies and control or suppress petty tyrants
with weapons of mass destruction. Most of all limiting the military
capability for defending the nation.

17. Continued do-nothing policy on the illegal alien problem, leading
to murderous criminal gang expansion throughout the country on a
scale not known since prohibition

18. Continuing a Middle East policy of blindly attempting to foster
democracy in Muslim societies. As their leaders have often
proclaimed, democracy is evil and not compatible with Islam.
Paraphrasing Einstein continuing to attempt the same failed solutions
again and again and expecting a different result is pure insanity.

19. Continuing to ignore our ally Israel and the need to draw a line
in the sand against Iran as Benjamin Netanyahu called for.

20. A continued failure to follow up opportunities of the moment, as
when the Iranian people rose up against the Mullah regime. He sided
with the mullahs.

21. Continuing to follow Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to lead from
behind while our enemies follow Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

22. If elected to a second term his overriding objective will be to
get a 3rd term by whatever hook or crook he can get it, possibly
including a new Amendment or a burn-the-Reichstag approach
circumventing Congress completely. These are just the highlights of Obama Term 2.

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     Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house or an extra room in Israel than with a Muslim building a nuclear bomb in Iran
King Solomon defined right wingers vs left wingers
The heart of the wise man is at his right, whereas the heart of the fool is at his left.” 
Ecclesiastes 10:2



Thanks to Yitzchok D., for sharing the above post content

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Comment by Chris Horne on November 11, 2012 at 12:07pm

Many good points by Ron.  HAVE U SEEN THE NEW Agenda 21 ad on tv? seems to me the older person is saying, "I have led a good life and now it is time for me to die for the younger generations"  Euthanasia is legal in three states and I am sure hussein Obama, Reid and Pelosi r pushing for more states to do so.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on November 10, 2012 at 9:27pm

You ask tough questions Wayne.

John Boehner has been House "leader" for 4 years that Obama occupied our White House. He never seriously tried to STOP implementation of Obamacare in those 4 years and now he says that Obamacare is the law of the land . . . . well DUH John . . . .

We need a target for us to start with after this "selection" by the media and the liberal progressive democrat machine.

Lets make changing the House leader our target. Let's replace John Boehner with Michelle Bachmann.

That's at least a starting point.

Next we can think about Mitch McConnell the senate mouse.

All the while we have to begin the selection process of the NEXT conservative Presidential candidate. Start submitting your favorites.

Comment by Teresa Smith on November 10, 2012 at 4:35pm

We are going to have to defy the laws. They go against our Religious beliefs. Muslims are exempt from the Health care bill. The second amendment?  There is much he has to do and he will get it done. Our Republican "Friends" in Congress are fake and we are on our own. Our country is going to be torn apart. Fighting will be the only way in the end. I do not see any other way. We have been patient for four years as none of us wanted any trouble but they bring it to our door and we fight. I doubt the Military will be with Dear Leader. I see starvation, more homelessness and we will be forced to fight.






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