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Case at hand was file on 12.12.2012. Defendant BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, AKA BARACK (BARRY) SOETORO, AKA BARACK (BARRY) OBAMA SOEBARKAH was sued in his capacity as a candidate for the U.S. President. Defendant was served by SameDay professional service processer on 01. 04.2013. Defendant was under an obligation to file an answer or a responsive pleading within 21 days on 01.25.2013. Defendant  failed to file an answer or a responsive pleading and is currently in DEFAULT.

Complaint  and 100 exhibits provided by the Plaintiffs provided the following evidence, which was not refuted by the Defendant:

  1. Defendant Obama never lawfully registered with the Selective Service and the selective service registration represents a computer generated forgery and as such defendant is not eligible to work in any position in the executive branch of the U.S. Government, which of course includes the Chief Executive- The U.S. President and the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military. (Sworn  Affidavit of Jeffrey Stephan Coffman, the Chief Investigator of the Special investigations Unit of the U.S. Coast Guard (ret) and former special agent of the U.S. Department of the Homeland Security). As such Obama fraudulently submitted his candidacy for the U.S. President, while knowing all along that he is not eligible for any position in the Executive Branch.
  2. Defendant fraudulently ran for the position of the U.S. President while using the last name Obama, while in his mother’s passport records he is listed under the legal name Soebarkah. As such Barack Obama was unlawfully elected, confirmed by the U.S. Senate and sworn in by the Chief Justice John Roberts, as legal entity “Barack Obama” does not exist. Defendant failed to provide any proof of legal change of name from Soebarkah to Obama.
  3. Plaintiffs provided this court with the copy of the School registration of the Defendant from the Assissi School in Jakarta, Indonesia, where his citizenship is listed as Indonesian. Defendant failed to provide any evidence of Change of Citizenship from Indonesian to American. Even if he were to legally relinquish his Indonesian citizenship to American upon his arrival from Indonesia in 1971, he would be a Naturalized Citizen and not Natural born as required by the Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.
  4. OCON, official certification of Candidate signed by the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Hawaii Brian Schatz(recently appointed to the U.S. Senator from HI) and the secretary of the Democratic Party of Hawaii Lynn Matusow was a flagrantly falsified document, as required wording  “eligible according to provisions of the U.S. Constitution” was removed from the Certification, whereby there was never a valid certification of the candidate, which showed an intent to defraud and fraud on the part of the Defendant and aforementioned executives of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.
  5. Defendant   himself posted his tax returns on the public web site, one of the most travelled web sites in the world and did not flattened the PDF file, therefore full, unredacted Connecticut Social Security xxx-xx-4425, which he used in conjunction to his 2009 Tax Returns became available to millions of the U.S. citizens and citizens around the world. This Social Secuirty failed both E-Verify and SSNVS (Social Security Number Verification Systems), two systems of verification of the Social Security number, showing that the number that the Defendant is using in his tax returns was never issued to him. This represents Social Security Fraud, Identity fraud and Elections Fraud as defendant ran for the highest office in the U.S. government without possessing  a valid Social security number, one of the two basic Identification papers used  in the United States of America
  6. Plaintiffs provided sworn affidavits of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, Investigator Mike Zullo, Typesetting expert Paul Irey, Adobe-Illustrator/Computer Graphics expert Felicito Papa, scanning machines expert Douglas Vogt and others, which show that the alleged copy of Barack Obama’s alleged long form birth certificate represents a computer generated forgery, while Department of Health of Hawaii refused to comply with any and all federal and state subpoenas and never provided to any judge or jury or expert an original birth certificate that they claim to possess. At this point there is no reason to believe that the original 1961 type written birth certificate ever existed, as there would not have been a reason to  create a flagrant forgery, if an original birth certificate ever existed.
  7. Based on all of the above Default Judgment is GRANTED. This court is forwarding its findings to the Chairman of the Judiciary Commission of the U.S. Congress for determination whether the Articles of impeachment  against Defendant BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, AKA BARACK (BARRY) SOETORO, AKA BARACK (BARRY) OBAMA SOEBARKAH are justified.
  8. Based on the unrefuted evidence by the Plaintiffs this court makes a finding and Declaratory ruling that Defendant BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, AKA BARACK (BARRY) SOETORO, AKA BARACK (BARRY) OBAMA SOEBARKAH was not eligible to the position of the U.S. President and Commander in Chief as he is a citizen of Indonesia, who ran for the U.S. Presidency based on fraud and misrepresentation and using either forged or fraudulently obtained identification papers.
  9. Plaintiff are entitled to their costs, attorneys fees and post judgment discovery.

