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FINALLY: Evidence of Obama Ineligibility Under Court Review !!!!

Good news, America!

For some time now, I have deliberately avoided discussing the eligibility issue. Why? With so many legal developments on so many fronts, it was simply too daunting to keep up with, and the dead ends and disappointments were so painful. I also believed that, in time, the truth would have its day in court. And so it has! live streamed the court proceedings which took place on January 26th. Though the audio was often garbled and unintelligible, I watched and listened with a mixture of foreboding and vindication and monitored what few authoritative after action reports I could find on the internet.

In a fairly packed court on January 26th, the OSAH court in Atlanta was gravelled to order by Judge Malihi @9:33AM. Having been informed on January 25th by Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, that neither Obama nor his attorney would appear at the hearing, in a pre-hearing with plaintiff attorneys Taitz, Hatfield and Irion, Judge Malihi signaled he would enter a “default judgement” against Obama. Delighted but cautious, plaintiff attorneys requested that for the first time ever the actual evidence of Obama’s ineligibility be entered into the record. Judge Malihi agreed and allowed for a relatively speedy hearing (aprox 2 hrs).

Note: media reports to the contrary, this is the first time a court has allowed arguments and evidence on the merits of the controversy over Obama’s eligibility. Heretofore, the evidence was never allowed to see the light of day by sitting judges. And this: only matters of law–not the evidence itself–may be appealed. Clearly, the Obama machine stumbled big time when it arrogantly failed to appear. Since they didn’t take the time to refute the arguments, the evidence is, for all practical purposes, unassailable–the evidence presented at the hearing cannot now be disputed later on appeal. A major victory!!!

With the help of expert witnesses flown in from all over the country, the attorneys cogently, calmly, substantively, albeit hurriedly, discussed the constitutional meaning of “natural born citizen” (relying upon an amicus brief from Leo Donofrio and an analysis of the 1875 Minor v Happersett ruling on the subject), the illegitimacy of Obama’s Birth Certificate, and Obama’s fraudulent use of a Social Security number assigned to a deceased person born in 1890.

Following the testimony and presentation of evidence, Judge Malihi ordered all attorneys to file briefs and a summary of “facts and points of law” to him by February 5th. At that time, he will review the evidence and, per Georgia law, render a “recommendation” to the Georgia Sec. of State as to whether or not Obama’s name should appear on the Georgia presidential ballot in 2012.

From all reports, Mr. Kemp, Sec. of State, has agreed that he will act in accordance with the Judge’s recommendation. Of course, how soon after his review of the evidence and facts of law on February 5th Judge Malihi will actually submit a recommendation to Mr. Kemp is uncertain. In any event, my hope is that his decision will, at long last, be just and timely. And at this juncture, and despite a possibly vengeful Obama whose ruthless sycophants are capable of considerable mischief, there is nothing to persuade me that the judge will be anything but judicious, forthright and fair. He is to be roundly commended for his unprecedented courage and integrity, and I urge all readers to contact him & thank him for his extraordinary service.

Note: I scoured the internet for evidence of media coverage of this seminal development. Except for Druge and American Thinker, NADA. I was able to view one telecast of an Atlanta WST-TV newscast about the hearing, but, true to form, it pooh-poohed the hearing and erroneously reported that plaintiffs were trying to prove once again that Obama is not a “US Citizen”. Another insidious example of the media’s willful ignorance or calculated dissembling, or both. Notable too was the disturbing silence of “we’re watching out for you” O’Reilly and “question with boldness” Beck. Hiding under their beds, to be sure. Frauds!

I cannot overstate how monumentally important this hearing has been. Evidence of Obama’s ineligibility is now part of the judicial record and cannot be expunged or otherwise ignored.

Finally, and on a more sobering note, my abiding concern is the possibly tumultuous effect this will have on the country. Can we properly manage a painful constitutional crisis of this magnitude and all the legal and political ramifications such a crisis will surely entail? Will ruthless remedies be relied upon by darker forces at work to nullify this historic turn of events?

Frankly, I am no longer sure that most Americans–and most certainly not our entrenched political elite–are up to the challenge of peacefully and properly restoring constitutional order. But, come what may, we can all be proud and buoyed by the fact that the Constitution and the Rule of Law won a resounding victory today. Now let’s pray that Judge Malihi and Sec. of State Kemp do their jobs fearlessly and judiciously.

