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They want to UPROOT our culture...

America’s roots are under if there is a spell, an evil spell, casting its dark shadow across our fruited plains. America’s majesty is being starved of the vital Light of Liberty upon which her precious freedom depends.

The roots of our Liberty Tree are deep, with many branches, a mirror image of the tree which stands proudly above the ground. They are:

• Her CONSCIENCE...the certain knowledge of the Right and the Wrong

• Her FAITH...the certain belief in Christ’s teachings of God’s word

• Her ENERGY...those natural, abundant resources flowing, like a river, underground

• Her a People, rooted in values, from which her moral strength derives

• Her JUSTICE...derived from that righteousness, constitutionally assured to all

• Her STRENGTH...a military that stands against tyranny, resolutely and globally

• Her FAMILIES...that nurture and replenish her Nationhood across generations

• Her UNITY...that makes her the most formidable nemesis of evil in history

• Her HERITAGE...the traditional, collective knowledge of her history in Nationhood

• Her NATURAL HUMAN RIGHTS...honored in, and guaranteed by her Bill of Rights

America’s enemies covet those values...and hate them. Historically, those enemies had been glaring, with jealousy, from afar. Our borders have stood, as ramparts, against this evil. Ramparts, that currently, are increasingly ever more crumbling from damage inflicted from within, at the hands of enemies that have infiltrated the very heart of America, the very seat of our government, and our national soul, conveying a false image, and creating the illusion that we are a Nation in decline.

These enemies have systematically attacked

• our Bill of Rights;
• our Heritage with derision;
• our Unity with racial strife;
• our Families with a twisted view of Holy Matrimony;
• our Military, with a perverted agenda;
• our sense of Justice with corrupt judges;
• our Wisdom, with a bizarre academic rigor, Common Core;
• our Energy, with imaginary fears of vague pollutions;
• our Faith, by outlawing mention of Our Creator with political correctness;
• and foremost, our CONSCIENCE, by re-defining the murdering of innocent babies as a mere choice.

America, the time has come to replenish our Roots with the life-giving water of Truth. I hereby propose that we go forth and proclaim again the Truths that made us great in our beginnings, and a Most Favored Nation in the eyes of our Creator. We must re-claim our roots, one branch at a time.

Truth, and only Truth, will save us from the Liberal Lies that have infected this Nation for now too long. The TRUTH will set us free, again. It will restore America to its rightful Glory. Only fools believe lies. And fools were never worthy of a Nation, or a Republic. The deception must stop, here and now. The Truth must prevail. The Truths that made us great must march, onward!

Let us begin by proclaiming a simple truth: That abortion is not a “choice”, it is murder. That every Human BEING has the fundamental Right to BE ! ...even the unborn, our Posterity.

It is a matter of CONSCIENCE...we will deal with the other root branches in later campaigns.

Arm yourselves with Truth and proclaim it throughout the land!

Let Freedom reign!


May God Bless America,

once again.

Your Uncle Sam


...and SHARE this,

far and wide

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"I hereby propose that we go forth and proclaim again the Truths that made us great in our beginnings, and a Most Favored Nation in the eyes of our Creator."

It's a simple beginning, a wonderful truth.

Thanks Uncle Sam.

well said, uncle sam. a worthy goal!

john b






Wake up everyone and start paying attention to the Florida Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Safety commission. A bunch of sheriffs, the FDLE  commissioner which is state policing agency that polices the police and holds them accountable, the representatives of the state education board, DCF and State health agency and even a democratic state senator Book who is the chair of the committee on children, families and elderly ILLEGALLY obtained Nikolas Cruz adoption records. They also obtained the adoption records of his brother - a private citizen ILLEGALLY! If you don't know Florida has the toughest adoption laws in the country and NO adoptee has a right to their adoption records or original birth certificate. YET a bunch of police and nobodies were able to ILLEGALLY obtain these records and not only read and discuss them in private, Sheriff Gulatieri the commission head als announced to the public what the real relationship between these brothers is without any concern as to what effect this will have on Zachary Cruz if his mother told them a different story as is her right as an adoptive parent! Lynda Cruz the mother is dead and can't hire a lawyer to sue the state and her estate is tied up in probate so this bunch of vigilante committee people with too much power think they can violate Florida and federal laws in the name of school safety!

