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The story of July4patriot and the corruption of the system. Please share with others. thank you!

The story of July4Patriot and the corruption of the system. Share with others please.

This is
the story of one of our true and fine patriots, July4Patriot (Charles
Dyer) story that way to often is being silent by the Media, because they
want to have the American people in the dark. It's time for us to stand
up and fight against the corruption of this system, that will affect
all of us soon enough. Many people have preconceptions of what really is
going on, because we know the news only said what they want for people
to know or believe, we must expose the very true of this story.
He's in ex-marine, ( I wonder if ex- ever exist on those that fight for the
Country, as they uphold in high regard the Oath they take, to defend
this Republic from foreign and domestic enemy) with honors, someone who
fight for our freedoms and rights, is in the crusade of his own, and now
he need the help of patriots to do for him, what him and others has
been done for us, sacrificing their lives to fight for our freedoms and
rights. Please read the content of this blog, so you know the truth, the
truth that no one try to expose, the truth that everyone should know,
as tomorrow can be the very thing we may fight, as I know many patriots
already felt in their lives, this corruption, against them, their family
and property.
Please share and make this viral so America know. we must win this battle against the power grabbers, so we can fight others
as well. The next segment is on his own words and the questions that
patriots has ask him.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Nothing is little, all you can do will be appreciated,
even if it's to pass the word around.

God bless.

"If you don't fight for Freedom, you don't deserve to be free" Thomas Jefferson.


Hello everyone,

It was suggested by a couple people that I open a discussion thread to answer any questions that you all may have. Apparently even up until today, alot of people thought I was still in Jail. I was released in
April after being found not guilty by a Jury of my peers on Federal
charges for failing to register a destructive device. I was brought back
to my county and charged with Child Rape and released on $150,000

Because of my refusal to admit to child rape and the lack of evidence that the DA has here, on the day of my preliminary hearing(about 7 months after being arrested) he decided to hit me again
with the destructive device by claiming I knew it was stolen even though
I proved in a Federal court that I didn't. Also they are claiming I had
a rifle that I knew was stolen because it had serial numbers
"professionally" removed. The FBI and local law
enforcement couldn't even tell where the serial numbers were supposed to
be until a gunsmith told them, but I am expected to it seems. Not to
mention that the rifle was taken from my home without ANY WARRANT
whatsoever. They entered my home, started rummaging through my arsenal
without a warrant, checking serial numbers and that's what they found.
They also confiscated my mask I wore in my videos and a speech I was
working on that is now posted at

Feel free to ask any questions that you want. I have tough skin and if I can't answer something, I'll let you know. I am an open book and have NOTHING to hide. Ask anything. I may only have a few months before
they try to lock me up with a life sentence, so ask now or forever hold
your peace :-P

Questions and answers...

Q.-Can you give us some contact numbers to these people in the agencies that are trying to destroy you so we can show our support?

A.- Sure thing. The D.A. that has added extra weapon charges on me for not admitting to rape as well as taking my GF to court in an atttempt to
take her daughter because I refuse to give up my 5th amendment rights
and take sexual predator classes is Bret Burns. His work address and
number are

Bret T. Burns
101 S. 11TH
Duncan, Oklahoma 73533
Phone: (580) 255-8726

The number to the DHS official that is heading up the CPS case that told
me "It doesn't matter if you're found not guilty, as far as DHS is
concerned, you are a child molester and will be forever" "We don't have
to have the same level of evidence as a criminal jury. We just have to
say there "MAY" be a threat to the child" is named Abby Wilson

Abigail Wilson
1805 W. Plato Rd.
Duncan, OK 73534
Phone: (580) 251-8300

The number to the FBI agency where the Agent that was caught making a
false written statement, threatened my 68 year old mother that if she
didn't cooperate that they would "make" enough charges to put her son
away for 40 years, lied to me that my GF was a felon, lied on the stand
at my state preliminary hearing, and told me he would arrest my GF if I
asked for my attorney again during the interrogation was last known
working at the following

Agent Gene Poole
410 SW 5th St., Room 309
Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: (580) 353-3090

The deputy that was all too eager to arrest me on false charges of
violating a protective order even though I had 2 other witnesses
collaborating my story a couple of weeks ago after my wife lied that I
violated the order, only to be released an hour later because a video
tape surfaced, showing I was telling the truth and she was the one lying
is follows. (NOTE: Deputy Lawson Gutherie treated me with the utmost
respect and was responsible for having me released. He should be

Deputy Lemons (A.K.A. Officer Unfriendly)
Stephens County Sheriffs Dept
101 S 11th St # 104
Duncan, OK 73533-4758
(580) 255-3131

I placed 4 trash bags of trash in trash bins at Clear Creek lake. There
are no signs ormarkings that say not to. The city workers dug through my
trash and found my name on something, so Officer Smith ordered them to
get all the trash from around the lake, trespass on my property, back a
truck into my yard, and dump trash in my yard including broken glass and
used condoms where my GF's daughter plays. He was sitting at my drive
way watching them. I video taped it and when I cleaned it up, it was 13
huge Hefty bags stuffed to capacity. This was on September 14th.

