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We ARE the GOLD Standard

"...Our wealth is within us. It is not found in Fort Knox. It does not rest within the steel vaulted walls of any bank. It cannot be found in stock portfolios, gold certificates, debentures or bonds. "

That which we commonly view as "wealth’; the gold, the stocks and bonds, the Real Estate holdings, are but transient manifestations of a value that is deeper and more profound than any object found in the material world.

All can be destroyed, stolen or for one thing, LIBERTY. It is the only thing we have upon which all other wealth follows. It will never be destroyed, unless WE destroy it. It will never be stolen, unless WE forfeit it. It will never be lost, unless WE deliberately blind ourselves to it’s value, or trade it for a deceptive promise of security, to a point that WE no longer recognize it’s comparative value to all other things.

LIBERTY. It is why other men in other lands strive to come here.

LIBERTY is what they long for in their secret dreams in those faraway lands.

LIBERTY is what gave us Capitalism, Property Rights, and most importantly, Individual Human Rights.

Without LIBERTY, and a supreme law, a Constitution, to define that Liberty....we have nothing.

LIBERTY is the quality that defines us as a Nation to all other peoples in this world.

LIBERTY is what has made America the "Gold Standard" of humanity. It is what all the others want, who are deprived of it by their own, parochial, provincial standards, customs and rulers.

Our planet, Earth, being the “home” of all humanity, contains, in any given coordinate, the natural resources necessary to the sustenance and prosperity of the human race. Natural, raw resources have been a part of this planet since it was created, and will reside here for eternity. Nations rise from among that same material dust. Abundance abounds. Yet, some nations are “wealthy”, while others are “poor”.

What is the dynamic that determines the relative wealth or poverty of a nation?  It is the spirit of Liberty among free men that enables them to convert raw, natural resources, which by themselves cannot be considered as wealth, until the raw material is converted to a form that is beneficial to mankind-into what we know as "wealth".

Man was created with, by a loving  God, a thinking, logical brain. He was also endowed with hands that have opposing thumbs, enabling him to make the things which his thinking brain conceives. But the driving pervasive, powerful force behind his miraculous ability to conceive and achieve is Liberty. We, as mortal beings, having come from the dust and ash which constitute our physical being, will all someday return to the dust. Yet the spirit of Liberty endures, beyond the physical limitation of that dust, or of those ashes.

A seed, in and of itself, is not edible until it is planted, sown and harvested. Freedom is the “water” that makes the abundance of capitalism possible in the fertile soil of a society rooted in ordered constitutional law.

America, itself, is the great College of LIBERTY to where others come to learn of the God-Given miracle that we have inherited from those visionaries we call our Founders. It is our solemn duty to conserve that gift, and to assure our Posterity the Freedom and the prosperity of it’s promise.

America  is the Gold Scale of the world.

America is the standard by which those other men in those other lands consider their lot in life....

...and find themselves wanting, truly wanting.

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Comment by Jim Delaney on January 11, 2018 at 11:46pm

Thanks. Good article.

Comment by Kathryn Ball on August 3, 2017 at 7:24pm

Acosta should really be EMBARRASSED..............due to his INCREDIBLE RUDENESS followed by his INCREDIBLE  IGNORANCE!!!!!

Since WHEN is a poem, written in a contest to collect funds to build the platform upon which the Statue of Liberty would be placed, become The  United States of America's IMMIGRATION POLICY!!!!!!!

I would suggest that CNN fire him but they probably don't know the history EITHER!!!!!

It is safe to say these people are "STUCK ON STUPID"!!!!!






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