Not only did this sheriff make public private adoption information, this sheriff allowed the representative of the state prosecutor's office to hear these records and now the birth mother is on the list to testify at trial. WOW are you all paying attention - the state of Florida is going to present a case where they will try to use a per5son's genetic background to say that YOU are guilty because your parents have committed crimes and it's in your genes even if you haven't ever met your birth parents! AND if your half sister has a criminal past than that is why you are a criminal!

There is ZERO scientific evidence that this theory is true and remember back in history when something like this did happen! Who will be next - once this is allowed it won't stop! Nikolas Cruz or any adopted person would be denied a copy of their adoption papers if it would prove them innocent YET instead of having REAL evidence to convict him, they are using genetics and subpoenaing a birth mother and even leaking her name to the press!

Any of us could be next accused of anything and will the state of Florida now use our past to convict us? Shouldn't the state be using REAL evidence like video (they have no pictures showing the face of the shooter), witnesses ( every witness describes someone in a mask, black hoodie and others saw nothing), fingerprints and other real DNA ( oops SWAT walked the students through the blood and evidence instead of walking them down the east stairs that were clear and therefore they contaminated their whole crime scene), confession ( oops there was No black backpack like he confessed to, there were no bodies outside like he confessed to, there was no black rifle case like he confessed to and was an autistic kid possibly coerced when he was stripped of his clothes, barefoot and chained to the floor and interrogated for 12 hours). Latest story that the news didn't all repeat. The police suspected his brother Zachary because Zachary had an arrest for shoplifting at Target and Zachary had ridden his skateboard over a police car. The police also interrogated Zachary for 2 hours and then he lawyered himself up. BUT Zachary didn't have the decency to lawyer up and protect his brother, an autistic kid with the mentality of a 12 year old. 

So no evidence and now the FDLE is doing most of the investigating and they are slowly changing the times of events a year after the shooting. The animation showing the 3 students entering is now altered. Medina telling police that he was in front of the red gates and hopped onto his golfcart has now changed to Medina driving around farther away from the gates where trees and distance would not allow him to see and describe Cruz in the back seat and an elderly woman driving. The black rifle case is now shown and it's a brown Cabela bag. The hat in the pictures is NOT black. The committee spent several hours discussing the black backpack that was too fuzzy to be seen on video but rounds were definitely being removed and it was definitely left on the first floor then they released pictures of SWAT entering and guess what - NO black backpack anywhere on the floor! The gun story may now be morphing before our eyes as well. At the November meeting they brought up the fact that Nikolas had a locked gun case in the closet BUT Mr. Snead had his gun or guns hidden in the SAME closet unlocked - did that ATF report link back to another Nikolas Cruz spelled with a "K" born in Broward County in the same year different month????

Will a judge, jury and the public allow adoption records and genes as a reason to put someone to death if there is no solid evidence? This safety commission is using Floridian taxpayer money to gather evidence, make animations for a trial NOT get our schools safer! WHY hasn't Desantis STOPPED a commission from reading private medical records and adoption records - I've called and left a message with his communications staff! WHY hasn't Desantis or the republican led state legislation asked where these records came from - there's only 3 ways 

1. This commission went into state files and took them without consent from a judge and no consent from parties involved

2. They were found by someone cleaning and packing Lynda Cruz's house and they handed them to the police or this commission BUT they were not legally allowed to do this!

3. The adoption lawyer or adoption agency handed these records over with NO legal authority to do so!

NO matter how they received the records, that still does not give them a right to read them or tell anyone publicly or privately what is in them! Whose adoption will be next in the name of school and public safety?

What are the effects on adoptions and abortions in Florida and how can anyone be sure that their records are safe and that they won't be needing a lawyer in years to come because law enforcement ILLEGALLY has a precedent to go snooping and unsealing adoption records. Will all of us be next - will your cousin's actions be reason enough to find YOU or your child guilty of a crime they are accused of.

