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Eight Nevada Assy. Committee Members Subvert Citizens COS Desires

Hi, I’m back.  This is Edie Boudreau, and I haven’t been very active in blogging lately because I am working on two campaigns:  The to support Dr. Ben Carson’s potential run for the 2016 Presidency and the COS Bill to have 34 States get started on making Congress set up a Constitutional movement to add the Amendments necessary to save our country and our Constitution.  I am a Public Relations writer/editor on both campaigns:  writing a Nevada monthly newsletter for and as a writer and editor on all contributions from volunteer writers nation-wide for COS.  I still read all the REAL CONSERVATIVE and many other Conservative sites emails, but comment only on those two items.


The blog below is about 8 members of the NV Legislative Committee led by Assy. Chair Lynn Stewart vetoing the AJR7 Bill going to the floor of the Assembly for a full vote (for which today is the deadline set by them).  In several polls held on the Internet and other places, from 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the NV citizens were FOR joining the COS movement, so this shows that those 8 members are NOT working for We the People.

This lets 8 men control whether or not the State of Nevada joins the COS membership to give all 50 states the ability to take back the freedoms stolen by our Federal government.

Copying Harry Reid in his unconstitutional holding back  >300 Bills approved by the House of Representatives in D.C., from going to a vote by the Senate, and then claiming that the House was not doing anything to improve our country’s economy or descent into oblivion, Assy. Chair Lynn Stewart had already taken this Bill off of the Agenda for yesterday’s meeting until he had received so many calls and emails demanding that he let it go to the floor of the Assembly.   The announcement that he was not going to let the Bill go the Floor appeared on our emails only after the Agenda was set at 2 p.m., so the appearance of at least 12 citizens wearing red shirts (indicating support of AJR7) at the Carson City, NV Legislative meeting could have added more pressure.  He added it to the Agenda, but did not allow discussion of it. He only asked for a vote on it from the Assembly Committee members to let it go to the floor.  Of the 11 Assembly members there, 8 voted Nay (including Assy. Moore who had co-sponsored the Bill—because as he explained, with only 2 women Assy members voting for it, there was not enough support for it so he joined the club).


I am asking all readers to share this blog with your other web site memberships, your Social media memberships, as well as to Google and then contact the full Assembly membership of Nevada with your feelings about this Nevada unconstitutional takeover of  power by 8 Assy. Committee members.



Re:  Assembly Bill AJR7, to be voted on in order to reach the Assembly Floor today, April 9th.

 Opinion by Ms. Edie Boudreau and 11 other attendees of the NV Assembly Legislative Committee meeting on April 9th.

I understand that Assemblyman Chair Lynn Stewart does not plan to allow a vote on the AJR7 Bill today, which must be made before 4 p.m. today, April 9th for it to move to the Assembly Floor for a vote on April 10th.. This is in direct violation of Nevada's Constitution. More that two/thirds of the citizens of Nevada have decided to approve this Bill, and Stewart is using his power to prevent it from going to the Full House to be voted on. This is not right and supercedes his Constitutional power, just as Harry Reid held back more than 300 Bills submitted by the House of Representatives, so that the Senators could not vote on them. Many supporters of this Bill are going to show up today to voice their opinion on the decision not to vote, and it will be clear--just as it was with Reid--that he is not working to support the people's voice or to obey the Nevada Constitution! I sent him and 4 other Assy. Members the following email:


 I attended the NV Legislative Committee meeting today at which the Assemblyman Chair was persuaded by all the negative calls and emails he received to put the Bill back on the Agenda, even though he had already removed it. At least 12 COS supporters attended in red shirts, but after a vote (without any discussion) of the 11 assemblymen in attendance, 8 naysayers voted against it, thus taking away the possibility of this nationally-important Bill to go to the Assembly floor where all the Assemblymen could vote yay or nay.

That means 8 committee members have decided for the entire State of Nevada not to join the movement for the States to take back the freedoms stolen by the Feds, nor fix the Constitution so the DC elites can continue to destroy our country. This in spite of the fact that from two-thirds to three-fourths of our citizens are in favor of Nevada joining COS.  This proves that those 8 assemblymen are not representing the people and must be voted out!

We have just begun to fight. This information (with names included) will go viral on the Social Media, as well as newspapers, radio, TV and Internet Blogs.The Committee must either extend the deadline for this Bill so you politicians can get a chance to listen to the people, or attach it to another Bill that has a chance of winning. I have been a writer/magazine editor/radio commentator/investigative and news reporter for two newspapers, and a blogger on 10 Conservative Blogs. I asked the other attendees of this meeting to go on their Facebook pages and write letters to the Editors of their newspapers  and Conservative sites too.


I emailed all of the Assembly and Senate about "The Liberty Amendments" written by Mark Levin shortly after it went on sale, and not one of you had the courtesy to reply in any form. This is why we have to remove all incumbents whose voting records prove that they don't work for We the People, but rather for their own political careers or supporters!



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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on April 11, 2015 at 1:36am

Thanks for that update and all the hard work you do Edie! You're a true patriot!






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