So ORDERED and ADJUDGED on this ____________________________________ of __________

Chief Judge U.S District Court of




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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 19, 2013 at 9:28pm

What's with the Breitbart people? They prepared to give Orly Taitz the immediate "brush off" even before she completed her questions.

What's with Rand Paul and the illegal alien "workers" he's going to take care of?

Is this lying by politicians EVER going to stop???? Of course not.

When in the course of natural events we begin to believe an attorney (Orly Taitz) before a previously believable "conservative" news organization (Breitbart,) we've got ourselves a "Shism".

Comment by Pat Chadwell on March 19, 2013 at 2:33pm

Facts say that their is nothing legal about Obama, from day one... Harry Reid and senate and congress will not make the illegal show his past, there for they are part of the party of muslims trying to control the world...But the funny part is that if the brotherhood took over the USA those in Washington would be one of the first to loose their heads under Sheria Laws.... For they are infidels and that means all have to die..... Sheria Law....

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 18, 2013 at 7:22pm


Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on March 18, 2013 at 5:55pm

SERIAL-LIAR!!! I'm laughing at your attempts to cover all your various fraudulent actions. You're a pathetic criminal.

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on March 18, 2013 at 5:18pm

Video: Fmr. Marine Calls FBI About Obama’s Identity Document Fraud

March 16, 2013 By Daniel Noe

Here is recorded audio from Pete Santilli’s telephone calls to both the US Secret Service and FBI demanding an investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s ineligibility to be president…

Here is recorded audio from Pete Santilli’s telephone calls to both the US Secret Service and FBI demanding an investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s ineligibility to be president…

Get Informed! Read More About this topic::

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  3. Video: Obama Challenger Talks Sanctions For Challenging Obama Ident... It is heartening to learn how many awesome patriots are...
  4. Video: Justice Sanders: Obama Identity Document Fraud Case Not Friv... Here is a radio interview with Justice Richard Sanders, a...
  5. Video: Obama Failed E-Verify: Linda Jordan Fined For Challenging Ob... Here is the story of how a mother and homemaker...
Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on March 18, 2013 at 5:15pm

Video: Sarah Palin Goes Birther At CPAC

March 18, 2013 By NewsEditor

When talking about background checks for gun owners, Sarah Palin calls for Obama to be first in line. Wish she had done this five years ago when she was running on the GOP ticket. Maybe if Obama had been vetted in 2008, he wouldn’t have received so many votes from the naive and unsuspecting.

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on March 18, 2013 at 5:10pm

Attorney General Eric Holder: If the President Does It, It’s Legal

March 18, 2013

By John W. Whitehead

“I never thought I would see the day when a Justice Department would claim that only the most extreme infliction of pain and physical abuse constitutes torture and that acts that are merely cruel, inhuman and degrading are consistent with United States law and policy, that the Supreme Court would have to order the president of the United States to treat detainees in accordance with the Geneva Convention, never thought that I would see that a president would act in direct defiance of federal law by authorizing warrantless NSA surveillance of American citizens. This disrespect for the rule of law is not only wrong, it is destructive.”—Eric Holder, June 2008 speech to the American Constitution Society


Since the early days of our republic, the Attorney General (AG) of the United States has served as the chief lawyer for the government, entrusted with ensuring that the nation’s laws are faithfully carried out and holding government officials accountable to abiding by their oaths of office to “uphold and defend the Constitution.”

Unfortunately, far from holding government officials accountable to abiding by the rule of law, the attorneys general of each successive administration have increasingly aided and abetted the Executive Branch in skirting and, more often than not, flouting the law altogether, justifying all manner of civil liberties and human rights violations and trampling the Constitution in the process, particularly the Fourth Amendment.