While everyone is looking the other way, basic rights are being stripped away. Every presentation now states Nikolas Cruz the shooter as fact yet this kid pled mute and a plea of not guilty was entered by the judge. Why did he plea mute - because he has the mentality of a 12 year old and can't make that decision for himself. There will be a full trial yet this committee is denying Cruz's right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty! All of these presentations should say alleged or not mention a name. There are schools across the country giving out assignments asking students to write whether Nikolas Cruz deserves the death penalty yet he IS innocent in the America I used to live in under the Constitution that we all fought and fight every day to be upheld! The assignment should have been about Constitutional rights to a fair trial and being presumed innocent until proven guilty! Nikolas Cruz could very likely get off on appeal because of this commission's blunders - Schlitterbon's just got their charges dismissed for one over the top video - any good appeals lawyer will copy every statement on the internet and will show no one can get a fair trial once the public attacks someone with false memes and screenshots of pictures from who knows where! 

BUT WHERE is everyone? Everyone was willing to stand up and fight for Kavanaugh but this case could change Florida and even the country to you are guilty until your defense proves you innocent! This could be your family member next! The public attacks before thinking, finds unverified pictures and accounts on the internet and blames without proof. Desantis is not stopping this committee, instead he is adding another layer of grand jury - this IS Mueller on steroids! And no one is standing up for the Constitutional rights of a person because he is the most evil person in America! NOT one piece of evidence has been presented and allowed into a trial and them the witness examined and cross examined yet everyone says kill him now!

Last year, Florida police Baker acted an adult illegally for their words not threats and then searched the parents home WITHOUT a search warrant. Their ADULT son did not live with them and yet their weapons were ILLEGALLY seized. It cost them money and time to get their LEGAL possessions back. And everyone stayed silent. There's NO plan to fix the law like I was promised - the bill is making it's way through committees to ADD to it probably stripping away more of our rights!

Now a person is presumed guilty until proven innocent and silence!

Medical, psychiatric, school and adoption records are being reviewed by law enforcement and people on a committee who have NO right to view their contents violating HIPAA, FERPA and state laws. Yet silence.

Sheriff Gualtieri openly states at these meetings that Florida law protects children and that the sheriff's offices can't get a copy of school events that do not involve crimes committed. HE wants to get a hold of every student who speaks to a safe coordinator and discusses private medical matters or have records of every little infraction or detention and create files at the police departments on your children in the name of safety. And he believes once he has the student with an infraction, then he has a right to get ALL medical, psychiatric, school and even adoption records to put in those files. He has NO medical background or psychiatric training yet he believes if the psychiatrists or psychologists had known Nikolas Cruz's whole adoption history and birth parent history that this wouldn't have happened.

IS this a free America creating files on people BEFORE they commit a crime? Where is Desantis - everyone is celebrating him firing people left and right yet in this new world Desantis will allow the creation of these files in the name of safety. Gualtieri has the ear of state and federal legislators and is discussing these Stalinist, Hitlerite ideas and everyone is silent!

We WILL repeat the past if everyone doesn't start saying NO ! Socialism is nothing compared to what is already being discussed in these private and public sessions! Gualteri keeps his power and commission until 2023 - will your child write something stupid or make a gun symbol in kindergarten and then be discussed at these meetings next - don't think it can't happen!

Here are all the meeting minutes and under agenda are all the presentations. Also all the transcripts including slandering a dead mother and presenting third party summaries which are hearsay as factual evidence. Also how a committee can see a picture with ZERO context and decide that you are guilty and taunt your mother in death because you put a Make America Great Again hat next to her urn and of course your mother who is registered republican is definitely liberal but I guess that's reason enough to find someone guilty and put him to death!

And remember that first infanticide is acceptable and then don't have children they just destroy the world. Baker Act autistic kids who don't act like everyone else in Florida. Is it not scary that next idea being suggested and already used against 2 Floridians is to go into the adoption records! Next will be find out if their genes make them a safe citizen and make files and watch them to keep school children across the state safe. And then next step is YOUR GENES are BAD No adoption for you - you get in the abortion line. It's all happening before us and this is the next logical step in the minds of fools on this committee that has been given unlimited power in their own minds but that everyone is too scared to stop! BUT they have the ears of powerful people who make the laws and they have total disregard for the Constitution!

