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There has been enough stupid moves, misstatements, insults, changing stories and general confusion shown by the Barak Obama administration so far, that everyone is starting to question all of our leaders point blank. Finally, we're being outspoken and I love it!

During my first road trip to Washington, D. C., I saw a quietness due to lack of knowledge and therefore opinion. Now, comments on the phrase "I didn't vote for this Obamanation", that I wear on my chest daily, come much more frequently. I have been wearing that phrase on my chest, everyday since the end of April and I truly have seen comments increase tremendously in the last month or so. Even more revealing...negative comments to the phrase, that never exceeded 15%, have almost disappeared. I attribute that to the fact this administration has looked bad, even to those who earlier would have defended it, but now know better.

So, off to Washington, D. C. again I go, with hopes that this time I'm joined by many on 9/12. Those of you who are reading this, I'm begging you, to please do something for your country everyday. The giant awakens a little each day. Remember the surge I spoke of earlier and please join in. Help get the word out anyway you can, that we have seen enough lies and lies will not save this country! Truth is, this health care issue is a smokescreen to hide catastrophic ills elsewhere. Homes, 401Ks, bailouts, immigration, jobs, taxes, etc.. We all have issues we can relate to, find yours and start speaking out now and don't stop! Our country needs We the People now! I really believe that 9/12/09 has to be the turning point!


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Comment by Elizabeth Parella on August 21, 2009 at 8:20am
Have you ever wondered that "The One" and his cronies are out to totally destroy America and remake our glorious country into a socialist state? If you crush industry (oil and gas, pharmaceutical, auto industries, healthcare, etc.), you will have more and more Americans beholden to the Federal government for their very existence. The return of welfare with swollen rolls will be the norm, and we will all miss Clinton who changed welfare to workfare for the betterment of not only the nation but the folks on the welfare system who became PRODUCTIVE and SELF-SUFFICIENT.

If you think the so-called gap between rich and poor is wide now, it will be a cavernous divide when the tax man comes rolling in to tax us to pay for all the nefarious programs currently wending their way through the system: (1) Government healthcare -- we know what that will do to the economy; (2) Cap & Trade -- an onerous tax on the consumers of electricity in this country and it will also have a negative impact on all industries which use electric power as they will be forced to pay huge tax increases and will be forced to lay off people for the sake of their bottom line; (3) Card Check -- a means by which the unions can swell their rolls. This, in turn, will make things MORE expensive for consumers and will create layoffs as companies become unionized with their sometimes grotesque demands. Remember the auto industry and the bailouts? Were folks appalled to learn what the retirees get? This will GET WORSE as the unions succeed in signing folks up without the private vote. Imagine the thugs and rabblerousers from ACORN and SEIU coming to stand outside your home as you say a resounding NO to signing up for whatever union wants you as a member....scary...

As an aside, Barney Frank is pressuring the lending institutions of this country to RELAX their rules for folks getting mortgages.... Wasn't this the ROOT CAUSE of the collapse not only of the housing business but of America's financial stability? He hasn't learned yet...

We are at GREAT PERIL now and must keep up the great efforts we, as ordinary American citizens, have made to stop the madness in this country. We ARE making a difference! We are trillions in debt and do NOT need to go trillions more into debt to satisfy this gang of thugs.

Please keep up the good work with your blogs, calls to the government, faxes, letters, and sound discussion with your friends and acquaintances. And please attend the teaparties in your area and, if you can, joint so many of us at the 9/12 rally in Washington.... It will be spectacular.

The mainstream media and the folks who supposedly represent all of us in Washington may say we're lunatics or whatever else they want to call us. But I'm proud to be called a lunatic rather than a village idiot who lays down and gets steamrolled by this administration!






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