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Obama needs this healthcare to go through before the vaccines I believe. It will make the do or die issue that much simpler to deal with. Once people have learned to accept it due to the vaccine/flu deaths they will accept it as a new way of life. Think about it.

Why the rush to push this plan through? The vaccines one day are ready, the next we are waiting for more to be made. Flu season comes up in Sept/Oct.

Is there a parallel between the two? Right now these are only my musings over the matter but the picture is looking clearer to me. Obama seems almost to be on the verge of a panic to get this bill passed. If the health (?) plan does pass will we find ourselves so short of money that the weak, disabled, elderly and emotionally disabled will be given a "pill"?

Of course society would understand we are after all getting "Free Heathcare". We couldn't afford to carry them on our backs could we? Where would all that money come from. Such an easy sell to the ungodly isn't it? And, such an easy sell to the healthy and young who can not look past the end of their noses.

What a master plan, ingenious. Could only have come from an evil and devious mind (Ut Oh I thought of it).
It would now be instilled into society as a new way of life. Change, if you will and, a reduced population which will save our resources and so on.

Hm, maybe I will write a fictional novel about a narcissistic,megalomaniac president that has put all these evil programs together and Titled them, Change and sold half a nation a bad bill of goods.

Think about it. Let's stop this madness now.

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How about this ..Hitler got rid of the Jews in the ovens..
Obama will get rid of all "whities" ..Jews, Brits ect..
with rationed heath care..especially us seniors..

It shows in his visit to Britain and his attitude towards
That is my opionion of Obama..Check out his history..

Glenn Beck puts it all together..America = Wake Up

The "pill" you muse over, is not theoretical any longer. Just ask the lady in Oregon who was denied a life saving drug for her lung cancer treatment. Oregon has long had it's own medical provisioning program, and a look at what is happening there, is but a glimpse into the rest of the country's future should the Liberals prevail. "Operation Pushback" has begun in earnest all across the nation, and it won't be long before our voices are more than the "cacophany" attributed to those voices by the Liberals and the MSM.

Muse on my friend, you are doing the Lord's work.

The best,
Yes...just as the bible says..."Their eyes will be blinded to the truth." Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, they do not understand. It's so obvious to believers what is happening...but the unbelievers truly have scales over their eyes. It's surreal....I have tried so hard to "help them understand," but then I get labeled a "right wing" kook. They cannot see... what to us...seems so obvious.
Yes....I agree.....and I can see Edward G Robinson in his "dying room" looking at a movie of "what used to be" in Soylent Green....Certainly sad what we've allowed to happen....
You are SO RIGHT, Oregon Country Girl!!!! Amen!!!!
Thank you, I am aware of the depopulation of the Nation and is even in the Word of God. As I said in my Musings, it is just that, Musings. To me it makes sense to get people to accept something rather then have it forced upon them. Wouldn't you agree with that? So in my thinking I came up with what I posted. It is not written in stone nor do I think anything we write ( other then our proclamations which just might fail many when they have a knife at their throats) should be. Things have a way of changing rather quickly these days.

God Bless you and may the Lord have Mercy on this Nation.
It's an interesting premise, but I believe that his rush to get his so-called healthcare bill through in such a hurry is because early in his term he is "popular" with the majority of Americans (how that can be, I have no clue...they obviously have not read much about him in the books which have come out and even his own book). He knows that the longer this is on the "back burner" and not rammed through the House and Senate, and the more "the folks" find out about its provisions, it's a nonstarter...DOA just like the elderly will be before their time comes due to a healthcare system that picks & chooses winners and losers. He has a FINITE window in which to ram through Cap & Trade and Obamacare....and the window is closing fast...the carpenter is there with his hammer and nail to nail down the window on these subjects.

Please, folks, keep calling and writing and faxing. Do not worry about being called a "renegade," a "racist" or any other "r" word the Left thinks up.... Do NOT let yourself be marginalized!!! Each of us is a very, VERY valued member of our respective communities. We DO count! We DO have a voice! And collectively we have a HUGE ROAR of protest to socialism and, dare I say, Communism (neighbors reporting on neighbors, friends on friends, family members on family members to the Obama Web site specifically set up to take in information about "fishy" comments and misinformation being spread throughout the country about health care). What the heck is THAT doing in OUR country???

Don't worry about not being able to find a town hall meeting you cannot find out and write and FAX your representatives... I've been looking for a town hall meeting which Chuck Schumer is holding and cannot find one...but then, again, I know exactly what he thinks about dissenters...they're members of the "chattering class" who do not count. His hubris is nothing short of astounding. There are lots of Web sites on the Net giving the names and addresses and phone numbers of our so-called representatives... (Schumer has eight offices in New York State and one in Washington....EIGHT? Who's paying for that? Why, we silly of me to question it...)

Have you noticed that some so-called "town hall" meetings have turned "sub-rosa?" Yes, Anthony Weiner had a town hall at a nursing home here in New York during lunch and spoke to about 50 folks who were eating their lunch...all without any notice so that his constituents could not attend and voice their disapproval. Weiner is such a well-named man, don't you think? LOL

And some so-called representatives of the people aren't even having town hall meetings...they know where the majority of their constituents stand and don't want to hear from them.

Let's keep the pressure on....and don't forget our Republican brethern either....remember the Renegade Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted for Cap & Trade....NEVER FORGET THEM...each sold their vote to the Dems, likely for some pork for their states/communities....or for favorable consideration for their "pet" bills or amendments...or perhaps even for nothing...

Obama is slipping in the polls (finally), and healthcare and Cap & Trade are very unpopular...keep up the pressure and he'll be a lame duck president in his first year!

The elections are coming up this year and in 2010, the most important yearly elections in decades. Be sure to go to the polls and let your voices be heard...and call your friends and neighbors...







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