Everyone better start speaking up! This is the email to the deputy general council for Governor Desantis. PLEASE email  and tell him that Governor Desantis NEEDS to show the public the redacted sessions of the safety committee. Governor Desantis NEEDS to explain to the citizens of Florida why FDLE commissioner and sheriffs across the state, Senator Book, etc are allowed to ILLEGALLY obtain this information, read it, write down names and relationships in their notebooks to be taken home and discussed with anyone they want and leak PRIVATE names and history to the press. Also it is ILLEGAL to look at sealed records and announce sibling relationships to the public WITHOUT a judge's order where involved parties can bring a lawyer to stop the unsealing yet this committee is NOT being fired for their actions! If Sheriff Israel had to go then Sheriff Gualitieri is more dangerous irresponsibly releasing private history and believing he has a right to unseal your records in the name of safety. AND does Desantis believe like Sheriff Gualtieri that everyone's biological familial history back 3 generations determines someone's criminal behavior? EVERY member of this committee understands federal and state medical, school and adoption laws that protect people's privacy and the state grand Jury NEEDs to investigate these people FIRST!

This is how Sheriff Gulatieri feels about YOUR biological background!

"Although Woodard was not present in Cruz's life following his adoption as a baby, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, the chairman of a state commission investigating the shooting separate from the prosecution, said his family background is relevant up to three generations.

"We are looking heavily at his background and his whole life," he said."

This safety commission is now judge, jury and executioner. What everyone is forgetting is that there WILL be a full trial with evidence and cross examination. ALL of these articles WILL get Nikolas Cruz off on appeal! For anyone that doesn't watch ID, there was a famous case where an African American sorority house was hazing the college girls like sororities used to do. There were several prominent businesswomen who were sorority alumni and helped with the hazing. For a week the girls were woken up and stressed beyond normal limits making them get down on all fours and if they moved or fell asleep they were woken up and things done to them. The girls had to attend classes so for this week they were sleep deprived and beyond stress overload. The day they were to be initiated, one sleep deprived inductee was assigned to drive 2 others to the ceremony.  These 2 other girls got into the back seat and were so tired they fell asleep and forgot their seatbelts. Well I know everyone can guess what happened next. The girl driving fell asleep at the wheel and the car went right into a tree. One girl was thrown and died and the other died at the hospital but never regained consciousness to tell what had happened. The advisors got every member together and they came up with the same story to tell and had taken these 2 girls phones The police came and put every inductee, sorority member and advisor under oath and took their statements - they ALL lied. It wasn't until the depositions when people felt like they were going to court and couldn't lie that they broke down and told the truth! Depositions are being taken now by the defense team - if anyone was paying attention to the last hearing before the judge, policemen are NOT showing up for their depositions and when they do show up they have NOT completed a report of their part in this event - did you hear that - A YEAR after the event there are no written police reports from many police who responded! WHY do they not want to give statements - what do they know? The defense is allowing THREE hours for each deposition to ask the correct questions. Someone in the police department LEAKED 150 pages of key witness statements to an online writer who didn't bother to read them to see the truth - I read them and they were hidden for a reason!

This case isn't about Sheriff Israel or Runcie or the Promise Program. Israel may not even know what happened. There is evidence in front of everybody's noses that proves that Medina is lying but not about everything and that one thing could get Cruz's confession thrown out!

There is a reason everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and why trials have discussions as to what can be entered into evidence and then is examined and cross examined. I do NOT have all the evidence I only see part of the story as we all do. BUT timelines should NOT be changed a year after an event in a case with a confession!

Pictures are not what they look like without context. Raya I always assumed you were a woman based on the name you present here yet in an old poem you singed Ray A . If the police investigated you and it led to this site, I would give them incorrect information that could cause a conviction. People here who dislike something you wrote could tell the police a statement out of context. And now they can use your relatives back 3 generations to determine if you are a criminal? And every person sits silent. Everyone asks how did Hitler do what he did and how did people sit silent - well EVERYONE is sitting silent.

I just called Guilateri's secretary and I was NOT given the source of these adoption records and told to call FDLE. I called the content editor of the Miami Herald and was told that they only report about the dead children. I called FDLE complaint report line and was hung up on. I called Ashley Moody's complaint line and hopefully someone took the message BUT they kept saying they couldn't type fast. Does Anyone beside RAYA understand the dangers of a society that uses your genetics to determine your fate?????

This isn't political - this is ETHICAL and if it is allowed to continue than it can be used against any of us because it will be considered common knowledge without any scientific basis!!!!!!









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