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This isn't about politics. This is about stopping the Radical Left. This is about fighting for the future of the Nation and preserving the President’s critical America First agenda.
A Radical Left

controlled Senate would mean:

  • An END to the filibuster
  • A Supreme Court PACKED with Liberal activists 
  • Your Second Amendment rights = DESTROYED
  • The DEFUNDING of our great law enforcement
  • Your taxes will be RAISED

Stupid regulations will CRUSH Small Businesses

  • And, so much more





Ted Cruz and 9 others

join the fray:




On January 6, a joint session of Congress will open with Vice President Pence presiding as president of the Senate.  His power will be plenary and unappealable.  You heard that right.  As president of the Senate, every objection comes directly to him, and he can rule any objection "out of order" or "denied."  His task will be to fulfill his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed.  This is a high standard of performance, and V.P. Pence will have two choices.  He can roll over on "certified" electors, or he can uphold the law.


Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution gives state legislatures "plenary authority" as enunciated in Bush v. Gore.  This is key, since the counting of votes is discussed in Article II, the 12th Amendment, and 3 USC 15.  To this we must add the history of counting and objections recounted by Alexander Macris (hereand here).  Put bluntly, it's as clear as mud.  Add to that the fact that the contested states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have sent dueling slates of electors to D.C.  This means that the V.P. has to decide how he will handle the situation when two sealed envelopes are handed to him from any of those states.


Macris points out that in 1800, even with constitutional deficiencies in Georgia, Thomas Jefferson blithely counted defective electoral votes from Georgia, effectively voting himself into the presidency.  This demonstrates that the president of the Senate is the final authority on any motions or objections during the vote-counting.  There is no appeal.  That doesn't mean there won't be any outrage.  Whatever Pence does, people will be angry.  But what does the law demand?


Seven contested states clearly violated their own laws.  Rather than list the facts, which have been detailed in multiple articles, we must consider the following:

An election is a process of counting votes for candidates. Only valid, lawful votes may be counted.  A valid lawful vote is:

  • Cast by an eligible, properly registered elector as prescribed by laws enacted by the state Legislature.
  • Cast in a timely manner, as prescribed by laws enacted by the state Legislature.
  • Cast in a proper form as prescribed by laws enacted by the state Legislature.

Any process that does not follow these rules is not an election.  Anything that proceeds from it cannot be regarded as having any lawful import.


Most commentators suggest that a process of collecting pieces of paper with marks on them is an election regardless of errors, omissions, and even deliberate malfeasance.  This is a mistake.  Imagine a golf tournament where every bad shot by one player gets a do-over, but the competing player has to follow USGA rules in detail.  One player gets to drop freely out of hazards, but the other has to tackle every embedded ball as it lies.  The result is a travesty.


The same thing applies to elections.  If there are a handful of improper votes, we can suggest that there was in fact an election, perhaps tainted, but the election wasn't materially harmed.  But when the people charged with managing the election decide to ignore the law, whatever process they supervise is not the process defined by the law.  Therefore, it is not an election.


This leaves V.P. Pence with a dilemma.  He is a gentleman who regards our governmental traditions with a degree of reverence, so he will be reluctant to take any bold action.  But as an honorable man, faced with massive illegality, he must act to protect the law.  Consider how things might go down as the two closed envelopes from Georgia are handed to the V.P.  Rather than opening them, he says:

"In my hand are envelopes purporting to contain electoral votes from Georgia.  They are competing for consideration, so it is essential that I consider the law that governs this.  That law, according to the Legislature of Georgia and Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution is the Georgia statute that includes procedures for signature-matching on absentee ballots, a requirement that all absentee ballots be first requested by a legitimate voter, and that election monitors be meaningfully present at all times while votes were counted.

The Georgia secretary of state, who is not empowered by the U.S. Constitution to make changes to election law, entered into a Consent Decree that gutted these protections enacted by the Georgia Legislature.  The processes that he prescribed and were ultimately followed were manifestly contrary to that law.  Further, the State of Georgia, in unprecedented concert with other states, suspended counting of ballots in the middle of the night, covering its conspiracy with a false claim of a "water main break."  We now know from surveillance video that many thousands of "ballots" were counted unlawfully in the absence of legally required observers.

