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What’s Liberty worth?....Ten bucks?

Liberty is priceless. It is the source of all honest gain.

Ill-gotten gain springs from tyranny and all its deviant forms.

As the enemies of Liberty grow in power, sadly, Patriots who would sacrifice their very lives in defense of that precious quality we know as Freedom are surrendering to apathy, ceding their Liberty to a perception of overwhelming opposition. All at a time when Liberty loving patriots must unite in the very face of the evil such as that which we are now confronted with.

The Founding Fathers, when they were building our Nation-State, sometimes referred to as our "Ship of State", though they may have used a lot of wood, and cloth, were careful to construct the hull of that mighty ship with steel.

That "steel" is known as our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unsinkable, as long as that hull remains upright, and un-corrupted by the insidious , slow erosion of those Rights by traitorous, evil men.

Such is the nature of the threat before us. All of us..... Evil.

It has been said that money is the "root of all evil". That is a widely quoted "truism" that, upon closer analysis, appears to be only as a half- truth. Like saying that "guns are the root of death". Only partially true. There are others who would argue that "guns are the source of all personal self-defense", and therefore our Liberty. Surely, like the Founders, everyone would agree that the right to keep and bear arms is the reason that evil men, with evil plans, can only go so far with a free people... and no further.

That is why the Founders recognized that Natural Right, and engraved it forevermore into the Constitution they endowed upon us, including the second amendment.

But let us turn our attention from those basic fundamental Principles that we hold so dear, and consider the nature of the current threat to our Liberty:

There are powerful forces arrayed against us, driven by powerful men who worship only one god. It is a false god, but nonetheless a god, to those evil men. What is the name of this false god? Zeus? Apollo? ...Satan? None of these...they call their god "POWER" and they will stop short of nothing to achieve their evil ends.

And that false god they worship feeds on only one thing - MONEY.

Without money, the beast would starve. This is why they have devised clever schemes to assure their god of the food it needs to survive. And they are very adept, and diabolical, in devising the means of harvesting the "food" needed by their "god". Its called FUND RAISING. You will see your adversaries, everywhere, harvesting their fields, raising "crops" from which to feed their god, POWER....and they are very diligent...and vigilant....sadly, more so than some of the so-called Patriots of our current days. Too many otherwise patriotic Americans are standing on the sidelines, allowing hired thugs and phoney flash-mobs to hijack our National Heritage, believing the false impression they are creating of popular support for their communist agendas.

Like mother lions, those power-hungry predators are constantly on the hunt for fresh prey. The survival instinct among them is strong indeed, for they know that the last one standing is the victor. The survivor.... And we, their prey, and our Liberty, are the spoils.

We must be eternally vigilant if we want to keep our Republic. Fire must be fought with fire, on all fronts. And, just as bullets are useless to soldiers without guns, money is the lifeblood upon which we must rely if we expect to feed our soldiers in this arena. We are in a struggle for our very lives...and our Liberty. And make no mistake my friends, it is a struggle to the death.

Our adversaries will offer us no quarter, and every compromise we make is a step backward in retreat. And the road to retreat, in this struggle, ends only in a dead end, with no further option but that of surrender... and silent, muted acceptance of tyranny...goodby freedom, hello subjugation.

The irony of this current struggle is that both sides depend on the same "food", money, for nourishment. If one side can manage to cut off the other’s supply of that nourishment they will know it will be just a matter of time before the other side surrenders...or perishes. In either case, victory will be theirs.


Coming then, full circle, to the original query posed at the beginning of this article, this question,


" What’s Freedom Worth...Ten Bucks? "


The total Membership here at REAL CONSERVATIVES, 569, is roughly equivalent to a small battalion, in military terms. But in numbers there is great strength. Powerful strength, particularly in view of the following:

Once, there was a young man named Zuckerberg, who had an idea. He became famous as the creator of facebook. He was just a lowly student in college, but he at least had a theory. That theory, which he learned in Middle School, was the exponential power of 10. 10, to the 7th power equals 100,000,000. That’s One hundred million.

Zuckerberg, who today is one of the most influential liberals on the current political scene, applied that theory to building his facebook empire. And it grew, exponentially, to over a billion members worldwide.... From ONE man...( there are 569 of us ).... All the while, harnessing the power of the very free enterprise system he inherited from our Founding Fathers.


REAL CONSERVATIVES, with its small battalion of Patriots, has the potential of becoming "Just as strong, just as influential..." as facebook. It requires some minimal effort on the part of each and every member. Some sacrifice is required in order to achieve the greater good.

REAL CONSERVATIVES has the vehicle, this web site, and the product, the book RIGHT SIDE UP, which together, have the potential of raising the funds needed to support like-minded Conservative Candidates, nationwide.

For this to be feasible, logic presumes that each of you must do these two things:


  • Make a one-time purchase of our book, RIGHT SIDE UP



  • share the information on the ability to purchase the book with 10 of your friends, requesting that they in turn share with ten of their friends, and so on, until this becomes "viral" on the internet.


....This is the Power of  10 to the 7th  power ...Viral.


The page on which you should make the purchase, and share the information, is as follows:

 (Click there)


The net proceeds from the mass sale of the book will be allocated to the furtherance of the Conservative cause in every state, in support of truly CONSTITUTIONAL, Conservative, candidates.


Let it begin here...and let it begin now...with YOU,... you have the power of ONE. One to the Nth power is still only ONE. 1x1x1x1x1...equals ONLY one. But 569 x 10x10x10...equals...( do the numbers.)


We seek no "permission" from any bureaucracy such as the I.R.S. for any tax-exempt status. It was never the intent of our Founding Fathers that we Citizens should seek the blessings of a tyrannical bureaucracy to facilitate the exercise of our own, Natural Rights

Together, we can become the individual candles that will re-ignite the Mighty Fire of Liberty that burns deep in the hearts of every Patriot.


You are crying out...for a leader. You will find the leaders you seek only if you look inward, to yourselves, first.


God Bless America

Your Uncle Sam




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