NEVER TOLERATE TYRANNY!....Conservative voices from the GRASSROOTS.


....the "Right to remain SILENT"




...recent revelations about the assault on Liberty by the

current criminal regime have compelled this writing.









It is hereby resolved that the current regime shall be deemed to be a criminal, illegitimate entity, not worthy of the allegiance of the Law-abiding Citizens of this Nation, as evidenced by certain of their deeds henceforth ennumerated




  • the official betrayal of our Nation's most valorous defenders in Benghazi, Seal Team Six, and countless unnamed other fronts;


  • the morale erosion of those brave Guardians of our Freedom, the Armed Services, by the official sanctioning of Sodomy in the military;


  • the official countenance of the wholesale slaughter of innocent children at the very dawn of their existance;


  • the wanton, sustained assault on Freedom of the Press;


  • the deliberate supression of the Freedoms of Speech, Assembly and Right to Petition;


  • the attacks on the Second Amendment and Law-abiding Citizens for excercising their natural Right to defend their persons, families and general Liberties thereof;


  • the civil abuses inflicted upon Law-abiding citizens through intimidation and threats upon their wealth through denial of certain tax exemption status and illegal compulsions, under color of law, by the Internal Revenue Service;


  • the deliberate corruption and undermineance of our Nation's sovereignity through the overt non-enforcement of immigration law;


  • the insidious deployment, through totally arbitrary regulations, of other agencies to undermine this Nation's economy and energy independence through oppressive fiats and unlawful, criminal, appropriations of Citizens' properties;


  • the deliberate debasement of this Nation's currency through reckless printing of same, and the treasonous squandering of its Full Faith and Credit, attempting to replace this Nation's successful capitalistic economy with the failed model of communism;


  • the intentional, deliberate dismantling of this Nation's HEALTHCARE delivery system through a scheme, known as the Affordable Care Act, designed to pre-empt the private insurance free market with oppressive regulatory tyranny;


  • the criminal corruption of this Nation's electoral system through fraud, trick and conspiracy;


  • the unlawful, and criminal, presumption that Executive Orders pre-empt statutory laws, and that executive powers are not derived from the Constitution or the consent of the governed;


  • the criminal concealment of their treasonous deeds through the use of false e-Mail identities and aliases;


  • ...and other travesties and unconstitutional dictates yet to be discovered;


...And it shall be further resolved that We,the People shall do all things necessary to restore this Nation to the Constitutional Republic that its Founding Fathers intended, persuant to the tenets of the Declaration of the INDEPENDENTS as presented elsewhere in various other sections of these forums, collectively and severaly known as REAL CONSERVATIVES, silent no more.






Be counted.


...or your silence will someday become regarded as surrender




God Bless America

Your Uncle Sam

















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I am surprised that Congress has done anything at all. I appreciate Issa's determination and steadfastness. I would like to know where the others like Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is. Adn Carl Levin the Chair for the Military Affairs committee or subcommittee. Oh scratch that. Levin was holding hearings demanding how in the hell Apple made so much money. I digress.

It is unconscionable that Congress allowed the witch Lerner to testify about her 'innocence' and then not testify about any of the facts. And then she and her attys walked out. ???*&)!%&!$ I would like to know why they were all not arrested on the spot for being in contempt of Congress and the People of the United States.

Maybe next week Feinstein can introduce a bill to ban tornadoes and designate DHS as responsible for arresting any conservative that has one. And little chucky shumer can give a speech about the need for sodomy in the armed forces. And Boxer and Baucus can take another page of their communist manifesto and mandate we all just give COngress all of our money because global warming actually exists and the mindless pukes doing crack in the alleys and picking up their suds and lottery tickets with their bridge cards need to be cared for at taxpayer expense.

Ever seen a holding tank for a septic system? I mean opened up. Every so often there is a layer of scum that accumulates at the top. Sometimes this layer gets so thick as to cause the system to fail. And yeah that is exactly how I regard many, particularly the communists, in Congress.



Excellent post Contra 1. 


chris ralls  If I may, every public school child that shows up for class, the school receives money for that day---

I would keep our children HOME, they cannot arrest ALL of us! Say NO, and do NOT sign up for obamacare, they can NOT arrest ALL of us.

"We will STAND together as brothers, or PERISH together as FOOLS. "Bad Laws are MEANT to be BROKEN"  Quotations by Dr. Martin Luther King. ( whom I believe would be shocked and ashamed at what he fought so hard to win)

Beg my Irish arse- DEMAND!


by JB Williams, ©2013

Jay Carney puts out daily propaganda from the Obama regime, which is currently staggering from its recently-revealed criminal activity

(May 18, 2013) — White House propaganda secretary Jay Carney finally said something that was true, which I can agree with… “This is not a scandal” referring to the IRS gestapo operations run by Obama henchmen.