No better example is there of the perversion of the office of the AG than its current occupant Eric Holder, who was appointed by President Obama in 2009. Hailed by civil liberties and watchdog groups alike for his pledge to “reverse the disastrous course that we have been on over the past few years” and usher in a new era of civil liberties under Obama, Holder has instead carried on the sorry tradition of his predecessors, going to great lengths to “justify” egregious government actions that can only be described as immoral, unjust and illegal.

Indeed, Holder has managed to eclipse both John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzalez, whose tenures under George W. Bush earned them constant reproach by Democrats and other left-leaning groups for justifying acts of torture, surveillance of American citizens and clandestine behavior by the government. Holder, however, has largely been given a free pass by these very same groups in much the same way that Obama has. The reason, according to former Senate investigator Paul D. Thacker, is that “Obama is a Democrat. And because he is a Democrat, he’s gotten a pass from many of the civil liberty and good-government groups who spent years watching President Bush’s every move like a hawk.”

Despite getting a “pass” from those who would normally have been crying foul, during his time as attorney general, Holder has “made the Constitution scream”—that according to one of his detractors. The colorful description is apt. Some of the Justice Department’s (DOJ) “greatest hits” under Holder begin and end with his stalwart defense of the Obama administration’s growing powers, coming as they do at the expense of the Constitution.

Moreover, as head of the DOJ, Holder’s domain is vast, spanning several law enforcement agencies, including the United States Marshals Service; FBI; Federal Bureau of Prisons; National Institute of Corrections; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Administration; and Office of the Inspector General (OIG), as well as the U.S. National Central Bureau for INTERPOL. To say that the agencies under Holder have struggled to abide by the rule of law is an understatement.

The following are just some of the highlights of the dangerous philosophies embraced and advanced by Holder and his Justice Department.

The military can detain anyone, including American citizens, it deems a threat to the country. Not only has the DOJ persisted in defending a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act that sanctions indefinite detentions of Americans, but it has also blasted the federal judge who ruled the NDAA to be vague and chilling as overstepping the court’s authority and infringing on Obama’s power to act as Commander in Chief.

Presidential kill lists and drone killings are fine as long as the president thinks someone might have terrorist connections. Holder has gone to great lengths to defend Obama’s use of drones to target and kill American citizens, even on U.S. soil, as legally justifiable. In fact, a leaked DOJ memo suggests that the President has the power to murder any American citizen the world over, so long as he has a feeling that they might, at some point in the future, pose a threat to the United States.

The federal government has the right to seize the private property—cash, real estate, cars and other assets—of those suspected of being “connected” to criminal activity, whether or not the suspect is actually guilty. The government actually collects billions of dollars every year through this asset-forfeiture system, which it frequently divvies up with local law enforcement officials, a practice fully supported by the DOJ and a clear incentive for the government to carry out more of these “takings.”

Warrantless electronic surveillance of Americans’ telephone, email and Facebook accounts is not only permissible but legal. According to court documents, more Americans have had their electronic communications spied on as a result of DOJ orders for phone, email and Internet information—40,000 people alone in 2011—and that doesn’t even begin to take into account agencies outside Holder’s purview, terrorism investigations or requests by state and local law enforcement officials.

Judicial review is far from necessary. Moreover, while it is legal for the government to use National Security Letters (NSL) to get detailed information on Americans’ finances and communications without oversight from a judge, it is illegal to challenge the authority of the Justice Department. Administrative subpoenas or NSLs—convenient substitutes for court-sanctioned warrants that require only a government official’s signature in order to force virtually all businesses to hand over sensitive customer information—have become a popular method of bypassing the Fourth Amendment and a vital tool for the DOJ’s various agencies. Incredibly, the DOJ actually sued a telecommunications company for daring to challenge the FBI’s secret order, lacking in judicial oversight, that it relinquish information about its customers. The FBI alone has issued more than 300,000 NSLs since 2000.