Officer Rusty Smith
Duncan Police Department
Duncan, OK
Dept Phone: (580) 255-2112

Every statement I made above is fully true and I have witnesses, video,
and audio proof to back up my statements except for Agent Poole
threatening me during interrogation. I was in hand cuffs, in their
custody, and unable to record the conversation. This is about 25% of the
constitutional violations that they have enacted against me..-

Q.- What happened to make the DA think they could bring charges of "Child Rape" against you?

A.- I do have to watch what I say however, since it is a pending trial. I feel fairly comfortable with saying the following. I haven't lived with
my wife and daughter since 2008. She moved to Oklahoma and I was in the
Marine Corps and attending aviation school. My wife admitted to me that
she was sleeping around and doing drugs around May-June of 2009. I told
her that I was going to fight for custody of my daughter. That day was
the first time I ever was charged with anything in my life. (That's when
I was arrested and charged in the Marine Corps). She tried to have me
arrested so I couldn't take our daughter from her. The 2 charges were
found to be fraudulent and dropped. About 7 months later 2 more charges
were brought on by her. She said I had militia members in and out of my
house and I raped my daughter. This is what caused the charges for the
grenade launcher because they thought I was a domestic terrorist. I was
found not guilty of the grenade launcher. Then about 2 weeks ago she had
me arrested for violating a protective order. She lied to the cops
(after I had them come there) and said I approached her screaming when
actually she is the one that did it to me. I was arrested, but after a
video surfaced that showed she lied, I was released an hour later.

So in summary, I'm 30 and never had legal trouble in my life. However,
from June of last year on the day I threatened to get custody of my
daughter, I have now been arrested for 4 separate charges that she made
against me (3 of which were dropped after investigation and the rape
charge that I face) as well as the Grenade launcher that I was found not
guilty of.

The evidence that the D.A. has is a statement made by my daughter. That's it.

Q.- So the weapons case and the domestic case are non-related. They were just combined by the DA in order to discredit you and try and bring a
sentence upon you.?

A.-The weapons charges have nothing to do with the rape charges, other than the fact that they entered my home on a DNA warrant to get evidence
against me, which they found NONE. And while they were there, they saw
the grenade launcher. Then the next day without warrant, they decided to
come back and remove all of my weapons from my home while I was in
jail. NO WARRANT or permission.

The second day I was arrested, and the first time I met Agent Gene Poole
of the FBI, he made it very clear why I was there. He stated "I guess
July4Patriot won't be making any videos any time soon" I said "I guess
not" He laughed and walked out of the room. They also confiscated my
mask.... (Dunno what that has to do with rape or weapons charges) and a
speech I was working on. Doesn't take a scientist to put 2 and 2
together. I was given my mask, body armor, ammunition, and all my
military gear back after I was found not guilty. They kept the speech.

Questions: Who owned the house? Who gave Consent to search?
Was there a Warrant? If so what evidence was used to establish a need, and what was named in the search?

If consent was not given by the owner then anything found must be ruled inadmissible in court.

I am familuar with some of the details as I was Co-Hosting Jim's ARM show at the time.

If they found something they were not looking for they cannot charge you for that.

But since when has that mattered. The tree of liberty is mighty parched ...

.A.-Consent to obtain the M-203 was given by my GF. She didnt want to, but the day before, they detained her for 8 hours and threatened to take her
child from her. The next day, they ordered her to come to the house and
get in a squad car. The Deputy told her that he told the FBI that she
was cooperating and didn't want the FBI coming after her if she refused
to sign. She didn't at first, but reluctantly did sign. Her name is not
on the lease, but she had resided there for about 35 days. The next day
when they removed the weapons from the house, they called my father to
the house and entered without any warrant or authorization from me or my
GF and removed all of my weapons from my home after going through each
and every serial number.

His plea to the American Patriot and his appreciation for the support that he has receive in the Patriot movement.

Thank you for any assistant you are able to help out with. I understand with the economy as it is. I saved up money so that I could travel the
country and train with militias and speak across the nation. About 3
weeks before I was supposed to be in Montana I was arrested. Now I have
had to borrow close to $50,000 from my parents for legal fees and they
put their farm up as collateral for the $150,000 bail.

For paypal directly to my mother, the site is (upper right chip in icon)

The physical address is P.O. Box 47 Marlow Ok, 73055

And I won't give up. They'll have to kill me or put me in prison to shut
me up. Im fed up with everything they are doing to the American people.

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