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(To any readers who know actual addresses of the politicians and TV commentators mentioned below (those they actually see and read), please send them to me. FOX doesn't even have email addresses, and I only have the White House for the politicians.  I do have the three conservative publications because I subscribe to them.)


To:  President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, HUD Sec. Ben Carson, Education Sec. Betsy DeVos, First Lady Melanie Trump, Dr. Candy Carson, TV commentators and authors :  Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Gregg Jarrett, Laura Ingraham, as well as to the editors of NewsMaxJudicial Watch, the Heritage Foundation

 From: Ms. Edie Boudreau – co-creator of political web mall

Re:  Educate future leaders, end corruption, and give a Voice to the People


This is a copy of a proposal I sent to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.  They are trying to accomplish their Agenda to make America Great Again, despite the constant obstructers/ disruptors in both the Republican elite and the Democrat party. They have an uphill battle in their efforts to improve American’s lives and its economy/safety. They are fighting attackers on all sides of the American population because all those attackers do not care about the American peoples’ wishes or anything but their own power, money, cushy jobs, and fame.  They include:  the Republican Elitist Base, the corrupt and/or uninformed Democrat Party, the corrupt Main-Stream-Media, the RINOs in the Cabinet, the incompetent leaders/speakers of the Senate and House Republican and Democrat parties, and even those corrupt leaders in our previously honored FBI, CSI, State Dept. and other agencies.

 When God or Mother Nature, for those who do not believe in Him, increased attacks on the world with warning natural disasters—I felt it was past time for the Grass Root Patriots to stand up, speak up, and fight alongside of our President, instead of just watching.  For those with faith in God, they must understand He expects us to honor and believe in Him and to pray for His intercession.

I am an elderly single woman, and I have been impatiently waiting for the rest of the Patriots to join me in this battle.  So—if you get this message, you know that I consider you to be a Standup Patriot who is ready to reveal the corruption of all sides of our President and his Administration.

If you are a famous author or TV commentator, you have a large voice.  Use it pro bono to support and protect the “outsider,” and his family that American people decided to elect, as they had given up on their own parties.   If you are just an average patriotic American, it may mean that you might support him on Social Media, including defending him on “haters” posts. It might mean forming groups to attend Town Councils, or to petition your Governor or State Representatives.  It might mean promoting him to your political representatives, your friends and families, or becoming a “Strategic Partner” of the political website:   www.ItsYourIssue,.com.

The purpose of the political website described below is two-fold:  to educate the people who usually vote their party-line without knowing anything about politics—to instead vote for the best in America, now and in the future—to Drain the Swamp, and to make America Great Again. They will want to expose those “Never Trump” haters and “corrupt government officials, and to fire all Obama-elected officials—both politicians and judges. They will want the corrupted people to pay the consequences.

We need to stand back to back with Pres. Trump and V.P. Pence, and speak out to the world about the despicable way that President Trump is treated, in spite of accomplishing so much to repair the damage that the Obama administration created.  Why are we not speaking out to support President Trump when Congress is not doing their jobs? Why are we not rising and speaking up about the illegal, unconstitutional actions of Special Investigator Mueller, his selected corrupt Team and the corrupt FBI and CIA members about the lack of a special investigation of Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, their Foundation and their supporters; and the illegal aliens—many of whom may be terrorists?

The Real Message

I have offered and even sent the free gift of the design/skeleton of a magical political web mall  several times to President Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson without receiving a response.  I assume that they are not receiving my email or mail.  I have decided to send to President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and to 15 to 20 other patriots:   the cover letter, the Executive Summary, a sample article, and a couple of pages of the site; plus my resume of 35 years of experience working in many roles in all communication mediums, and nine years of college, through snail mail or email—however I can really reach them. I will send it to:  Sec. of HUD  Ben Carson, Sr.; Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos; TV commentators and authors:  Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, as well as to NewsMax,  Judicial Watch, the Heritage Foundation, and the First Lady, Melania Trump, and Ben’s wife, Candy Carson.  This web mall  is a major web mall, possibly becoming the size of "Amazon," and, therefore, too expensive for a single person to fund, especially by an elderly lady on Social Security. However, for those experts in IT, management, writing, and marketing who want to make a difference themselves, and are willing to be vetted, the creation of the site could provide a pro bono contribution, or else a working paycheck.  With all those Patriots receiving the promotion of the possibility of not only re-educating our students from middle-school through the universities about America's history, cultural background, and how the current political issues will affect their futures, it should receive publicity from at least a couple of these representatives of the People.  If necessary, the startup could be funded by Strategic Partners.  Hate Mail and Fake Media can be blocked, just as Pres. Trump is doing with Twitter.

That is the first part of the purpose of the site. The second page is filled with colored link titles of all the Political Issues from the past, those currently affecting us, and the future that this administration will help create. When a “political issue link” is clicked on, titles of several articles written by professional writers about that political issue will become available to click on and read.  All articles will be categorized into three levels of education:  for middle-school and high-school students as well as uninformed voters; for university students;  and for adult Patriots.

Each can be read, and/or responded to with available links of several interactive letters.  When a member who has joined "" with the necessary zip code writes a letter and clicks on |Send|, their personal page (linked to their zip code) will open and provide all contact information to their local, county, and state political representatives, judges, federal representatives, local media and even their own Political Folder. They can send it by checking adjacent boxes to name of each party, or on the one that says |ALL|. Then they go to the “HOW” boxes and choose: |EMAIL|, |FAX| or |BOTH|. It gives our current and future leaders an education about American culture, ethics, politics and history; as well as a Voice to the People to remind the Government that they work for US!

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on November 5, 2017 at 6:22pm


You have been a tireless patriot. Thank you for your years of dedication to our nation.

I consider you as much a warrior for this country as any of our soldiers.

God bless you and may he maintain the strength of your spirit .







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