Stay tuned. I would strongly suggest your monitoring Citizen Wells, TalkWisdom, Opinerlog, and the Post and Email for further analyses and updates.

God Bless America! And God Bless those few Americans who refused to surrender in the face of derision, threats and lies. Let’s keep on marching forward to a better day!

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Comment by Jim Delaney on January 29, 2012 at 1:22pm

Right on, jmiller!

Leo Donofrio's site "Natural Born Citizen", and the federalist blog, among many others, are excellent resources.

We live in intensely interesting times. Hope we can peacefully manage to get through it all.

Comment by gmiller on January 28, 2012 at 11:57pm

Minor case is very relevant, since establishing her citizenship status was relevant to the case. It is now SETTLED LAW and has been continuously upheld. Obots dissembling, holding their breath and even deleting references from will not change that:-). If they're so sure of themselves, why have their been so many attempts to eliminate the NBC clause, which only appears in one place in the Constitution- Article II Section 1 Clause 5?

Comment by gmiller on January 28, 2012 at 11:54pm

There are additional things to support natural born Citizenship definition:

Comment by Jim Delaney on January 28, 2012 at 1:22pm


Huh? Gee, very thoughtful. Is that aspersion akin to "racist"? Is "birther" supposed to scare us off too?

And we wonder why the left is so...respected...for their logic, clear thinking and intellect.

Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole on January 28, 2012 at 1:02pm

Still "Birthers"!

Comment by Jim Delaney on January 27, 2012 at 10:35pm


While the Minor v Happersett opinion related to voting rights of a Missouri woman in particular, the requirement that our Chief Executive be a "natural born citizen" vs a US Citizen by birth or by act of law was also covered. See para 9 and 10 of that decision. It's never been overturned. Like, why would the lead attorney in the Georgia case refer to it in his presentation if the case and the opinion were irrelevant.

Interestingly, while everyone, like me, was researching the NBC issue in the lead up to the 2008 election, the case and the ruling itself were mysteriously scrubbed from 25 SCOTUS opinions citing that case and opinion. Once that convenient removal was discovered and only after Obama was elected did the case as mysteriously reappear.


For a more in-depth analysis of the natural born requirement, may I suggest your referring to Leo Donofrio's site. He is the attorney, a birther, who prepared an amicus brief at the Georgia hearing and is a respected "expert" on the subject.

After years of studying this issue, I have learned how extremely important it is to carefully and fully research one's commentary on such an issue before committing oneself to an opinion on the matter. 

Comment by Sandra on January 27, 2012 at 10:07pm

Minor v. Happersett was regarding a citizen's right to vote--nothing to do with the eligibility of a person to become president.

Comment by Jim Delaney on January 27, 2012 at 9:19pm


You may have misunderstood. I've been researching and weighing in on this issue for three years. (See my blog, Opinerlog, for a plethora of research posts on this issue.)  Because other reputable sites had been doing a creditable job of coverage, and since there was little else I could add to the discussion or the effort, I closely monitored developments but didn't write about those developments until I could see light at the end of tunnel. And that light shows brightly at the moment. 

Comment by gmiller on January 27, 2012 at 9:10pm

"For some time now, I have deliberately avoided discussing the eligibility issue. Why?"

With all due respect, Jim, inaction like that has only made our job much harder. What was accomplished this week was done so IN SPITE OF almost solid opposition or indifference of ALL  of Congress, MainSteamMedia, a vast majority of government at all levels, most institutions and most of the public. When enough voices rise up strongly in support of something, it tends to get done.

I'm glad you are chiming in now. I hope you will continue to do it loudly, eloquently and forcefully until we get this menace out of government and into some other country or prison, where he belongs.

Comment by Jim Delaney on January 27, 2012 at 8:40pm


Today, I read that Sec of State Kemp would announce his decision re Obama's ballot eligibility on Feb 2nd. Apparently, Judge Malihi's review of evidence and his recommendation to Kemp has moved up to Feb 1st or 2nd. The sooner the better.

As for the lame stream media's reaction, I couldn't care less. However, if Obama's name is disallowed on the GA ballot, there will be many red faces at FOX and pure rage at ABC, CBS and MSNBC. On the otherhand, if Malihi and Kemp fail us, all LSM talking heads will be able to again avoid embarrassment and will, with great relish, arrogantly disparage the "birthers"--one of their favorite pastimes.






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