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As America’s moral fabric continues to unravel and rot, many conservatives, perhaps tens of thousands of us, have finally reached the frightening psychological juncture where troubling concerns for our beloved republic have eclipsed personal trial and tribulation. How did this happen? Did too many good men simply do nothing to stop this avalanche of evil? Was Ike’s warning (that American greatness would end when evil abounds within us) sadly prophetic?

The November election shook my soul to the core. Driving back to South Jersey after Superstorm Sandy to make repairs on our beach house paled in comparison. I am still sick at heart. I feel so helpless. Like Paul, I question my ability to continue kicking against the evil and undesirable elements which relentlessly assail us. Worst of all, I question still calling our nation a republic. Have the whims of evil men supplanted the rule of law? Have executive orders from the Oval Office replaced our representation- and is not taxation without representation still tyranny? Has widespread voter fraud silenced the voice of the people?

And the latest unreasonable cries for even greater gun control are not unrelated to the collapse of our republic. The globalists know that America cannot be conquered until her righteous are disarmed. (Unfortunately, criminals and wackos will always find illegal weapons. That school superintendent in Texas has it right- arming his teachers as first responders.)

Moreover, the twin evils of homosexuality and abortion substantially weaken the birthrate among the most blessed segments of our society- dangerously diminishing the ranks of us who should be foremost in defending individual liberty. Adult fun and toys seem to have replaced the right to life. Meanwhile, the entitlement-oriented elements of both our legal and illegal population are multiplying exponentially.

If you look at America as red verses blue states (especially red verses blue counties), the geographical shock is overwhelming. Truly the more populated decaying and decadent urban areas are like the tail wagging the dog. These are the areas where voter fraud is most rampant- as in the recent Black Panther travesty in Philadelphia. These cities boast the most illegitimate children and illegal firearms. These are the welfare population centers. Our nation’s crumbling cities are the prime tools with which the globalists will destroy America from within.

And while my prime concerns are presently entitlement voting power and widespread voter fraud, there is even a greater threat on the horizon.

The trajectory of our national debt is of course unsustainable. When that bulbous boil finally bursts, our urban jungles will implode without external support. As violent armed mobs march outward in search of the necessities of life, martial law will be invoked- and the bulk of middleclass America will welcome such tyranny like some dispirited terminal cancer patients seek euthanasia. The globalist elite will then be on the cusp of victory- especially if their efforts to confiscate our firearms have been successful.

I suppose the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the beginning of the end. It set the stage for the economic collapse of the United States. We gave up our right to control our own money supply- just as Thomas Jefferson warned us. Tommy said that if the American people ever allowed private interests to control the flow of currency into the economy- first by inflation and then by deflation- we would one day wake up homeless and without property. Rampant foreclosures and underwater mortgages are the sad result. In case some of you need enlightenment, 1913 was when the Fed (composed of private banks) was authorized to distribute fiat Federal Reserve Notes and then lend that Monopoly money to the American taxpayer at interest. Today, thanks to our advanced technology, the Fed doesn't even need the US Treasury to print those bogus bills- because they are created literally out of thin air by electronic deposits from the top. Not the kind of conspiratorial dribble you wish to here at Christmastime, but I was never of big fan of the ostrich’s head-in-the-sand thing.

Finally, in a somewhat unrelated matter, our aging Mercedes was serviced at a local repair shop in Provo this week. My entrepreneur hero there said the federal government regularly calls him to determine how many women and minorities he employs- as if all the other bureaucratic harassment and impediments weren't sufficiently threatening to the success of his enterprise. My friend asked, “Don’t they have anything better to do?” Indeed! Don’t they?

Yep, Tommy and Dwight had it right…

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Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on December 19, 2012 at 6:10pm

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on December 19, 2012 at 3:49pm





Comment by Vivian Blink on December 19, 2012 at 1:11pm

Allan, as usual, you hit it dead on! All we seem to be able to do is keep standing up and marching forward with our flags waving and our guns least for the time being. It is no wonder Barry hates Israel if for no other reason than their laws concerning arming their teachers.

Comment by Paul Arnold Browning on December 19, 2012 at 12:30pm

It is a sad time for the world and America, At the end of destruction. LOOK UP folkes. Jesus is comming Soon.






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