Finally, the State of Georgia, under the authority of secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, a non-legislative actor, used fatally flawed Dominion voting machines that have been demonstrated to be unreliable.  In testing, the error rate of Dominion machines has exceeded 60%, far in excess of legal limits.  They are designed to facilitate fraud without creating the legally required paper trail.  This alone is far more than enough to swing an election.

Since the state of Georgia has failed to follow the election law established by its legislature under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, it has not conducted a presidential election.  Therefore, no "presidential electors" were appointed in Georgia.  Further, "electors" "certified" by non-legislative actors pursuant to this process are in fact not "presidential electors."  The competing slate of "electors" is similarly deficient, having not been elected through a presidential election.

Therefore, the chair rules that Georgia has not transmitted the votes of any presidential electors to this body.  Georgia presents zero votes for Donald Trump and zero votes for Joseph Biden."


The central point is that the VP, as the presiding officer and final authority, has the unquestionable authority to declare that the states in question have not conducted....  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, but no one has the authority to override his decision.


The statement says nothing about who might or might not have "won" the contested states.  Rather, by not following their own laws, as enacted by their own legislatures, they have violated Article II, Section 1.  Thus, they have not conducted an election, and their results are void.


If the votes of all seven contested states are registered as zero, President Trump will have 232 votes, and Joe Biden will have 222.  The 12th Amendment says, "[T]he votes shall then be counted[.] ...  The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President[.]"


In plain language, Donald Trump will be re-elected, since he has a majority of the actual electoral votes.  There will be no need to involve the House of Representatives to resolve a contingent election.


Richard Nixon chose not to contest the 1960 election because he felt that winning that way would lead to an ungovernable country.  If V.P. Pence does this, that same argument might be made.  But is the country governable even now?  Blue states such as California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan are already operating in an openly lawless manner with their "emergency" "COVID-related" restrictions.  Their denial of the civil rights of law-abiding citizens is horrific.  Their refusal to do basic policing and law enforcement is a recipe for open war.  How much worse would things be if the V.P. lived up to his oath and upheld the law?


Ted Noel posts on multiple sites as DoctorTed and @vidzette.


Tweet to Vice President  Pence:

"We offer you encouragement and support on January 6th. As presiding officer for that day's joint session of Congress we ask you to rule in support of the Constitution and its provisions for the House and Senate's handling a contested election nightmare to steal an election !"

PLEASE read this article and then contact the Vice President at with words of encouragement and support for his actions on January 6th. Ask him as presiding officer for that day's joint session of Congress to rule in support of the Constitution and its provisions for the House and Senate's handling a contested election nightmare such as this.

Spread this word far and wide -- VP Pence needs to receive tons of citizen messages urging him to have strength and courage for that momentous task in fulfilling his oath of office.

Complete contact info:

Vice President: Mike Pence
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switch Board: 202-456-1414
TTY/TTD: 202-456-6213

Letters can be sent to the Vice President

at the following address:
The White House
Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500


If you are for the U.S. Constitution and against Communism and this massive election fraud, it's important that you call these Republican senators every day


its YOUR call

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If you are for the U.S. Constitution and against Communism and this massive election fraud, it's important that you call these Republican senators every day

If you are for the U.S. Constitution and against Communism and this massive election fraud, it's important that you call these Republican senators every day this week and urge them to support Donald Trump on January 6.  


