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...of Poor, FAIR,...and Excellent

Stephen Hawking, the eminent physicist and propounder of the “Big Bang” theory is rich. In his intellect. Lou Gehrig, the great  “Iron Horse” of baseball,  was rich. In athletic ability. He described himself as the luckiest man alive. Stephen Hawking and Lou Gehrig shared many things in common. They were given certain gifts that, when fully utilized by each of them, brought them fabulous fame, and a fair measure of wealth. Yet, Gehrig once said, in his farewell speech, that he had been dealt a “bad hand”. Stephen Hawking was told, nearly sixty years ago, that he only had a short time to live.

Both men enjoyed the favor of their Creator in the talents that were bestowed upon them. Those God-Given talents were the gifts they had been given, from birth. Some say that it isn’t “fair” for some to have such talents, and not all. Everyone should be “equal”.  Noone deserves to have more, or less, than others. It just isn’t fair.

But both men, even though they enjoyed amazing fame and fortune in their lifetimes, ultimately were dealt an equal hand. They both were stricken by the same disease. Nature’s equalizer. Mortality.

One of them even had that disease named after him. Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS. The other, along with his genius, yet survives, after all these years. Hailed as the man who braved the frontiers of humanity’s ignorance and dared to postulate a working theory on the roots of the beginnings of the very universe.

Like other past intellectual “giants”of their times, such as Charles Darwin and his yet to be proven theory of evolution, but couldn’t explain if the egg, or the chicken, was first. Hawking, even with his superior intellect and talents, cannot explain the cause, nor define the cure, for his particular affliction.

Bill Gates, the modern-day equivalent of Thomas Edison was not born with a “Silver Spoon”. Yet both men had the wisdom to exploit the gifts they were given to the fullest. They inherently knew that within themselves there was a potential that needed fulfillment.

And they capitalized on their talents because they lived within the framework of a lawful and constitutional order that recognized that Individual Liberty was the fertile soil of their creativity, with a Constitution that guaranteed, with the popular support of the people, that Liberty, and made every man equal with respect to opportunity. Hence, we live in a “Land of the Free”.  Free men. Not animals. Not ants.

Ants enjoy the essence of a “fair”social order.

Because they are drones, they are all equal. And equally poor.

...but none of them are free.



According to the Bill of Rights, amendment # V:

".......nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation".

I interpret this as meaning that money I earn becomes my property, and if I choose to buy things with my money, I therefore have good title to all those goods and services I buy with my money, and all real or chattel property or earned money I manage to accumulate, or save, and the appreciation derived thereof through compound interest or investment.

Ironically, Article 5 of the communist manifesto states that they want to control the currency and all means of finance. Whenever a government prints more and more paper currency to cover their own unwise expenditures, whenever a government prints more and more of its currency to advance a socialist agenda, they have diminished my status as a citizen, thereby stealing from me my economic freedom. Paper currency, printed and circulated in the economy of a nation irresponsibly, is the most insidious form of tyranny. The more of it that is printed, the less value each monetary unit (the dollar) becomes. “Full faith and credit” no longer applies.  It would render a nation’s currency worthless, and therefore destroy that nation. . Why not just send each citizen their own printing press, if their true goal is to eliminate poverty? Would doing this solve any fiscal problems, or would it destroy the very foundations of freedom? There is no freedom without economic freedom.

Isn’t that what just happened with the bailouts? Haven’t the liberals in congress, and the socialist President, Obama, devalued our currency and ruined our credit with these huge appropriations? Isn’t the true agenda behind all of the fear mongering to destroy the capitalist system? What better way to bring on a new socialist order than to render the currency of a nation worthless?

Is your property worth less today than it was in 2008, or more? Is your money worth less, or more? The answer is obvious.

My question is thus:

" Doesn't the income tax, or the indiscriminate printing of fiat currency, violate my fifth amendment protection against government's taking of private property without just compensation?"

This is precisely why the tax on income should be replaced with a tax on consumption,

( a national sales tax). Tax on income without just compensation is pure Socialism at best, and pure Communism at worst, and is un-democratic. It diminishes our rights.

At least, with a national sales tax, my right to disagree with the government's policies would be affirmed by an inherent, and constitutional right to boycott those goods and services upon which the government taxes, through annually affirmed statutory taxing authority.  (Boycotting is a form of petition, guaranteed by the first amendment ".... or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances" )

Tax on incomes deprives citizens of one of the most effective tools they have to disagree with the government, or shape public policy through peaceful means. If, through the income tax, the government confiscates my property, they have denied me my right to boycott them, and they have effectively silenced me. This, therefore, is not "just compensation" for the taking of my property. I have received less rights than I had before they took my property. It is not just compensation. It is less value for my money. It diminishes my status as a citizen.

Socialism wants to freeze the size of the wealth pie and then divide it among an ever increasing population, the “masses”, thereby guaranteeing ever-increasing poverty among those masses. This ever-increasing poverty results in more and more dependence on the governing class, the “elite”.

Capitalism encourages growth of the wealth pie (which is infinite, if allowed to follow its natural course), thereby multiplying it. The population will continue to grow, regardless, thereby producing ever-increasing demand for goods and services, and therefore, jobs, and opportunity.

The hoaxes of “Global Warming”, “Pollution”, and  “Overpopulation” were merely lies perpetrated by socialists, communists, progressives, and liberals in order to advance their hidden agenda upon the gullible masses. Their technique has always been to monger fear in the hearts of the masses.  

Just look at who started the GreenPeace movement....none other than Michael Gorbachev.









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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 13, 2017 at 11:01am

Look what President Trump has done for us here at REAL CONSERVATIVES!

With President Trump grabbing control of our nation and turning it again with the wind in a positive direction and future, we are allowed to think big.

Thank you Raya for this piece. My mind is back in gear and looking for and producing answers for our problems.






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