He’s right, it isn’t a scandal. A scandal is something to read in the supermarket tabloid for entertainment value. No, this is a full-blown conspiracy to use the full weight and power of all federal agencies to go after and destroy all political opponents of “the one” Barack Hussein Obama.

No matter who you ask about what in this administration, you get the same answer…. “We know nothing!”

The current story involving Obama’s use of the IRS to target political opposition via going after more than 500 patriotic action groups, their donors and their volunteers, is but one piece of a much larger conspiracy to destroy the United States beginning with all who would stand in the way of that agenda.

Yes, the administration has been using the IRS to target all political opposition since taking office in 2009. They went after Tea Party, 912, Patriot, Liberty, Christian, conservative, republican, constitutional, pro-life and anti-global governance organizations.

These efforts were aimed at blocking “tax exempt” fund raising by placing the groups’ 501 status on hold. But they were also used to acquire lists of donors, officers and volunteers, individual American citizens who were then targeted for audits and delays in their individual tax refunds, a deeper attempt to cut off the life blood of any political movement, the funding, and intimidate those who stand opposed to Obama.

Heads should roll on the IRS story, starting with everyone in that agency involved in carrying out these operations, those in control of the agency at the time those orders were issued to staff, and every member of Congress or the administration who pushed the IRS to act in gestapo fashion as nothing more than a tool for the Democrat Party and Obama Administration. Nothing short of broad criminal prosecution is going to do on this matter.

However, the IRS story is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…

It has also come to light that Obama’s so-called Department of Justice (DOJ) has been tapping the phones of journalists in the Associated Press (AP) and I suspect that when that investigation gets into full swing, we will learn that Holder’s DOJ was tapping journalists well beyond the AP, as well as Republican members of Congress.

The IRS story has been reported by independent sources since the gestapo operation began in 2009. The mainstream press ignored it all until the mainstream press found themselves in the crosshairs of the most criminally corrupt administration in U.S. history.

Once the press found itself a target of the Obama administration via Holder’s DOJ, the main streampress had a sudden interest in multiple “scandals” they had ignored or covered up for more than four years… Benghazi, the downing of SEAL Team 6 on Extortion 17, the IRS story, etc.

But oh, there is more…

It has been reported by independent sources and ignored by the mainstream press for over four years now that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had turned all of its assets on Obama’s political opponents as well.

In a publicly circulated operational report, Obama’s DHS openly sought to identify every freedom-loving constitutionally grounded American citizen as a “right-wing extremist” and “potential domestic terrorist…” as REAL Islamic terrorists were being imported to America by the Obama Administration, accounting for FIVE known successful terror strikes on U.S. soil thus far on Obama’s watch.

These anti-American witch hunts have been passed down through the ranks of federal, state and local law enforcement and today, we see these organizations created and paid to “Protect and Serve” American citizens using their authority and power to attack, disarm, incarcerate and sometimes kill innocent law-abiding Americans.

Obama’s Department of Defense (DOD) has been assaulting the U.S. Military through suicidal Rules of Engagement (ROE), Muslim infiltrations and gay social experiments since 2009. They have American blood all over their hands in Afghanistan, Iraq and Benghazi and will likely be found responsible for the unnecessary death of 30 American soldiers in the downing of SEAL Team 6 in Extortion 17.

We will soon learn that the Obama Administration used the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to run cover for the most massive federal election fraud in U.S. history which resulted in stolen elections in 2008 and 2012, funded by hundreds of millions in illegal campaign donations from foreign sources, most of it from all over the Middle East.

We will learn that Obama has been using the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to target political opponents in the corporate world of American free enterprise too. More shoes will drop over the coming days and weeks.

Obama has used the Treasury Department to run up more than $17 trillion in U.S. debt and more than $87 trillion in unfunded U.S. liabilities, all of which threatens to destroy the entire U.S. economic system and the U.S. dollar.

Yes indeed, Obama has been a busy little beaver in his mission to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and he is indeed, “standing with Islam” just as he promised he would in his ego-driven autobiographies and his 2008 campaign for dictatorial power.

So, let’s sum it all up here….

Imagine what would have happened if George W. Bush had done the following….

