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Mitt Romney found his message and hit on a great theme yesterday and now is speaking from his heart with passion. The American Dream which we all understand and is the reason each and every American loves the United States of America!!! We now have something to vote for - not against and we can explain it to every American without ever using the cold words "socialism and capitalism" And Obama and the left can't tear it down because it is the basis of this great country!!! It is OUR message and we must get every voter and American to connect the idea with Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney stands for and will fight for “Individualism and The American Dream”. Write about it and add it into all of your discussions and emails. It is a concept embedded into each and every one of us. When I think of The American Dream, I think of my father who didn't have a college education and started a lumber business from nothing but his hard work 6 days a week, I think of working with my dad delivering and unloading a truck load of lumber to a builder at age 6, I think of my husband's father who moved to Florida and started the town newspaper when he had never even been a reporter, I think of my husband and I who had nothing out of college and built our lives TOGETHER never asking our families or the government for one single dime.
Write your stories I know you have them. Blanket the internet and every contact you have. This theme can not be attacked by Obama because he will not be attacking Romney, he will be attacking the American Dream. The left will not be able to tear it apart. Why? Because it is something that every American understands and can speak from the heart about.
Talk about The American Dream achieved through individualism, hard work and perseverance NOT the government giving us money from the rich. Link Romney and The American Dream together every time you meet an undecided voter.
This is our positive message and it will win us the election in November. It is time to put aside the anger and get back to the America that makes us smile!!!!
When we work TOGETHER, we WIN elections!!!!!

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I Have a small business, unlike Hussein Obama said , I, I, and I alone got a loan frm. my parents, paid them back and DIDnot have help from the Govt.  I drove on streets that I< I paid for with my WORKING taxes. I buy only AMERICAN made products for myself and shop.!!!  That piece of crap in OUR HOUSE can kiss my hardworking u know what!!

Way to go Chris. You are a true American patriot!!!!!

Tell your story Chris,

I just received this email from the Romney campaign:

President Obama recently said: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Mitt Romney understands that we have to celebrate people who start enterprises and employ other people rather than devalue them. Success is not the result of government, it is the result of hard-working individuals who take risks, create dreams, and build lives for themselves and for their families.


Stand with Mitt today and stand up for Americans who work hard to build their businesses, their homes, their families and their communities.

Visit today to learn the facts and tell us your story.

We look forward to hearing from you.

**This is an awesome website.  You can click up top and post videos and write the  campaign your story!!! You can also print signs to hang in your home windows and businesses including the one above:


Send this website VIRAL across the country. We need signs in every window across America!!!! American Individualism and the American Dream is what made this country great - let’s share our stories!!!!




I will tell my story on the site, I started and own my business.  I printed out the "WE Did Build This" sign and am going to stand on my favorite corner with it.  People can have magnetic signs made with the same for cars and trucks!  KOOL, thank you.


This was an idea from a woman who responded to my discussion on another site. I sent her idea to a person in the Romney campaign and this is their answer. Romney is different than Obama and he is listening to our ideas!!!!

Pass this on to everyone you know. My husband and I built our own home and we didn't ask for one dime from anyone! The signs are in all my windows!!!!


We all have dreams and have worked hard to turn them into our own American Dream. It's time for positive messages not negativity. My husband says to look to history. What do Americans fight for? It's always something positive. Yes anger at the king brought us to The American Revolution but what kept us fighting was the ideals of a new world where all men are created equal with a government of the people who could freely enjoy life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. Being against slavery brought us to the Civil War but what we ultimately fought FOR was living up to the ideals of The Declaration of Independence and Constitution and the idea that all men are created equal. In WWII, anger at Hitler and Pearl Harbor brought us into the war but what won it was the fight FOR democracy and freedom and the idea that people shouldn't have to fear their government. During the Cold War, we were against communism but what what kept us fighting for 44 years was that we were FOR freedom, free markets, capitalism and democracy. Americans NEED to fight FOR something. If they have something to fight FOR then they will become engaged .  Anger will not win this election. And the American Dream, self reliance, and indivdualism are all things we believe in no matter what party we belong to. Americans will fioght FOR the American Dream.  Obama is already on the defense, let's get this idea spreading viral!!! Obama can't say he is for the American Dream, he can't understand the American Dream and he can never defend his policies as supporting the American Dream.

So everyone DREAM on to a win for Mitt in November.

Go Mitt!!! Go America!!!!


Well, this really is a dream.  Romney and Obama work for the same people--the international bankers.  Romney sounds good now, but you watch what happens if he is elected.  He will not fight for our individual freedom, he'll just continue with the program. 

No, he's not a socialist. He'll make different appointments and that will be good to oust all Obama's marxists holding positions in government.  But if you think this RINO is any different, you are totally dreaming.  Why do you think republicans in general have done NOTHING to help our country???  Because they care?

But don't pretend that he is going to do what you want because he won't. Keep your eyes wide open.  I want the usurper out but I don't expect Romney to do much at all. Get the blinders OFF and get to work.

Negativity loses the election in November. The average American out there is not voting because of international bankers, they are voting for a person who gives them a positive message of America and their future. Every American understands The American Dream and will understand when it is being stifled.

Disagree.  Not telling the truth and living by a delusion is the wrong tact.  Do you think that Romney will save America?  With the election of Romney will everyone just go back and do what they are doing and not pay attention to the situation of our country?

Tell the truth and don't be blind.  Blind support like this is more dangerous--its how we got Obama.

If you don't start waking people up to the control of the international bankers, they will continue to enslve us.  This is the FED--you think Romney will do anything about the FED?

I am voting for Romney as against Obama.  But I'm not stupid.  There will be a lot we have to do to keep Romney in line with the constitution. Republicans and democrats are the same, same same--they ignore their oath to uphold the constitution.

Dont be blind, don't be stupid, be informed.  The 'ra ra Romney' is disingenuous and doesn't do much for your credibility.

Negativity loses elections...are you kidding me?  Voter fraud, rigged voting machines, and money loses elections.  Romney was chosen by the republican elite because he will lose to Obama, just like McCain did.  NO one is enthused about Romney, but everyone is scared of Obama.  So I am voting against Obama, but my vision is perfectly clear about who Romney is.







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