Due process and judicial process are not the same. In one of his earliest attempts to justify targeted assassinations of American citizens by the president, Holder declared in a March 5, 2012 speech at the Northwestern University School of Law that “The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process.” What Holder was attempting to suggest is that the Fifth Amendment’s assurance that “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law” does not necessarily involve having one’s day in court and all that that entails—it simply means that someone, the president for example, should review and be satisfied by the facts before ordering someone’s death. As one history professor warned, “Insert even a sliver of difference between due process and judicial process, and you convert liberty into tyranny. Holder, sworn to uphold the laws of the United States, is the mouthpiece of that tyranny, and Obama is its self-appointed judge, jury and executioner.”

Government whistleblowers will be bankrupted, blacklisted, blackballed and in some cases banished.As AG, Holder has reportedly prosecuted more government officials for alleged leaks than all his predecessors combined. Relying on the World War I-era Espionage Act, the DOJ has launched an all-out campaign to roust out, prosecute, and imprison government whistleblowers for exposing government corruption, incompetence, and greed. Intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is merely one in a long line of so-called “enemies of the state” to feel the Obama administration’s wrath for daring to publicly criticize its policies by leaking information to the media.

Government transparency is important unless government officials are busy, can stonewall, redact, obfuscate or lie about the details, are able to make the case that they are exempt from disclosure or that it interferes with national security. As Slate reports, “President Obama promised transparency and open government. He failed miserably.” Not only has Holder proven to be far less transparent than any of his predecessors, however, but his DOJ has done everything in its power to block access to information, even in matters where that information was already known. For example, when asked to explain the “Fast and Furious” debacle in which government operatives trafficked guns to Mexican drug lords, DOJ officials—unaware that much of the facts had already been revealed—“responded with false and misleading information that violated federal law.” When pressed for further information, the Justice Department retracted its initial response and refused to say anything more.

When it comes to Wall Street, justice is not blind. As revealed in a PBS Frontline report, the Obama administration has driven federal prosecutions of financial crimes down to a two-decade low, buoyed in its blindness to corporate corruption by campaign donations from Wall Street banks (whom Holder has determined are too big to prosecute anyhow) and staffers whose lucrative financial portfolios came about as a result of chummy relationships with financiers. As David Sirota points outs:

After watching the [PBS] piece, you will understand that the word “justice” belongs in quotes thanks to an Obama administration that has made a mockery of the name of a once hallowed executive department… Rooted in historical comparison, it contrasts how the Reagan administration prosecuted thousands of bankers after the now-quaint-looking S&L scandal with how the Obama administration betrayed the president’s explicit promise to “hold Wall Street accountable” and refused to prosecute a single banker connected to 2008′s apocalyptic financial meltdown.

Not all suspects should have the right to remain silent.In 2010, Holder began floating the idea that Miranda rights—which require that a suspect be informed of his right to remain silent—should be modified depending on the circumstances. Curiously, the Supreme Court is presently reviewing a case addressing a similar question, namely whether a suspect’s silence equates to an admission of guilt.

Clearly, it’s not the Constitution that Eric Holder is safeguarding but the power of the presidency. Without a doubt, Holder has taken as his mantra Nixon’s mantra that “When the President does it, that means it is not illegal.” It may be that the time has come to create a “non-political” and “independent” Attorney General, one who would serve the interests of the public by upholding the rule of law rather than justifying the whims of the President.

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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on March 18, 2013 at 2:15pm

Frustrated lawmaker: Only pre-selected members permitted to question Obama at GOP meeting

Texas Republican Rep. Michael Burgess told The Daily Caller that he wanted to bring up the health care law in President Obama’s meeting with House Republicans last week but was unable to ask Obama about the issue since questioners were “pre-selected.”

“I wasn’t called on. They had pre-selected the people who were going to ask questions. I guess someone made those decisions,” Burgess told TheDC at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

When asked who picked the individuals, Burgess responded, “Honestly, I don’t know. I assume it was the House conference that made the decision who got to ask a question.”

Burgess, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, blasted the Obama administration for leaving the nation’s governors in the dark about the implementation of the health care law and refusing to testify before House committees about the process.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 18, 2013 at 11:56am

Isn't it amazing how a total imposter has become the most powerful man in the world and all we can manage to do is stand frozen and motionless with our mouths agape?








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