  • Used the FEC to cover up massive election fraud
  • Used DHS to identify all Democrats and Liberals as “extremists” and “potential terrorists” setting the entire intelligence, military and law enforcement community on a mission to arrest, disarm, incarcerate and kill if necessary, all Democrats and Liberals
  • Used the IRS to block ALL left-leaning 501 political action committees of just George Soros alone, stopping the billions poured into left-wing causes by simply using the IRS to go after those groups and all of their donors
  • Used the DOJ to wiretap all journalists to control the messaging like Goebbels, and then wiretap all Democrat members of Congress in their private chambers in order to hear their every conversation
  • Used the DOD to dismantle and destroy the U.S. Military, leaving our soldiers like sitting ducks under insane ROE on the field of battle and leaving our diplomats unprotected and behind
  • Used the SEC to go after Democrat companies like Progressive Insurance, GEICO, Microsoft and every film and music enterprise in Hollywood
  • And then used the Treasury Department to destroy the U.S. economy and even the U.S. currency so that no “middle class” voter could find a job
  • All while importing known terrorists from around the globe, killing millions of Natural Born Americans via abortion and making room for millions of illegal aliens with an anti-American vision for America…

What would American Democrats have done to George W. Bush had he done what the Obama Administration has been doing ever since illegally seizing control of the federal government on January 20, 2009?

In America, any one of these criminal acts would rise to the level of impeachment in a heartbeat. But all of these acts combined, advanced by numerous key actors and hundreds if not thousands of useful idiots, rises to the level of conspiracy to commit treason. An act punishable by death!

It can no longer be denied or ignored; our nation is under siege…

Every federal agency has been set on a war footing against the American people. Contrary to the steady flow of utter drivel spewing from the mouths of left-wing operatives, Barack Hussein Obama is directly involved in every decision made in the Federal Government, the buck absolutely stops with him on all of these events.

At a bare minimum, Congress should immediately move for impeachment of what is clearly the most blatantly corrupt administration in all of American history. If Congress fails to do so, Americans must assume that Congress is entirely complicit in all of it, or completely impotent against it.

A VERY Real Constitutional Crisis

Our problem is as follows, and this has been the problem since 20 January 2009…

Barack Hussein Obama MUST be held fully accountable for numerous blatant acts of treason, period. If this does not happen, America is finished forever. This by itself constitutes a “constitutional crisis…” but is again, only the tip of the iceberg.

Due to the massive conspiracy surrounding what can only be titled The Obama Crisis, and all of the key figures involved in that conspiracy to “fundamentally change America,” no one in the constitution chain of succession to the Oval Office can be entrusted with that office today.

Constitutional Chain of Succession – ALL Co-Conspirators

1.      The Vice President Joseph Biden

2.      Speaker of the House John Boehner

3.      President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy

4.      Secretary of State John Kerry

5.      Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew

6.      Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

7.      Attorney General Eric Holder

8.      Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel

9.      Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

10.   Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank (acting)

11.   Secretary of Labor Seth D. Harris (acting)

12.   Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

13.   Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan

14.   Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood

15.   Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman (acting)

16.   Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

17.   Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki

18.   Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano

This is the very real constitutional crisis America has been living under since 20 January 2009 and every member of Congress knows it, and so does every member of the U.S. Supreme Court. This is the real constitutional crisis we face… who can hold these offices once vacated, until a special emergency election can be held?

Because every individual listed in the constitutional line of succession is directly involved in the conspiracy, the cover-up or both, none of them can replace Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military.

Many on this list must face criminal charges along with Barack Hussein Obama, including former Obama appointees Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta. Others must resign or be removed from office for their supporting roles in this massive conspiracy.

This cannot wait until the next election, much less until the 2016 election. This ship must be turned about-face right now! Unless the fraud of the 2012 election is rectified, elections are off the table as a solution.

People have to be removed from office, charged with crimes, put in prison and made an example of… and no matter how difficult it is the American people must insist that our government be cleansed of all frauds, infiltrators and criminals.

Yes, the American people have allowed this tragedy to build to a point when resolving this mess will itself be very messy. But not resolving this disaster will be even messier and disasters are not like wine; they do not get better with time.

Is this enough for the average American to wake up and get engaged yet? If it isn’t, America isn’t America anymore and it will never be America ever again.

© 2013, The Post & Email. All rights reserved.

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OBAMA FAMILY EXPOSED - Walid Shoebat Former Muslim Brotherhood Reveals Obama Corruption


Tom and the team interview former Muslim Brotherhood member and now a Christian, Walid Shoebat as he exposes the bizarre connections of the Obama family with the IRS, Sudan, Kenya and multiple Islamic marriages. Yes, we agree, this stuff sounds to crazy to even think about, the two part investigative series and judge for yourself! 

Part 1

PART 2      Incredible exposure of Foreign Aid into Muslim countries and Obama's family affiliates in Kenya, his brother Melick who lives in WA, but has 12 wives (polygamy) and Obama's buddies the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is the video OBSESSION that they are talking about at the end of the video:

ISLAM OBSESSION  - Radical Islam's War Against the West (Video)


Here is the video about the Muslim Brotherhood Exposed


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How about a book burning???

How about an Islamic book burning???

How about a 1000 Korans burning at the base of the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument???

If information in a child computer viewing, can forensically be retrieved by the FBI, and the computers that "crashed", are still available; then the information "LOST" can be retrieved by the FBI. DO IT!








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