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Still reeling from the Obama administration’s ongoing socialist makeover of their country, most Americans have understandably focused their outrage on the executive and legislative branches of government, watching a rogue president and radicalized Congress wreak havoc on the freest, most prosperous nation on earth.

Yet, the branch of government arguably most responsible for the “fundamental transformation of America” is neither the executive nor legislative.The most arrogant, unaccountable and transformational branch of government today is the judiciary, which, virtually unshackled from the Constitution, has declared itself the supreme branch of government.


Unquestionably, the most consequential downward changes America has suffered in recent decades – corruptions of law, foundational values and core institutions so radical that no president, no Congress, no governor or state legislature, could conceivably implement them – have been forced on Americans by a rogue judiciary.

Wantonly irrational and unconstitutional judicial decisions are now the norm – from the

  • California judge who overruled the will of millions of voters and single-handedly legalized same-sex marriage in that state (only to later reveal he himself is a homosexual in a long-term relationship with another man – a gross conflict of interest);
  • to the Ninth Circuit ruling that schoolchildren can’t say “under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance; to the Texas judge who threatened to throw students in jail for praying or even uttering words like “prayer” or “amen” at a graduation ceremony;
  • to the Supreme Court’s notorious 2005 Kelo decision allowing local governments literally to confiscate a citizen’s property and award it to another party if that “taking” increased their tax revenues;
  • to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that invented the “constitutional right” to kill preborn children – 50 million and counting.

And for every high-profile case like these, there are a multitude of others – like that of the Vermont judge who took a little girl away from her loving, Christian, biological mother and awarded full custody instead to the mother’s one-time lesbian partner who reportedly gives the child nightmares – decisions that, over time, have degraded Americans’ basic freedoms, faith, institutions and values.

Worse, Americans have long been deceived into believing there’s nothing they can dothat once a judge rules, it’s “game over,” especially when the Supreme Court decides a case. Only a constitutional amendment can trump a Supreme Court decision, we’ve been taught.


Though America’s judiciary has usurped power it does not constitutionally possess, it is only the cowardice and complicity of the other two branches of government – executive and legislative – and the ignorance of state governments and the general public that keep the modern myth of “judicial supremacy” alive.

Thomas Jefferson issued a dire warning to future generations of Americans. He said, ‘To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.



  • “Jefferson’s urgent warning” by David Kupelian, who shows just how prescient the third president was in warning future generations to prevent judicial tyranny
  • “Too many unlawful ‘laws’” by Joseph Farah, who notes that while Americans represent only 5 percent of the world’s population, they boast 70 percent of the world’s attorneys
  • “Anatomy of an extremist on the high court” by Aaron Klein, who documents how Justice Elena Kagan’s record of radical activism severely threatens an impartial review of Obamacare
  • “‘Gay’ Prop 8 judge ‘direct beneficiary’ of ruling” by Bob Unruh, exposing the ultimate conflict-of-interest case of the homosexual judge in a long-term same-sex relationship overruling 7 million California voters to legalize gay marriage in that state
  • “Not judicial activism – judicial tyranny by Patrick Buchanan, who shows how rogue judges are succeeding in imposing “a social and moral revolution on America”
  • “How Mitt Romney enabled ‘gay marriage’” by Amy L. Contrada, who asks: When pulled in two opposite directions, should governors – and presidents – follow the court or follow the Constitution?
  • “Bringing the courts back under the Constitution” by Newt Gingrich, on exactly how the next president and Congress must reign in America’s out-of-control judiciary
  • “Ron Paul’s ‘We the People’ Act would limit federal courts” by Art Moore, who points out that Congress already has the power to stop judicial activism in its tracks
  • “Don’t trust Supremes with Obamacare” by Bob Unruh, explaining how the 10th Amendment permits states to reject the administration’s healthcare takeover, regardless of what the Supreme Court rules
  • “Voters oust justices who established same-sex marriage” by Art Moore, on how Iowans sent an “overwhelming message to the rest of the nation that judges can be held accountable”
  • “Yes, the feds have created a tyrannical prosecutorial state” by William L. Anderson, who notes that judges and prosecutors don’t want citizens to know about their power to nullify unjust laws
  • “The rights of juries to judge the justice of the laws” by Lysander Spooner
  • “Three cheers for jury nullification” by Vox Day, who says that since the Magna Carta, there’s been one easy way to stop judicial tyranny
  • “Term-limit justices, let Congress veto court rulings” by Mark R. Levin, on why the Supreme Court is just too broken to be fixed solely by “naming seemingly good candidates”
  • “Reagan upheld the rule of law” by Edwin Meese III, in which the Reagan attorney general says the 40th president held that “originalism” was the only proper philosophy for a judge
  • “Jefferson’s solution: States can nullify unconstitutional laws” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

America can – indeed must – reestablish the constitutional balance of powers and end the tyranny of the judiciary, which too long has served as the cutting edge in remolding America into the image of the political and moral left.


Have we been perfectly clear in this posting?

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Ginsburg is in failing health. It's likely Obama will appoint one more liberal progressive "living document" supreme court justice before he leaves our White House.







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