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This time We Have to Lead From the Front!

Robert Mueller, who seems to be just as corrupt as the Democrat Party leaders and the other leaders of the FBI and the Dept. of Justice, used his power to carry forward the illegal investigation of President Donald J. Trump with an open invitation to Congress to do so. Thus, he was able to (hopefully) save his own reputation while continuing the invidious attack against President Trump.

Though he had to acknowledge that Trump was not guilty of Collusion, Mueller refrained from…


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Old Scandal, and How It Relates to Current Child Trafficking Crisis and Celebrity Plea Coverup

Dershowitz Claims Underage Set Up, Emails Will Put “Prominent People In Handcuffs” Video of Interview

[Video of Interview at the link]

In a stunning interview last week, Alan Dershowitz responded to the claims that he was part of convicted pedophile, Jeffery Epstein’s underage orgy-island, and explained that there were emails that could put prominent people in “handcuffs.”

Noted liberal lawyer, Alan…


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The Scourge of Human/Child Trafficking and How the Border Wall Can Reduce it

I have a post that is so long that I may have to separate it into two or three blogs.  However, it is meant to be integrated in order to get the full effect of the message out to the reader. It also covers several months of time and several people's blogs. Please have patience and try to read them in one sitting.  I start with the introduction of a blog that I feel is so important at this time with the crisis over the construction of the border wall and the reasons why the wall is so…


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January, 2019 was proclaimed the Month of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention

Presidential Proclamation on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2019


Issued on: December 31, 2018

Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It is not enough merely to denounce this horrific assault on human dignity; we must actively work to prevent and end this barbaric exploitation of innocent victims. During National Slavery and…


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Fox News page blocks complaints by not acknowledging receiving phone no. and being a human.

I tried to send the blog I wrote to Real Conservative members earlier and they made it impossible to submit it by not acknowledging that I had put my phone no. in the right box, or checked the box that said I was a human. I then tried to send the message below and it did the same thing. So this time I copied the second blog and then I kept searching through their pages until I found a similar page, and pasted it into a Comment box, and it got through the Submittal process.           …


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McConnell Will Force a Vote on Green New Deal

From the makers of


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President Trump, It is time to give the Radical Progressives the same medicine they are giving you.

It is past time for President Trump and his Conservative supporters to say "ENOUGH"!! The Radical Progressives have become psychotic in their efforts to destroy President Donald J. Trump!! We must demand that the Attorney General and his aids retaliate. All the treasonous crimes committed by all of the Clintons and their cohorts, the DNC, FBI, CSI, the Depts. of State, Justice, and Defense, as well as certain RINOs must be addressed NOW. Every day Pelosi and her puppets are initiating…


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Pelosi Forgot They Already Passed a Law Allowing President Trump to Build the Border Wall!!


I just found this article on, read it, shared it twice on Facebook, and then came here to share with friends. Please do the same! This is so important. Edie

DoD Official: Department Can Begin Wall Construction Without State of Emergency

By …


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Don't Let the Corrupt MSM Win. Support TheTrumpWall

The corrupt MSN are trying to create an image of Brian Kolfage as a cheat/lier for creating a GoFundMe page to request donations from American Patriots to help Pres. Trump to Build a Border Wall to protect America from illegal aliens, even though FB illegally took down more than $300,000 of ads that Brian had paid to promote a Coffee Co. on FB. and despite the reputation that FB has earned to be a Progressive media that is against Conservatives. Brian is now suing them for libel to…


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The MSM is Desperate about GoFundMe petitions for Building the Border Wall!!

I've been promoting both the original Brian Kolfax GoFundMe website at For those of you who want to learn more about Brian's GoFundMe website (which is close to raising $21 million), I urge you to check out both the original site above and the secondary site for the upgraded mission: and read through…

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This is an Emergency. We must Build the Wall to Save the Kids

This is a post that I just came across in Facebook. Please don't wait for them to share it. It is VITAL that it become VIRAL asap. Please copy and paste it into every News Post and Conservative website that you are a member of.  We must save the children and Build the Wall NOW. …

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We the People Can Build the Wall

by Edie Boudreau

We need to think and act outside of the box! We the people elected Donald J. Trump to be our President. We showed our power to the leftist media, the corrupt Democrats, and the RINOS who have been obstructing President Trump's Agenda throughout the past two years. Only his incredible willpower, energy and commitment have enabled him to accomplish the thousands of benefits for the middle-American working class. Now it is our turn once again to show our…


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(To any readers who know actual addresses of the politicians and TV commentators mentioned below (those they actually see and read), please send them to me. FOX doesn't even have email addresses, and I only have the White House for the politicians.  I do have the three conservative publications because I subscribe to them.)


To:  President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, HUD Sec. Ben Carson, Education Sec. Betsy…


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I finally broke the bubble barrier!

As most of you regular readers know, I have been trying for years to reach HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson and President Donald Trump for years to give them the political Web Mall skeleton that a friend and I created more than eight years ago when Obama appeared on the scene to campaign for the 2008 election.  Despite hundreds of emails, web and social media posts, letters and phone calls, I never got a response.  I tried to reach patriotic conservatives to have them invest in the site…


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Friday, March 3, 2017

To President Trump, Dr. Ben Carson—Secretary of HUD, and all other true patriots of America, the shining city on the hill:  Please read this and contact me.…


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Eight Nevada Assy. Committee Members Subvert Citizens COS Desires

Hi, I’m back.  This is Edie Boudreau, and I haven’t been very active in blogging lately because I am working on two campaigns:  The to support Dr. Ben Carson’s potential run for the 2016 Presidency and the COS Bill to have 34 States get started on making Congress set up a Constitutional movement to add the Amendments necessary to save our country and our Constitution.  I am a Public Relations writer/editor on both campaigns:  writing a Nevada monthly newsletter for and…


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