TN Lamar Alexander 423-752-5337

WY John Barrasso 307-261-6413

TN Marsha Blackburn 901-527-9199

MO Roy Blunt 417-877-7814

AR John Boozman 501-372-7153

IN Mike Braun 317-822-8240

NC Richard Burr 828-350-2437

WV Shelley Moore Capito 304-347-5372

LA Bill Cassidy 318-448-7176

ME Susan Collins 207-622-8414

TX John Cornyn 713-572-3337

AR Tom Cotton 501-223-9081

ND Kevin Cramer 701-232-5094

ID Mike Crapo 208-334-1776

TX Ted Cruz 512-916-5834

MT Steve Daines 406-245-6822

WY Michael Enzi 307-261-6572

IA Joni Ernst 515-284-4574

NE Deb Fischer 402-441-4600

CO Cory Gardner 719-543-1324

SC Lindsey Graham 864-250-1417
Phone Operator GIFs | Tenor

IA Chuck Grassley 515-288-1145

MO Josh Hawley 314-354-7060

ND John Hoeven 701-239-5389

MS Cindy Hyde-Smith 601-965-4459

OK James M Inhofe 405-208-8841

WI Ron Johnson 414-276-7282

LA John Kennedy 504-581-6190

OK James Lankford 405-231-4941

UT Mike Lee 801-524-5933

GA Kelly Loeffler 770-661-0999

KY Mitch McConnell 502-582-6304

KS Jerry Moran 316-269-9257

AK Lisa Murkowski 907-271-3735

KY Rand Paul 270-782-8303

GA David Perdue 404-865-0087

OH Rob Portman 513-684-3265

ID James Risch 208-342-7985

KS Pat Roberts 785-295-2745

UT Mitt Romney 801-524-4380

SD Mike Rounds 605-224-1450

FL Marco Rubio 305-596-4224

NE Ben Sasse 402-476-1400

FL Rick Scott 239-231-7890

SC Tim Scott 803-771-6112

AL Richard C. Shelby 334-223-7303

AK Dan Sullivan 907-271-5915

SD John Thune 605-348-7551

NC Thom Tillis 704-509-9087

PA Patrick Toomey 717-782-3951

MS Roger Wicker 601-965-4644

IN Todd Young 317-226-6700U.
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...from a FLORIDA Member:

Between now and January 6, every day, we have to call over and over to the list below of our Florida Federal Delegation and voice your respectful insistence that they object to the electoral vote count of certain states on January 6th.    Please read the following that has been prepared for your convenience.

We Must Make Noise Now and every day.  We must copy this list and distribute to our friends to do the same. 



                                                                    D.C. Number          District Number


The Honorable Marco Rubio               202-224-3041         813-287-5035

The Honorable Rick Scott                    202-224-5274        

The Honorable Matt Gaetz                 202-225-4136          850-479-1183

The Honorable Neal Dunn                  202-225-5235          850-785-0812

The Honorable Ted Yoho                    202-225-5744          352-505-0838

The Honorable John Rutherford       202-225-2501          904-831-5205

The Honorable Michael Waltz          202-225-2706          386-279-0707

The Honorable Bill Posey                   202-225-3671          321-632-1776

The Honorable Daniel Webster        202-225-1002          352-241-9220

The Honorable Gus Bilirakis              202-225-5755          727-940-5860

The Honorable Ross Spano               202-225-1252          863-644-8215

The Honorable Vern Buchanan  202-225-5015          941-951-6643

The Honorable Brian Mast                202-225-3026         772-403-0900

The Honorable Francis Rooney        202-225-2536         239-252-6225

The Honorable Mario Diaz-Balart    202-225-4211         305-470-8555


Leave the following on their voice mail or tell who ever answers:

“I strongly request Representative or Senator _____________ to object to the electoral cote count of certain states on January 6, 2021.

I request you exercise your Constitutional and statutory authority to object to the certification of any elector from any state that refuses to allow a meaningful audit of the November general election for electors to the Presidency, which must include: 1) a re-canvass of the vote that authorizes independent confirmation of a signature match using the same standards the same election officials use for nomination petitions, recall petitions, and initiative petitions; 2) publishing of the ballots for the world to review and observe, as states promised when they wrote large taxpayer checks to election machine companies like Dominion and others; and 3) audited review of the voter rolls to insure only qualified voters cast ballots for electors to the Presidency. If a state refuses to allow an honest audit of the vote, then I request you object to the certification of any electors from that state which has refused such an audit. At present, this includes the electors from Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.”










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Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on January 2, 2021 at 3:23pm


Can Vice President Mike Pence overturn the 2020 US Presidential election, upend the electoral college and put Donald Trump in as president and throw out Joe Biden? Sounds like a stretch, doesn't it? However, something called dueling electors, and lawsuits by the Amistad Project Rep. Louie Gohmert against Pence could result in a very bizarre situation on January 6, when Congress meets to affirm electoral college votes. And it has nothing to do with the Trump campaign and accusations of election fraud and voter fraud. Only on America Uncovered will you hear such bizarre politics!








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