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The Colossal Hoax: Obama’s Birth Certificate

The Colossal Hoax: Obama’s Birth Certificate


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Comment by Patty on March 27, 2019 at 6:59pm

AND what is totally being ignored is the Douglas safety commission chair Sheriff Gualtieri (R) of Pinellas County and the FDLE commissioner CHANGING the police body cam times in the Nikolas Cruz case. Gualtieri in November 2018 changed the times of the AXON police body cameras using time drift as a reason so he can randomly change the times to fit the timeline. The BSO detective ( under Desantis new sheriff NOT Sheriff Israel) was rewriting the timeline for the THIRD time in January a YEAR after the event! WHY?

Suspiciously, State majority leader Galvano has cancelled the hearing for Sheriff Israel and is allowing the court system to process whether he should be removed from his position. WHY? Maybe because when the truth comes out that the FDLE commissioner, sheriff of Pinellas county and all the other sheriffs sat quiet at the safety meeting and allowed Sheriff Gualtieri to CHANGE the key times in the shooting! 

While they all sat and allowed this to happen, I went to the AXON website and any device thought to be inaccurate or defective is to be returned to the company and their scientists will LEGALLY check the times, check for malfunction and adjust any time drift. I called an Axon rep as a concerned citizen and no use of the Axon police cams, was immediately connected to their lawyers. A simple email got their response and the police body cams do NOT result in significant time drift and any problem cameras NEED to be sent back to the company! SO WHY isn't senator and state legislators not calling Sheriff Gualtieri and the FDLE commissioner before them or before the grand jury to investigate why they think they have the authority to randomly change police camera times??? They NEED to investigate how many cases have been altered through Florida by police changing the times on the cameras! 5 minutes could be the difference between premeditation and death and life in prison or even freedom and innocence. 

ANY if us could be falsely accused next and a change in time could alter our lives and destroy our defense of innocence. THIS is BIGGER than Mueller - this is EVERY American! Also remember Columbo - if the events don't fit into the timeline, maybe you have the WRONG person! 

Also the defense is trying to depose the police that responded to the shooting. BUT they refuse to show up to their depositions and they say that their reports still aren't written a YEAR after the event. WHY? maybe their reports are based off the real body cam times and Gualtieri and FDLE changing the times forces them to lie!!!!!

This case stinks - this case is bigger than OJ or Mueller! The truth lies in the released police radio and 911 calls - did thousands of police miss the truth? OR is the truth so devastating that it is easier to put an innocent autistic kid to death???

While everyone was focused on Mueller, what has been happening in Florida is MORE disgusting. It's too bad we became a society that can't read 425 pages of documents and put our heads in the sand than stand up for our constitutional rights and the rights of EVERY person accused of a crime!

When the time changes are revealed at trial and any lawyer WILL reveal the truth and bring the Axon lawyers on as a defense witness then EVERY case across the state and across the country will be in jeopardy of being overturned!

America is the greatest country in the world because of our rights to be presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty by a jury of our peers. We have seen what happens without cross examination and when investigations are driven by anger rather than truthfinding and objectivity. People fought for Kavanaugh and Trump yet sit silent when Nikolas Jacob Cruz is railroaded by republican committees that are out of control, biased, change evidence, and write opinions NOT facts. 

I have spent the last year of my life investigating this case. And I am ready to write the FACTS that cause beyond reasonable doubt! Stay tuned! here'a a little pioece of evidence to ponder - there were THREE Nkolas Cruz's on or near the school campus on Feb 14, 2018. And it is stated in the latest timeline from the safety committee in November 2018!

A student called 911 and stated he was in room 722 with another student named Nikolas Cruz (spelling unknown) and don't let the police enter and shoot because it is the OTHER student named Nikolas Cruz who is the shooter. Wake up everyone that is TWO Nikolas Cruz's who were currently enrolled at Douglas High on the day of the shooting( spelling unknown). PLUS Nikolas Jacob Cruz a former student says he was fishing in the canal just south of the school! That's THREE Nikolas Cruz's that we were hearing students, teachers and even neighbors and parents talk about - BUT the press and even people looking up the name were not clarifying which Nikolas Cruz they were talking about! And a teacher from Douglas High even called 911 and said Nikolas Cruz was in my class earlier today BUT 911 didn't keep these key callers on the line to clarify details because number of calls answered is MORE important than a key caller with needed information! Sound familiar? 

It gets better or worse for Nikolas Jacob Cruz who doesn't even have a parent or guardian to dispute the mixups that were occurring and are still occurring. And remember those body cams where the times were changed - it gets better - the state prosecutors just released discovery stating that one policeman was wearing another policeman's body camera! How many other police cameras are going to change from officer to officer - is that because now the times change that pictures show the police officer somewhere else at the new time? ONCE you start lying the lies just get bigger and bigger to cover up the truth!

When did we become a society that allows lying? And it isn't just the dems! Pam Bondi looked the other way for her political career that fizzled out rather than prosecute Michelle Fields for her false accusations for political gain! Once people feel they can lie without consequences the whole judicial system collapses. we are living in very dangerous times and everyone better wake up - Mueller ending is just the beginning NOT the end! 






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