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On the eve of Super Tuesday, you’d think my strongest words would be reserved for that GOP candidate whom I like the least, but not so. I’ll give Rick Santorum an extended hall pass this morning so he can hasten to the nearest boys' restroom and barf- his apparent visceral response the legacy of one of our greatest American Presidents, namely John Fitzgerald Kennedy- whose rebellion against the both Federal Reserve and the military-industrial complex has won him my eternal affection. And make no mistake. That’s exactly why Jack was murdered in cold blood…


So who will be the well-deserving recipient of my wrath today? That would be none other than Barack Hussein Obama- unquestionably the WORST President we’ve ever had! It takes a superlative effort to make Jimmy “Peanut Man” Carter look like an “Honest Abe” Lincoln- but Barry has done it!

The Kenyan fraud has demonstrated utter contempt for the US Constitution and our rule of law. His mindless energy policy, most recently indicted by the skyrocketing price of gasoline, has not only left countless American households with neither root nor branch with regard to discretionary income, but places in jeopardy their food, clothing and homes. His endless arrogance and relentless narcissism not only wear our threadbare patience even thinner, but such Presidential defects rival the brutal Mexican drug lords as a rising threat to our national security. But this is not all- not even the least of this mammoth pile of despicable guano.


The Kenyan prince has shown gross disregard for the welfare of our men and women in uniform. Oh, my! Where do I begin? His endless apologies for American sacrifice in defense of freedom? Trying to balance the federal budget on the backs of our military families? Blatant ignorance of tried and true military strategy? Like Barry announcing when we plan to leave the field of battle- or apologizing for minor military mistakes? “Quiet things down,” you say, Barry? Indeed, you have placed our heroes in greater danger by emboldening our enemies in Afghanistan with your mealy-mouthed rhetoric!


Perhaps worst of all, tens of thousands of our fighting men and women have returned home with horrific battle injuries- and their desperate plight has shamefully become largely dependent upon the charity of the American people- rather than the federal government which placed them in harm’s way in the first place! And say what you will about Governor Romney, but did you happen to catch Mitt’s emotional response on Huckabee this weekend in regard to our wounded warriors?


And let me not ignore a disastrous foreign policy that has supported Islamic extremism, namely the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt and Libya! How’s that “hope and change” workin’ out for ya, Barry? And do you feel remorse for failing to support true Iranian patriots when blood was running in the streets of Tehran? Closer to home, what did you do to support democracy in Honduras? Why have you been so enchanted with your fellow commie Hugo Chavez?


But why should we surprised, Barry. Lest we forget, as a US Senator you traveled to your Kenyan “homeland” and campaigned for your commie cousin Raila Odinga’s failed presidential bid- after which hundreds of Kenyan Christians were slaughtered in the wake of unbridled Islamic retribution! Did you ever apologize for THAT, Barry?


What biting descriptions come to mind when we think of you, Barry? Impenitent traitor? Bald-faced liar? Arrogant fool? Pompous ass? Narcissistic self-serving tyrant? Undocumented worker? Your character reads like a Who’s Who of Biblical Abominations! And by the way, will we ever see a valid version of your birth certificate before November? Mr. Obama, you’re the biggest fake since oleo margarine!


Tomorrow’s primary contests are not just about assessing the national popularity of our four main GOP Presidential hopefuls. First and foremost, I hope there is an unprecedented voter turnout among both Republicans and independents that will clearly demonstrate our collective national displeasure with the catastrophic failures of the Obama administration.


A battle for the “Soul of America?” Yes, indeed- but it is also about the developing crisis of American families as they struggle to put food on the table, fill their gas tanks and simply keep a roof over their heads. It is a referendum on whether we will genuinely support the Armed Forces of the United States- or continue to cater to Mexican drug cartels, international bankers and Islamic expansionism. Will we regain our international reputation as the World’s Bread Basket- or will we continue to degrade our agricultural ability to even feed ourselves?


But I really have to hand it to Barry! He’s the absolute master of the red herring! The recent flap over birth control was pure genius- even if it did cost him a slice of the Catholic vote! His latest “now ya see it- now ya don’t” obviously involves Tehran- but I respectfully remind him that Iranian nuclear capability is not a harmless political football! The prospect of a dirty nuclear device in the hands of terrorists is real- and could devastate Israel or a major American city. Get a grip, Barry! This is not a casual game of Parcheesi! 


I never thought I’d see the day when American energy policy would be dictated by wacko environmentalists in league with the Environmental Protection Agency. It was once unimaginable to me that a President’s ego and hopes for reelection would trump the welfare of our troops in battle. It was inconceivable to me that our traditional Judeo-Christian values would be supplanted by political opportunism!                  


Sorry, Rick- but these are some of the putrid issues that turn MY stomach…

Richard Allan Jenni

Hobble Creek, Utah
Real Conservatives

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Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on March 6, 2012 at 1:58pm

Deadlock = Disaster – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

By Dick Morris on March 6, 2012


Dear Friend,

In this video commentary, I discuss how proportional representation could produce a deadlocked convention and re-elect Obama. We need a nominee! Sooner rather than later! Tune in…

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 5, 2012 at 5:50pm

It's been over three years since Obama took office and I have YET to find ANYTHING I like about him.

Comment by Bruce Graves on March 5, 2012 at 5:10pm

Amen, Richard.







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