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John Boehner and 100 economists plead w/B HO...


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Fizzle Shahzad may have found his 72 virgins!

Fizzle Shahzad may have found his 72 virgins!

Funny thing how hypocrite Mayor Bloomberg identifies Fizzle Shahzad's car-bomb as a weapon of mass

and half of this country identifies George W. Bush as a

liar for not finding ANY weapons of mass destruction!…

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Let's show Franklin Graham and the government, we love prayer more than we love government!

Human Events
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opportunities we believe you as a valued customer may want to know

about. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and

representations of our advertiser alone, and not necessarily the opinion

or editorial positions of Human Events or Eagle…

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HUSTUSA on the front page of a local paper!

Thanks to the North County Times!

The headline in the paper reads...

"A Sleeping Giant"

Patriots unite...then let's prove who is right!

Thanks to reporters Mark Walker and Sarah Gordon!…


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HUSTUSA says...change your avatar to show your support this weekend!!!

Hey everybody,

Show your support against Obamacare and change your avatar for the weekend...

I assume you all know how to do this, so get with it! HUSTUSA

I'm warming up the crowd in Atlanta with the TeaPartyExpress! Sorry about his bad audio...

This was four months ago people! The corniness of this bills resurrection has made me hate

this misuse of congress, as much as I hated the Glenn Close…


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Let's "Ride Them Out On A Rail"

Hello All,

Some of you have been following my posts for a while and know what I'm up to. Now, it's time for everyone to know exactly what I am all about. So here goes...

I am a general construction contractor in southern California. I have been in the same town for 24 years and have built up a large number of regular clients, who depend on me as their contractor. I am also located just 50 miles north of the San Ysidro border crossing, the most heavily crossed border crossing on the… Continue

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From Cranberry Township, PA, Kenneth Gladney tells of the SEIU members who assaulted him while selling flags...

The crowd spontaneously sings "God Bless America" just before Kenneth Gladney speaks...CrToPAdontreonme.3GP

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During my 2nd trip to DC this year...I found the solution to our country's problems!

Hello RCs,

During my 2nd trip to DC this year...I found the solution to our country's' problems! The National Liberty Party! Please visit them at and decide for yourself!

"We the People" was the force behind the 9/12 event in Washington D. C. and "We the People" have slowed the passage of silly legislation with NO representation! "We the People" can, at the grassroots level, get a… Continue

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I'm heading in a new direction...please FOLLOW ME to a better country!

I have been promoting the phrase "I didn't vote for this Obamanation" as a way to get people to unite in one voice. I have had good results, but during my second trip to Washington, D. C. this year, I met up with some people who were on the same path, but way ahead of me and in larger numbers. I met the leaders of both "" and "". The National 912 Project people were also uniting people and actually led me to the National Liberty Party! We all… Continue

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We're having an impact people...MEET ME IN D. C.!!

Hello RCs,
I have joined up with the "angry mob" and we are out here waking the sleeping giant. Please follow me to Washington, D. C. at or meet me in D. C. on 9/12! This schedule is I've got to go! HUSTUSA

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Stupidity Abounds!

Hello Readers,

There has been enough stupid moves, misstatements, insults, changing stories and general confusion shown by the Barak Obama administration so far, that everyone is starting to question all of our leaders point blank. Finally, we're being outspoken and I love it!

During my first road trip to Washington, D. C., I saw a quietness due to lack of knowledge and therefore opinion. Now, comments on the phrase "I didn't vote for this Obamanation", that I wear on my… Continue

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HUSTUSA says...I didn't vote for this Obamanation!

HUSTUSA is back and speaks of what he has learned while working on the HelpUsSaveTheUSA project. He also speaks of the plans for Road Trip #2 and he's planning more videos on current subjects to be along soon...STAY TUNED!Video 26.wmv

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